Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Apology

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



…………… I walked in to the house and threw my keys on the table in the hall.

“CHAD” I walked into the kitchen “CHAD” The sound of my voice seemed to echo round the house there was a note on the counter


Came back and went back to the studio, had a song in my head that was driving me insane.

There’s a little something for you on the bed, and you have a date tonight Mrs. Kroeger

Love you

C xxx

I walked up the stairs to our room there was a pile of boxes on the bed I pulled the band from my hair and walked over to them there was a folded piece of pale blue paper sitting on the top with my name on the front in Chad’s handwriting.


I’m an ass and I know it but I also know I love you…

Lame apology but I couldn’t help myself. All I can think of is you naked with my favorite heels on, so here’s some new favorites



I smiled as I put down the note and started to take off the lids to the boxes, I’ll give it to my husband he had an amazing taste in shoes. I took them into the closet and put them away leaving out the Suede sandals I stripped out of my clothes and put on a robe as I sat down to do my hair and makeup. My phone started to ring. I hit the speaker button

Me * Yes Lukas

Lukas * I need to know the song for the awards next weekend

Me * It’s just a new song that I’d rather not say yet

Lukas * What?

Me * we’ve been working on a new song and not even Chad knows about it so I want it kept that way

Lukas * you doing this on purpose?

Me * what working on a new song?

Lukas * you know what I mean are you trying to make things hard for me

Me * no I’m trying to deal with an ass, at the same time as trying to get on with my life and my career, there is nothing in the song that needs bleeping out cutting out or censoring in anyway shape or form deal with it you’re not hearing the song, you’re the tour manager I understand you’re also helping out Nickelback by organizing other stuff but Chad, Ryan, Mike and Dan are my true bosses.

Lukas * wow after I’ve helped you

Me * and bit me how many times. No you’ve got the answer I’m getting ready for a date night

I hung up the phone

“Damn ass”

“Do you know how cute you are when you’re mad with someone and keeping your cool” I jumped at the sound of Chad’s voice I got up and walked over to him and pushed up on my toes and kissed him

“Thank you”

“For what?” He ran his hand down the silk of my robe

“The apology” I rested my hands on his chest “You didn’t need to do that I was as much to blame as you were” He kissed the tip of my nose

“I know I didn’t need to but there are ulterior motives, I love to see you in heels” I grinned at him and tipped my head

“What about flipflops?’ I walked back over to the mirror

“What?” He blinked at me a couple of times

“Nothing” I laughed

“So I did good with the shoes?”

“You did an amazing job”

“Yes Score for the husband” he laughed “You want to come shower with me?”

“I have my hair and makeup done all I need to do is get dressed, we’ll never get out for dinner if I shower with you”

“You have point” he grinned “I’ll quick shower and dress and then think about getting you in the shower when we get home” he called over his shoulder as he went to the bathroom. I finished getting ready and walked out into our bedroom as Chad came from the bathroom his hair still wet from the shower the dark jeans fitting in all the right places that made me second guess not going in the shower with him. “Why does it feel like you’re undressing me with your eyes” He looked down at himself and them looked at me as he pulled on the black t-shirt

“Probably because I was” I laughed He looked me over


“Damn you look good and you’re wearing a pair of the shoes I brought you”

“Of course I was going to wear a pair of the shoes they’re hot” I picked up my clutch and snapped a picture of him.

“Did that dress get sprayed on?’ he walked over and ran his hand over my butt “We can get someone to bring food” he nuzzled the side of my neck

“Hey you said you were taking me for a date so we’re going out”

I haven’t seen you all day” He moaned as I walked out “And you do cruel things like look as smoking hot as you do right now” his phone started to ring

“I’ll meet you in the car” I walked down the stairs

“Sweetheart there’s a limo coming for us” he leant over the stair rail I looked up at him from the foot of the stairs.

“Not driving?”

“NO I was going to get this hot girl I know liquored up to take advantage of her” he laughed as he answered the phone the same time as the gate buzzer rang.

“I hope to god you’re talking about your wife Mr. Kroeger” I smirked shaking my head as I hit the button and opened the gate, I walked out of the front door as the driver was getting out of the limo and he opened the door for me. Chad followed out of the house and got in the car. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah” he reached for my hand “I’m going out for a date with my wife it’s perfect” he kissed me “Oh and Avalon thinks no that Mir is’ the queen of fashion for what she did for her”

“She did like the outfit” I laughed “We took it over this afternoon and had an interesting chat with Angela”

“Oh God that could be trouble”…………………..

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