Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Lonely x2

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



……….. I watched as she looked round looking like she was looking for someone. Her family was round her talking up a storm but she seemed distracted. I looked at Danny his eyes were misted over I snapped a picture with my phone.

“I have something in my eye” he rubbed his eyes with his hands

‘Bullshit do you” Alfie laughed throwing his arm round Danny’s shoulders

“Okay I remember what it was like to come home to the people we loved” Danny smiled shaking his head “I hope to god he’s prepared for dating a marine”

“I hope to god she’s prepared for dating him” I grinned

“Well I hope that he’s found her tonsils because he’s sure fishing for them” Pete nudged me

“OMG get a damn room will you” Alfie called over making people looked round

“OH way to draw attention to us dumb ass” Danny shook his head “you’re going to be signing autographs till a week on Tuesday”

“Well another day in the office then” I hip checked him walking forward and heading toward Kerion whose girl and her family were all standing open mouthed “Excuse us” I smiled at her “Alfie’s mouth is rather like a runaway train sometimes sorry if we embarrassed you” Her jaw went slack as a guy behind her was tugging on her uniform and whispering in her ear.

‘Yeah sorry about that but blame him for bringing up” Alfie pointed to A beet red Kerion

“Yeah Kerion made us all come even though we told him you’d hate to be surrounded by his friends” Pete smiled

“KERION?” she cocked her head I pulled Kerions cap off of his head “OH MY GOD YOU’RE KERION MICHEALS” Her hand went to her mouth

“Yep” he fidgeted as my cell phone rang “I’m sorry”

Me * Hey Baby

Chad * okay you have to tell us has he met her yet

Kerion * you have to be kidding your checking in with me

Chad * well that and I wanted to talk to my hot wife

Pete * well we only have Chris here

Me * ass… we’re in the middle of apologizing to Page

Dan * Oh good grief what the hell have ya guys done ?

Danny * oh driving me insane and actually making a marine look like shes face to face with an IED

Mike so we’re really not helping right now are we

Me * er… no not really

Ryan * Did he ask her yet?

Kerion hung his head and held out his hand for my phone, he looked at Page

“Excuse me for one minute” she nodded her face still in a state of shock

Kerion * seriously guys

Chad * sorry dude, but we’re all bored as hell waiting for yet another interview and well we want to know how hot this nurse is.

Kerion Looked at me and rolled his eyes

Me * She’s really pretty, shes in shock, I think Kerion is seriously regretting asking us to come with him and all four of you are married so behave

Dan * Oh Mrs. Kroeger pulled the married card

Me * Daniel not everyone has a marriage like you

Ryan * Oooo nice shot Chris

Chad * Kerion Be nice to the girl and we’ll talk to you later

Kerion * Thanks Chad

He handed my my phone I took it off of speaker

Me * okay you’re talking to just me now

Chad * sorry we had to call to give him hell

Me * I guessed that… so how’s it going other than boring

Chad * it’s quiet without you guys around hell I went to the bar last night and left by midnight.

Me * I heard you were out partying

Chad * who told you that?

Me * Mike called me to ask something this morning

Chad * Nice he left the same time I did we left Ryan and Dan to it

Me * I miss you

Chad * Miss you too

I could hear the guys in the background

Me * I can get a flight out tonight to you

Chad * you don’t know how good that would be, but apparently we’re leaving here after the next interview and hoping the red eye to Prague… you guys have a press thing in set up for some German station .

Me * since when?

Chad * since about 3 minutes ago Lukas is holding and e-mail out at me

Me * we’re doing it alone does he trust us?

Chad * now, now Sweetheart

Me* Sorry I’m tired and I hate how much stuff we’re having piled on us separately I swear Lukas is doing this on purpose

Chad * he’s not It’s just the world wants a huge chunk of NeverWest right now and you have to run with it

Me * I know I didn’t mean to bitch

Chad * I don’t mind and anyway I get to go to Prague and give Mir crap

Me * one of these days she’ll stop getting embarrassed and you’ll be in huge trouble

Chad * I know… Oh we’re up again. I love you and I’ll see you in a couple of days

Me * I love you too and those days can’t go fast enough

I held the phone and took a deep breath as I hung up.

“You okay?” Alfie put his arm round my shoulder

“Fine I miss him” I looked at Him and laid my head on his shoulder. Oh and we have an interview at some point in the next day”

“Since when”

“Chad was reading and e-mail Lukas was showing him”

‘What about those two” Alfie nodded in Kerions direction

“I say you, me and Pete take the interview and let Kerion Get some action for once” I smiled “and see if he actually has the balls to ask Page to spend the next three weeks on the road with him”. Alfie and I walked back over to the others and started to sign autographs for people who came up to ask…………………….

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