Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - In the studio

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



***I have to thank Tricia for a helping hand here a long time coming Huh girl LOL***

.......................... I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen Chad was on the phone I poured a coffee into a cup.

“Sweetheart… I’m not sure… Oh don’t start that” He hung his head “I can hear Dawson shouting you so go… Maybe… I can’t promise… Okay love you too” he hung up and pushed the phone to the side and caught me watching him “I thought you were plotting with Heidi” he got up and took the coffee from me and took a drink

‘I was but then some strange noises started to happen and giggling so I hung up pretty quick when I realized Alfie was up to no good I pointed to the phone “Girlfriend?”

“Avalon” he chuckled sinking the rest of my coffee and walking to the sink “So you want to go play in the studio with me?” He couldn’t meet my eyes as he spoke “We never got round to trying a song together did we”

“Sure” I nodded “So what did your niece want?” I asked as he slipped his fingers in with mine and we walked from the house toward the studio

“She wanted to know if we’d be going round to their place” he shrugged as he keyed in the code on the door and pushed it open.

“She misses you” I smiled “So does Dawson, they have a cool Uncle” I sat on the couch.

“You seem to look a bit tired Mrs. Kroeger?” He looked over his shoulder at me his naughty smile on his face; I shook my head at him trying not to grin

“Well you are just lucky that I can even walk right now. I mean I know we were talking about new positions last night but I never figured you wanted to try them all…” He turned round to face me and folded his arms over his chest

“Are you saying you didn’t enjoy it… I seem to remember we need to get the couch and the windows cleaned” I groaned and shook my head

“Well, I never said that. And I called the cleaning company already” I got off the couch and looked out at the view “I guess we need to keep practicing to get them all down pat” He dragged in a breath and hugged me tight around the waist. I turned in his arms and kissed him in the way I know made him literally beg for more only to have him pull back and my start to pout. Chad smiled and pushed up the sides of my mouth .

“Come on lets see if we can get a me and you track down” He pulled me with him.

The sheer look of a kid in a candy store written all over his face at the thought of singing with me was priceless. I mean, we had sung Nickelback and Kid Rock songs on stage together all over the world, but this would be recorded. I looked at the time on my phone I know the guys were all coming over later to work on lyrics, or as I’d found out sometimes a code for chill out here, Drink Beer and pretend to talk music. I was actually nervous about this. It felt like going on stage, I know he’d gone through so many songs to find a good one for us I didn’t want to let him down.

‘Even if you are married to him, the man is Chad Kroeger’. The voice in my head seemed to scream ‘That voice does things to you that he usually ends up having to take care of later’ okay my inner voice was laughing like a drain at me. He patted one of the two stool in there, Chad handed me a headset. His smile faded a little when he looked at my face

“You are okay with this…right? I thought it would be fun but if you are uncomfortable with it, we don’t have to. It doesn’t have to be official or anything, just us messing around.” He frowned at me his hand gently rubbed my leg. I picked up his hand and squeezed it. I took a deep breath and ran my tongue over my lips and watched his pupils dilated immediately

Great we’re married and just want us to mess around? That is a little out of order don’t you think?” He laughed at that relaxing me.

“Good job I love you” His smile was bigger than the spotlights we use on stage. He handed me the lyrics and I immediately smiled. It seems he really did know me well. It was a song I always thought would be awesome for us to sing together even if it wasn’t supposed to be a duet type of sing hell the title was the story of my life“You want to listen to it first and go through it by sets of lyrics or just to hell with that and give a run through the whole thing?” I checked my mic and looked over at him.

“What the hell let’s just do it.” I winked at him he nodded and put on his head phones

I heard the opening bars and that was all I needed. I closed my eyesand sang putting all my emotions out there and feeling the beat throughout me. When he started to sing with me, I couldn’t help but look at him in the eyes and realized he has been staring at me. I could see the raw emotions in his eyes and it was a completely from when we sang together before then there were thousands of people watching us now it was just the two of us. It was a different high to be so vulnerable and emotionally connected to someone that I cared about so much at this moment. I don’t think I had ever felt like this before. It was like our first moment together and knowing I trusted him.

