Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Mind off it for a while

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



…………… “Aunt Chris”

“Hey You” I hugged her “You and Uncle Chad are still…”

“We’re still all happy sweetie” I laughed

“I’m sorry for getting him in trouble” she pouted

“Honey it’s all good Uncle Chad just needed to use his brain for once” Angela laughed as I walked over to her and hugged her “How’s things coming along with the guys”

“Good I think they all just took off on the four wheelers”

“Typical and Mike will come home telling me how long the day was” she laughed

“Isn’t that the way all guys are?’ Mir said a little nervously

“Helll yes especially the four of them” She laughed “Miranda right?”

“Yes Ma’am” Mir nodded

‘It’s Angela and I have to say thank you for helping to keep this one sane when she has to deal with all the guys on her own” Mir shot me a look

“I’ll give it to Miranda there truly isn’t a dull moment when she’s around” I put my arm round her and sighed

“OOO Is that a tutu?” Avalon interrupted

Oh Sorry… it’s the reason we came here” Miranda looked at her “This is a happy birthday gift from me and your Aunt Chris”

“Lets go inside” Angela held open the door fit us, we walked in to the kitchen and sat down at the table

“Avalon why don’t you take Mir to your room and she can help you get into your clothes” I smiled at her

“Sure” Avalon grabbed Mir’s hand and pulled her with her up the stairs

“You want a drink?” Angela walked into the kitchen

“I’d kill for a shot right now but I’m driving” I sighed “You know when I’m on the road I long sometimes for the days to come home and relax and then when I’m home shit happens and I long to be back touring again” she walked back over with a bottle of water and put it down in front of me and sat down

“Chad being a doofus again?” I shook my head and smiled at her

“He’s being really good, I just wish people would let it go that I can’t have a baby… I don’t’ want one yet Chad doesn’t want one yet” I ran my hand through my hair

“I chewed out Mike for being an insensitive ass towards you” she leant on the table “All the guys love you Chris think of it like having 7 big brothers and a husband they all open their mouths without thinking about it”

“How do you make it work for as long as you and Mike have?”

“It’s hard you have the times you want to kill them and the times where you think they forgot what romance is” She sat back “but then they pull something out of their asses… and believe me the brother’s we’re married to” she started to laugh

“I get it” I nodded

“And I’m sorry Chad I think both his mother and I had given up on him finding the love of his life after the Mari bullshit” I looked at the bottle of water in front of me “We thought you were a little young for him but damn you’ve mad and impression on all of us”

“Okay is that a good impression or not?”

“Very good honey” She put her hand over mine “Chad’s well he’s always been the wild one in the family Mikes had to save his ass so many times growing up and to be honest I swear he’d be in serious trouble if the music hadn’t worked out” she messed with her wedding band “He’s been with more women that he’s had hot dinners” I raised my eye brow at her “until her met you… he went off the rails after he got his heart trampled on by super bitch…he drank way too much, he felt like everyone that wanted to be round him that he didn’t really know would use him and hurt him” she got up and went into the kitchen and looked at me over the island “then Mike comes home from a trip and gig in Florida and tells us that they’ve been blown away by a band and Chad didn’t take his eyes off the singer” I felt my cheeks heat up “He called me and told me about you kissing him in the elevator” I got wide eyed and looked down “Do you know how many cold showers he had to take after you passed out and you got put to bed”

“Okay Now I’m getting embarrassed” I put my head on the table as Miranda walked into the kitchen

“Oh what did I miss you’re red from the neck up” She laughed

“I’m telling her a few things about Chad that she obviously didn’t know” Angela laughed

“OOOO Like what”

“He thought she was hot the first time he saw her sing”

“That was in Florida and you were in Jeans and a shirt” She wrinkled her nose “Oh and you had flip flops on”

‘Well Chad thought she was something special” Angela came over and sat back down

“Oh Crap what did he think when she was with Kellan hot ass” Miranda laughed

“Oh will you stop I know what he thinks to me being with Kellan” I took a drink

“He went out and got wasted the night that he picked you up from the hotel in Rome, he paced the floor when he got back before you did worrying where the hell you were”

“I know he got a little mad at me for not calling”

“No sweetie they were all mad at you for not calling” She shook her head “Chad was like a caged animal”

“See we all told you there was sexual tension with you both for months before you finally gave into him” Miranda laughed “Hell even Kellan knew he was treading on Chad’s toes”

“He did?’ Angela looked at Mir

“Hell yeah” Mir Nodded

“You two are too much” I groaned as Avalon walked into the room “Wow we have a new rock star” I grinned as she turned on the spot


“Honey you look amazing” Angela smiled at her “Miranda you rocked her out”

“Well not every little girl gets the hottest band in the planet to play at her party so she needed to compete with her famous Aunt”………………….

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