Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chad's in trouble

Submitted: January 20, 2012

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



………. I smiled as Avalon ran toward us, Mikes Daughter was super cute and full of attitude well what do you expect for a nine year old hell jess was the same.


“Oh here comes trouble” Chad laughed as he hugged her “Your Dad didn’t say you guys were here”


“Dawson’s in the Pool” She grinned “So did you ask?” I saw Chad get wide eyed for a minute and glance at me


“Why don’t you go and play in the pool” He took her hand as well as mine as we carried on back to the house.


“Seriously” She stopped and tapped her foot “And here was me thinking I was your favorite niece” I snorted and smiled at her.


“Honey he’s a little grumpy today he’s not had his nap yet” I teased “If you give me five minutes I’ll come in the pool with you”


“Yes Aunt Chris ROCKS” Avalon pulled a face at Chad “I’ll meet you in there” she ran off.


“I need a nap do I” He caught me round the waist


“No I was just wanting to get you to roll round in bed” I smiled at him kissing him “She’s an awesome kid”


I know” He sighed putting his arm round my shoulders “She thank god takes after her Mother and not him” he pointed at Mike who was sitting on the counter top in the kitchen.


“What did he do now? And Hi Chris” Angela kissed my cheek “How’s the voice? Mike said you had it rough for a day or so”


“It was all his fault” Dan Handed Chad a beer


“I’ll take the blame” Chad laughed putting his arm round his sister-in-law’s shoulder


“You would” she swatted him


“My voice is all good now and I wasn’t him for once”


I’ll bet you can’t sing a damn note this afternoon after the noise you were” Ryan threw a pillow at Kerion


“I’m going to go change and go in the pool” I smiled


“Need help getting changed?” Chad walked over to me


“Hey will you let your wife have two minutes” Brit Smiled slipping her arm round Dan’s waist


“She’ll need more than two minutes” Mike laughed I flicked him the finger and walked out of the kitchen.


“So did you talk to her?” Angela looked at Chad


“No not yet”


“Honey it’s awkward”




“You haven’t seen how it effects her sometimes” Chad looked down and rubbed the back of his neck


“Stop treating her like she’s going to damn well break” Treanna handed Dax to Ryan and gave him his juice cup.


“Says the woman married with two kids” Chad bit a little


“So what you’re going to keep her away from kids” Angela shook her head “Chad get real you have a niece and a nephew .Tre and Ryan have Dax and Arcadia, Hell Dan and Brit will more than likely have kids” She pulled him round to look at her “We get that you guys are protective of her but sometimes you think you might be smothering her. Avalon is the same age as her own sister”


“I know” Chad looked at her and looked out of the window as I walked out from the other end of the house and dove neatly into the water “I hate what that fucker did to her”


“Hey We all do” Brit walked over to him and squeezed his arm…..




……….. “Aunt Chris” I looked round as Avalon swam over “I’m going to get in trouble for this but…” she chewed her cheek


“Okay what you done?’ I smiled “Jess gets the same look when she steals my makeup”


“I want you and NeverWest to play at my birthday party this Saturday” She blurted out. “I know you’re not touring because Dad’s home and I’ve been asking him and uncle Chad to ask you” I frowned at her “Oh I’m going to get in trouble for asking you now” he hung her head


“No you won’t” I hugged her to me “and of course we’ll play at your party” I smiled at her you just need to go and make sure it’s okay with Pete, Kerion and Alfie” She threw her arms round me and hugged me “And I’ll see if Mir can’t make you a little something stage like” Her eyes got wide


“You know Uncle Chad picked some really crap girls before he met you I’m glad he married you, you’re so awesome Aunt Chris” She scrabbled for the side of the pool and got out and hurried across to where the guys were sitting talking.


“Need a hand” Chad crouched down.


“Sure” I nodded He took my hand I tugged him in sending him over the top of me and into the water as I got out and grabbed a towel “Oh Sorry… So you want to tell me what we’re getting Avalon for her birthday” He looked at me “Where’s Mike?”


“In the house getting the steaks… Chris” I looked at him


“I want to talk to you both” I walked from the pool and into the house “Angela can I have a word” I called out as she put some food on the table outside. Chad climbed out of the pool


“Uncle Chad” he looked round at Dawson “I think you got busted on something”


“Yeah Buddy I think you’re right” He pulled off his t-shirt and walked into the house ………………….

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