Once I really started to get into it, the song had drawn to a close and I didn’t even realize that we had actually sung the whole thing twice. The lyrics sheets had been discarded on the floor and there was silence. Chad smiled gently at me and I knew my face was a reflection of his both of us a little nervous and more than a little excited.

“You want to check it out?” He bit his bottom lip and pushed his hands through his hair, I nodded still unable to find words. He quickly turned off the main switches and the microphones. We walked out in to the other room I pulled my hair back into a messy bun even with the air conditioning it was feeling really warm. I got my head together as he made some final adjustments.

Chad sat in one of the large Leather desk chairs and he pulled me onto his lap as the sound of our voices filled the room. I felt my back straighten as I listened, I couldn’t believe that I was actually worried about singing with him because even I had to admit, we sounded phenomenal. Chad was smiling and looked at me when it ended.

“So we like?” I nodded at him emotions got the better of me and tears misted my eyes. He smiled and kissed the base of my neck. “Just imagine if it actually comes out how many people would go crazy over it. It would be insane.”

“Yep lots more fans. And I guess we would have to increase the royalties to each other.” I looked at him and grinned at the thought of him taking his share of the payment like for my Tattoos, He looked serious but that evil glint was back.

“Of course we would” He grinned “Can you imagine how many more guys will want your autograph? Jeez, I have enough to deal with the ones swarming around you as it is now.” He ran his hand through his hair looking more than a little annoyed I hugged him and kissed his cheek. He pulled my arms away gently as he reached back “Oh I know…” He got up and walked over to a desk in the corner taking a pad and sharpie from the drawer and walked back over to me “Mrs. Kroeger can I get an autograph. I have been a fan for such a long time.” He had me laughing with his impression of a lovesick boy. Right down to the big eyed googly look I’d seen on guys backstage

I tried so hard to keep a serious face as he pushed the pad into my hand I could feel the smirk twitch on my lips, I took the sharpie and pad, placing the pad on the table. I placed my hand on his shoulder and slid it across his chest making his eyes immediately turn dark and him swallow hard. I moved behind him

“Actually I will do much better than that” I murmured my breath hot on the side of his neck “I can give you a live tattoo that will make all the other men wish they were you” I knew he was struggling to focus on what I even said as I slowly inched up the back of his shirt. I was so glad he was in his comfy old fall apart lose jeans “I don’t think I have ever had a fan quite as devoted and loving and sexy as you” I dropped to my knees and pulled the lid off the sharpie pulling the back of his jeans lower and signed my name feeling his muscles contract and his light groan from the simple touch of the pen on his skin. He looked down and smiled. I got up and recapped the pen letting him turn round.

“So can I collect my royalties now? Or do have anything else you need to sign first?” Chad’s hand was edging up the floor length skirt I had one making its ways up to the tattoos on the inside of my legs.


“Nope, I am good now that your ass is mine.” I murmured leaning in and kissing him hard. He pulled away with a look of total want in his eyes as he encountered nothing under the skirt. He backed me up against the soundboard and I leaned back on it for support.

“Yeah well this is mine.” He kissed my neck. “This is mine.” He kissed my stomach. “These are most definitely mine.” He kissed each breast where my shirt had rode down and lingered a little longer on each nipple until I was squirming against him. He moved back up and cupped my face looking deep and hard into my eyes. “But most of all, you’re mine.”

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I kissed him with every emotion and bit of passion I could muster. I only wanted his senses to be completely overwhelmed like mine were. My leg hitched up on his side as his hands roamed my body. His lips took complete control of mine.

I groaned as he got up, pulling off his shirt I didn’t want his body away from mine. I quickly got up after him. Things had gotten hot and heavy as I pulled off the loose shirt and the already pulled aside Bikini top I had under it the skirt pooled at my bare feet, making me forget everything around us, but that did not stop all those buttons from sticking into my back. Chad turned with me landing on the couch on top of him.

