Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Heart to heart

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



………….. The door opened and clicked quietly closed as my fingers carried on touching the keys the soft music coming out betraying the song as it was side of a bullet.


“I love hearing you play” I looked round at Chad as he leant on the back of the chair and looked at me, I stopped playing and picked up the bottle that was by now over half empty.


“I miss playing” I got up and pored a drink and sank it as I closed the lid over the black and white keys I put the glass ontop of the piano.


“Chris, what I said” He stepped into the room


“He came to the arena” I walked over to the window cutting Chad off mid sentence “and I spoke to him”


“I know Mir told me and so sis Danny and Corey after Mir had called me and ass” Chad stopped at the piano “I’m sorry” I looked round at him


“Do you honestly think for a minute I’d run back to the guy that didn’t’ give a damn about Arron raping em in the back of a truck” I watched the nerve in Chad’s cheek twitch “Why do I have to try to prove it that I don’t give a flying fuck about Dimitri Carpov?” I faced him and folded my arms over my chest “Have I hid anything from you… I told you as soon as I could that he had been in touch with Mir, I showed you the phone message that really could have only been from him, I didn’t try to keep the fact he was around from you”


“I know” he walked over to me and ran his hand up and down my  arms “But I have to deal with the fact that men want you and he’s a threat” I started to shake my head “Chris what did it take for you to trust him… You had to feel safe with him you had to know or think that he was so different from Arron” He pulled me close to him the back of his fingers touching my cheek


“You don’t freak about this with Kellan and I slept with him as well”


“I know you did but I doubt I’d like the guy so much if he’d been the first guy you trusted” Chad smiled a little “Carpov made you see all guys aren’t total douche bags”


“Chad Arron hurt me more than anyone ever could, Dimitri made it okay to feel something again, Kellan taught me it was okay to have fun, And you made and make me feel like I’m the hottest girl out there and you love me for me” He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against mine “You know everything and I mean truly everything where not even Miranda knows it all” he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, I didn’t realize I was crying till I felt him wipe the tears away with his thumbs.


“I’m sorry I’m an ass” he murmured


“I shouldn’t have walked away”


“No you shouldn’t” he chuckled “I was going to sing to you”


“You can’t do thinks like that on stage it makes me go all funny” I rested my head on his chest


“Really?” I looked up at him


“You know it does” I moved away from him “Just like the night you sang into the night and we danced” I walked round the piano and ran my fingers over it. He sat on the stool and watched me “Thank god for Mike”


“Hmmm that wasn’t what I was thinking”


“I know” I smiled “That was…”


“One of the best night’s I’ve ever had” he got up and caught my hand pulling me into him “I finally got the balls to do something I’d wanted to for a while and believe me I was waiting for the slap round the face” I tipped my head “Come on I was hitting on the nineteen year old singer in the band I was managing that had driven me to the point of distraction since I first heard her sing one of our songs” the color rose a little in his cheeks “Hell you’d been with Kellan and I was now hitting on you” I started to laugh “Oh it’s not funny have you not seen the size of his pecs alone”


“Yes baby I have” I groaned “But I prefer yours” I kissed his chest through h is t-shirt I ran my fingers down the front of his t-shirt “I prefer your abs” he raised and eye brow my fingers trailed lower “the v on one but I gets to see” I pooped the button on his jeans “and believe me this…” I slipped my hand into the front of his jeans my hand colliding with the solid excitement “rocks my world like nothing else has” he moaned as my hand stroked the length of him my body reacting to what it was demanding as he kissed me…………………..

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