Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Even Mir's at it

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



…………… I lay out by the pool the sun felt so good as did relaxing for a while. Chad was in the studio with the rest of Nickelback working on new songs. My guys had taken off to go four wheeling while they had the chance being out at Chad and my house. My cell phone started to ring earning a look of total reproach from Bruce the cat at being disturbed.


“Well you should be bugging the ass of the guys in the studio” I leant down and scratched behind his ear before picking up my phone.


Me * hello

Mir * finally I made it now no one is letting me in

Me * you’re here I thought it was tomorrow you were flying in

Mir * okay where is your head girl it was the 18th and today is the 18th

Me * damn I’ve lost track of the days… I’m heading in the house to let you in


I hung up and got up and walked into the house opening the gates to let her in, I walked through to the front door and opened it as Mir was getting out of the car.


“Oh the hard working life of a rock star” She laughed opening the trunk on the car “What are you doing laying out by the pool?”


“Er… Yes” I laughed hugging her “how was time with Xander?”


“too short but we have an award ceremony for you to get ready for and you have to choose some gown fabrics and you have to make you your mind on the design for the bridesmaids dresses” She handed me some bags


“Holy crap girl you moving in” Chad walked down the path from the studio.


“Yep wouldn’t you just love me for a roommate” she pushed her tongue in her cheek


“Okay I’m not going to answer that because I’ll end up on the couch again” He kissed my cheek


“You guys aren’t done for the day are you?”


“No we’re going to go blow off some steam on the four wheeler’s for a couple of hours so you girls get some girly time” he put his arms round my waist “and tonight I’m taking my beautiful wife out to dinner” he kissed my neck


“I thought you were having a poker night”


“Mike has to help sort a few things out for Avalon’s party Dan’s taking Brit on Date night and Ryan’s taking his kids to his in-laws” Chad shrugged


“Wow how rock and roll are you guys?” Mir teased.


“Hey” he smirked at her “I’ll see you in a couple of hours” he kissed me


“Ride safe okay”


“Always do sweetheart” he kissed me again and walked away.


“Everything’s okay again with the two of you?” Mir asked as we went into the house and up to my bedroom


“It’s back to how it should be” I nodded “I’m going to grab a shower then we can start”


“no problem” she walked to the window “Damn girl you’ve got a view to die for from here…  you’re lucky” I waked over to her and put my head on her shoulders as we watched the guys cut across the back field on four wheelers


“Everything okay?”


“What? Oh yeah” Mir blinked a couple of times “Go shower so we can get things started”




“Go will you oh and I have the think you asked me to pull together for Avalon” she shooed me away from her. I went into our bathroom and showered and dresses in shorts and a tank something was bugging Miranda she was never very god at hiding her emotions. I came out of the bathroom my bed was covered in clothes.


“Holy crap” I raised my eye brows as She unpacked a dozen pairs of shoes “Damn girl are you sure you’ve been on a break with Xander?” she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled


“Oh we got plenty of fun time but he also had to work so I got to pull some things together” she sat on the end of the bed and looked at the pole “Okay I thought you were kidding about having one of those in here”


“Nope” I lifted a couple of the dresses, we spent an hour trying on dresses and making choices that we’re going to make a few in your face statements. “So you feel like taking the outfit to Avalon?’ I asked as Mir put away the dresses to keep and send back to the designers.


“Sure” she smiled at me. We loaded up the back of her car and walked over to Mac and got in I pulled out of the drive and headed toward Mikes house about twenty minutes away


“Mir come on something’s bugging you what is it?” I looked across at her


“I saw Reba and the baby when we were home” I took a deep breath and focused my eyes on the road in front of me “She looks rough as a bears ass as you’d but it”


“Made her bed she’s going to have to lie in it Mir” I shrugged

“She’s giving the baby up for adoption”


“Well at least the baby will be cared for”


“Did you ever…”


“Oh do not even go there” I stopped at a stop light and looked at her “Just don’t Mir”


“Chris come on you can’t, and…” I put my foot down as the light changed to Green “Damn Chris”


“I don’t want to even thing to that Mir… I’m not looking for a baby… Hell I’m half way done with a world yearlong tour. Why in your right mind would you even think I’d entertain the thought of her baby its half fucking Carpov Mir, I know you’re friends of the family but hell I thought I was your friend”


“I’m sorry I just thought… the baby’s done nothing to have to deal with the crap”


“No and neither did the baby I was carrying but shit happens” I pulled in the drive at Mikes “Drop it Miranda Now or we will have a serious problem” I opened the door and got out as Avalon and Angela walked out of the house……….

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