If I wasn’t ready to Jump all over my husband I would almost laugh at how much taller he was and had to crunch down his six one frame to fit on the couch, though it made those lovely defined stomach muscles stand out, without thinking I ran my hand over them, closely followed by my tongue. The sound he made only served to make me hotter I made my way to his jeans. I slid them off and held him gently but firmly in my hands, making his moaning greater. He pulled Me up and back onto his lap his mouth finding my breast as I lowered myself onto him my back arching as he filled me Hands and togues were everywhere as we had each other gasping and moaning. There was a sound. I put my hand on Chad’s chest getting him to stop. He was breathing hard and looked confused.

“Did you hear something?” I hissed We paused to listen

“Nope, nothing.” He kissed my collar bone

“Please tell me you did not give the code to your mother …her catching us once was enough.” He smirked at that.

“I don’t know the shower after was pretty good for both of us at least it seemed good with how loud you screamed” I swatted him “No she does not have a key and being the amazing husband that I am, I locked the door from the inside this time.” He pushed his tongue in his cheek and moved me off his lap putting me on my knees on the couch my arms resting on the back of it

“ You planned his all along?”

“No just know that I want to pleasure my wife in every way in every room of our house. Oh how I love saying that.” He chuckled as his body sought out mine again “Now I believe we were in the middle of something.” Before I knew it all thoughts were gone and I didn’t care if there was a serial killer in the house, I was going to get what I wanted

The intensity increased along with the intimacy I swear the roof was going to come off with the sound he had me making as Chad held me, we both came apart, my legs giving out and the two of us falling gasping on to the couch. I was sure I’d heard something knocking but then it could have been the couch on the wall. Chad pulled me to him and kissed me. We both jumped as the door started knocking, hard enough to make it fall down. I looked at him wide eyed. He shrugged and shook his head as it knocked again

“Alright I’m coming… give me a minute” he called out I slid on the skirt and loose side shoulder shirt as Chad quickly put on his clothes. With his shirt in his hand, he unlocked the door and opened it. I sat on the chair trying to look for where the hell I’d dropped my bikini top I glanced up, all the guys were all there and looking kind of red.

“Yea we could kind of tell that” Mike laughed. Chad looked puzzled when no one else said anything.

“ Um, hey guys?” I smiled at them Chad stepped back and leant on a bookcase

“We were just trying out that new idea and seeing what the duet would sound like” He rubbed his hands together “ I think you guys are going to love it. It is really intense.” They all laughed making me look at Chad. Ryan stepped forward into the sound studio just enough to reach the switches.

“Oh we know it was next time your duet gets Intense… please… PLEASE leave the building sound switch off.” Dan shook his head.

“That is a side of Chris I never want to hear of again” He looked at me sorry Chris”

“Are you kidding? The plane was more than enough.” Pete Shivered. “and then we get the unedited version without noise canceling headphones”

“Ewww Chris, I mean I didn’t think you were into the PDA like that,” Alfie laughed and shook his head. I hung my head as they all laughed. Chad sighed and shook his head and looked at me

“Damn babe, seems we got caught.”

“You think” I muttered

“Alright give us a minute you guys and order some food before we get to some work” Chad turned back around he was sliding on his shirt. Mike started to laugh

“Oh hell, did you get a tattoo of her signature?” He poked Chad’s back “Damn, she really does own you now.” Chad pulled down the rest of the shirt and smirked turning back to me,

“Yep I know. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The guys headed back to the house but not before shouting comments down the hall like

“Make sure you wipe that couch clean.”

“I may never sit in there again.”

“Are you serious? They have probably been everywhere in the house.”

‘Ewww and we’re going to eat here!!!” I heard a thump of a Gibb’s slap.

“So do not want to think about that” and lots of laughing as we closed the door. Chad looked at me as I was looking down, face red.

“Are you ok?”

I’m fine, just wondering if everyone if going to keep catching up everywhere but the bedroom.” I smiled up at him, He pulled me into a hug his chin on top my head. “It doesn’t matter because I don’t care who knows, you are my wife and I love you.” I felt the heat through his chest and looked up into his eyes.

“I love you too.” I pushed up on my toes and kissed him pulling back remembering that’s how it started before and we had to get back to the house without a repeat of an hour ago. I grabbed the demo disc and he locked up the doors, we Walked down the path back to the house “Chad?”


“ So about that tattoo….” He stopped and looked at me

“UNCLE CHAAAAAAAAAAAAD”........................

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