Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Going home

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



.......................... I was running on the tread mill in the gym of the hotel the song that had been in my head the night before taking over even from the sounds of anything that was blasting from my I-pod. I looked in the bank of mirrors in front of me Danny and Corey were both trying to put bench press each other in the far corner the door opened and Alfie walked in with Ryan.


“You’re up early” Alfie smiled as he warmed up and I pulled out my earphones


“Couldn’t sleep” I smiled back


“You can Chad okay?” Ryan stood with his arms folded


“We’re fine” I  nodded


“Good” Ryan got on the treadmill next to me


“Hey can I ask you guys something?”


“Depends on what?’ Alfie laughed as I slowed my tread mill to a walk


“You  know when you get the idea for a song does it take over every thought till you get it down” Ryan and Alfie looked at each other


“Pretty much yeah” Ryan nodded with Alfie agreeing with him


“Why didn’t you ask Chad?” Alfie started to use the elliptical on the other side of me


“You’ve got a song idea haven’t you” Ryan smiled and looked at me


“yep” Alfie stopped and looked at me


“YOU A SONG” a smile played on his lips “Sorry Chris but you’ve tried and you…”


“I know I struggle writing” I stopped walking and picked up my water bottle Ryan and Alfie we’re looking at me but I just…” I looked down “Forget it it’s stupid” I got off the treadmill they looked at each other


“No Chris” Alfie got down and came over to me as I started a round of crunches he tipped his head “Sorry for laughing”


“Chris if you have an idea get it down” Ryan looked at me through the mirror “Ask Chad to help”


“No, I can’t” I said quickly “Don’t tell him I’m” I chewed my lip


“I get it” Ryan smiled knowingly at me “Don’t worry I won’t say anything” he put in his earphones as started running


“You want help though right?” Alfie looked at me


“I want to play it for you and see what you think”


“Sounds like a plan when”


“Come to my suite at lunchtime Chad has an interview”


“You want the others there as well”


“Sure I need all of you guys to lay this one down”……………..



…………. “Come with us” Chad nibbled along my jaw


“I can’t I have something to do with Mir” I laughed as his hand slid under the back of my shirt and unclipped my bra


“Getting blown off for Miranda am I?” his fingers trailed over my ribs


“It’s to do with my wedding gown” I smiled knowing it would make him stop. He looked at me and smiled


“I get goose bumps when I think of that” he laughed.


“Yeah right” I moved away from him as the door knocked “You go all funny when you see me wearing anything”


“Okay I agree there, but there’s something about the thought of you in a real wedding dress that…” he shrugged “Makes you mine” I stopped and looked at him


“More than this” I held up my left hand the diamond catching the sunlight streaming through the window


“Yep” he nodded as the door knocked again “Okay I’ll let you have Miranda time because I get to think about peeling you out of a huge princess dress”


“Well damn you’ll be disappointed it’s a short tight fitted one” I teased walking to the door and opening it laughing, I stopped as Lukas was facing me “It’s for you Baby” I walked away from the door.


“Chris, I need to apologize” Lukas walked into the room


“Words Lukas, it’s just empty words like all the ‘I’m sorry Chris’s’ before” I picked up my cell and looked at Chad “I’m going to call Jess, have fun and see you later” He pulled me to him and kissed me> Lukas walked out into the hall.


“You need to back the hell off of my wife” Chad pulled on his jacket “Or things will change”


“You just saw her knock back the apology I was trying to make” Lukas hit the call button on the elevator.


“You shouldn’t be telling her she fucked up in the first place” Chad put his hands on his hips “this is the last time I will warn you because the next time you go after her I will come after you and believe me Lukas where she’s concerned I would beat the living crap outta you” he stepped into the elevator and closed the doors leaving Lukas standing there…..



…. Life went back to normal for the next few weeks doing shows and moving venues, was what we’d all gotten used to. Lukas and I were on civil terms at least for the sake of the tour, We were all heading home for two weeks off, Chad and the guys were getting ready to start laying down tracks for a new album.


“So you all need to be in LA on the 18th NeverWest are performing at the awards and you guys get to sit and look pretty” Lukas laughed as we all sat on the jet taking us all first to the US and then some of on to Canada “I’ll meet you all in LA”


“You need to be there” I looked at him as Chad played poker with Kerion, Dan and Ryan. Lukas ignored me




“Lukas we’re all beat” Dan moaned “we want to sleep and your yakking is annoying and you can e-mail us the details” I smirked and got out of my seat and walked over to Pete and Alfie.


“You sure you don’t want to come to Florida for a few days?’ Alfie grinned


“No I’m good and Jess is away with the school at some band thing in Texas so there’s no reason to” I shrugged “and anyway I want to get home” I looked over my shoulder at Chad


“Lock the doors so you don’t get interrupted” Kerion called out


“Shut up” Chad Gibbs slapped him


“I think you should do the new song at the awards” Pete lowered his voice “the last time you ran through it sounded amazing and none of these guys have heard it”


“I don’t’ know” I felt the color rise in my cheeks “It was sort of more of a personal…”


“Bull shit you go out every night and do love song and we all know what it means” Alfie shook his head “I agree with Pete don’t tell anyone and then blow them all out of the water”


“I’ll think about it” I nodded getting off the arm of Pete’s seat and walking back toward the bathroom Mike was on the phone.


“No Honey it’s not that… it’s awkward… no I know that and I get it but it’s the look she gets sometimes and being round so many as well as the new…” he looked at me and looked a little shocked “I’ll talk to you when I get home and tell Avalon I’ll make it up to her”…………….


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