Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Make a scene

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



………….. I got in the car Corey closing the door quickly


“I want to see her” Dimitri was outside the door Corey stood his ground


‘Sorry son Mrs. Kroeger’s got something on”


“Bullshit she does she normally stays behind when he’s on the stage” Dimitri tried to move round Corey.


“I said Mrs. Kroe…”


“I heard what you said and it’s bullshit she’s married”  I pulled my phone from my purse.


Mir* Hey you okay?

Me * no, come out back before someone gets hurt

Mir * Oh shit


The phone went dead


“Chris I want to talk to you” I took a deep breath and opened the door


“Chris not a good idea” Corey looked at me


“I know” I put my hand on his arm As Danny walked round the side of the building and Mir ran down the ramp from backstage. “Dimitri go away”


“I want to talk to you”


“You want to cause trouble you mean” Mir shouted he looked round


“Hey Mir”


‘Don’t you Hey Mir me why can’t you leave Chris the hell alone”


“I need to talk to her, she still, feels something for me”


‘Bullshit” Danny commented we all looked at him “sorry”


“The only thing I feel for you is sorry” I snapped “Do you know how much crap your name causes, people here don’t like you and neither do I you’re entire family is fucked up” Corey put his hands on my arms pulling me back “I do not want or need this bullshit… calling the hotel is bad enough but calling Miranda someone that was as close to you as a sister at one point and dragging her into this is beyond wrong… I swear to you Dimitri you try to come between me my friends and my husband you’ll regret it” I pulled away from Corey and poked Dimitri “How you can even think I’d want you near me is a joke… I was raped and you told me you loved me and would never do anything to hurt me and then what less than eight hours later you were screwing the ass off of Reba… oh and I know about the baby not being yours” he chewed his lip his eyes fixed on me “I know your Daddy had his dick in her as well” He moved forward Danny and Corey blocked him “I don’t want you Dimi, I don’t want anyone in my life I can’t trust one hundred percent”


“You trusted me once and I’m sorry”


“Corey” He looked at me as I got back in the car he got in with me as Danny Stopped Dimitri from moving forward, the driver pulled away


“Why come here and even try Dimi?” Mir sighed looking at him ‘You want a piece of our rock star now she’s someone special” He looked down “Dimitri Alexi Carpov, Chris is still the same Chris we knew at school, when she steps on the stage she’s out there to rock the world and show them what she can do and the seconds she steps off the stage she’s the same Chris she’s always been”


“She can’t be she married him”


“She married Chad because she loves him and he loves her”


‘Hell fuck up he’ll get bored and fuck up or she’ll find a younger guy” Dimitri pushed his hands in his pockets


“Dimitri don’t try to understand how Chris works her emotions because there’s things happened that you won’t even understand”


“She wants’ his money tell him that”


‘Okay I think you need to go” Danny Shook his head and pushed Dimi a little


“She’s not happy”


‘Dimitri she’s more than happy and she doesn’t need Chad’s money she’ has her own” Mir shook her head “And if she’s not happy with him then damn I hope when I’m not that happy with Xander I’ll be banging his brains out half as much as those two do… Danny show him out before Chad finds out he’s here and rips him apart” Miranda turned on her heel and walked away “Go make a life Dimi” She called over her shoulder as she walked back up the ramp “And leave Chris the hell alone”




……………. Corey and I walked in to the lobby and over to the elevator


“I’m going to shower” I looked at Corey “and go to bed you might as well go back to the arena”


“Like hell he knows what hotel you’re in I’m going nowhere”  he shook his head “I’m off the clock when your husband tells me” I smiled at him


“Thank you for not asking questions” I swiped my card in the door to the suite


“I have my own opinions on it Chris and lets just say he is one guy I’d like to disappear” I sighed and walked in to the room and closed the door I tossed my purse onto the side and walked through the bedroom to the bathroom and turned on the shower I took off my makeup and the stage clothes and got into the steaming water my mind swimming with what Chad had said and with Dimitri even having the balls to say the thing he had said. I shut off the water and dried off grabbing a pair of shorts and a tank from the draw. I poured a shot of whiskey from the bar in the room into a glass and knocked it back before refilling it and walking over to the window, the door to the suite knocked I put m y glass down on the baby grand piano that was in there and walked over to the door and groaned as I looked at Lukas through the hole in the door.


“Not in the mood Lukas” I said through the door


“I wanted to say sorry Chris”


“And I said not in the mood… I’ll talk to you when I’m ready” I walked away from the door ignoring the knocks. I sank the drink and flipped up the lid on the piano and sat down.


My fingers lightly trailed over the keys, as notes came into my mind. I hadn’t played since being at home with Chad and then we got distracted and the piano there needed some repair work doing to it as the start of a song played out in front of me as I sat there……………..

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