Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - L.A. bound

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Submitted: January 25, 2012



…………… The rest of the week seemed to fly by, while Chad and the guys were in the studio I was in the house rehearsing with Alfie for the Awards show, Chad had almost caught us twice doing the song but we’d managed to switch it up before he’d got in the house. I flopped down on the couch

“So we have to travel down to L.A. today do the awards show tonight and then head back for Avalon’s Party?” Kerion sat on the table

“Yup her party is Saturday at four so we have to get the lunch time flight back, Mike sorted out the tickets so we’re all good to go”

“Because I rock” Mike Laughed as he walked through the door “and my daughter would kill us if we didn’t make it back in time”

“So would your wife” Chad walked in behind him “You finish doing what you needed?”

“Yep we’re all done” Alfie grinned

“We’re going in separate Limos by the way” Chad sat on my lap making me groan


“Separate cars” Dan looked at us “So we get to rock up there with our wives and he can’t” He poked Chad’s arm with a smirk “You guys are coming after…”

“Oh so great he and I are dateless” I wrapped my arms round his waist “Hell Heidi, Page and Suzanne are going as their dates” I nodded in the direction of my guys

‘Lukas is fucking with you for yelling at him” Ryan laughed

“You know that wouldn’t surprise me” I dropped my head “Well he’s going to need an EMT on hand for tonight”

‘WHAT?” all the guys looked at me

“You’re not going to hit him are you?’ Pete sat up

“No, but I’m going to keep him on his toes”

“Oh God” Chad groaned “You’ve been plotting all week haven’t you”

“No” I pouted “About a month for part of it with Mir” I tipped Chad off my lap and got up

“Chris” Chad got up and caught my hand

“It’s nothing bad” I smiled at him “Trust me?” I tipped my head

“you know I do” he sighed

‘Right…” The buzzer from the gate sounded “I’ll get that” I walked out of the room

“Lukas doesn’t know what he’s taking on with her now she’s found her confidence” Dan stood next to Chad

‘She’s the same Chris without the fear of Arron” Chad lowered his voice so I wouldn’t hear

“You still as in love with her?” Ryan asked

“Nope” Chad shook his head and sighed

“Dude” Kerion Got to his feet frowning

“I love her more for it” Chad followed me out of the room

‘Okay he needs to stop doing that shit” Mike groaned “I swear I’ll kick his ass”……


………….The flight down to LA was hysterical with all of the wives and girlfriends along it made everything a whole different atmosphere from what it normally was, I looked out of the window and chewed my lip

“You okay?” Angela sat down next to me as Chad was trying to beat Alfie at snap and failing

“Nervous” I smiled at her

“Mike said it’s nice for them to get to sit back and watch you guys when they don’t have to think about going on stage”

“I bet” I sighed “one thing is going on stage in front of Fans it’s another when it’s people that do what you do and have for years” I rubbed my hands together

“Think of them all naked” Page leant over the back of my seat

“Okay First have you seen my husband I don’t have to try that hard to think of him naked and then EW take a look at the guys on this flight and er…. EW”

“Hey those are our husbands” Angela laughed

“I know and no offences” I held up my hands “the naked thing only makes me laugh”

“It’s like a normal long party” Treanna sat down across from us “How many times have the guys got naked and jumped in the pool

“Damn we miss all the good stuff” Suzanne groaned

“Okay try this walk into the male showers by mistake” Page grinned “15 Marines butt assed naked and soaped up”

“Okay I think I’d have offered to scrub a back or 15” Angela Laughed

“I heard that” Mike smiled at her

“Well we don’t get to do that anymore our kids seem to have Mom and Dad are about to have Down and Dirty sex radar” Angela sighed Chad’s head shot up

“Oh so not the image I need in my head from my sister-in-law there”

‘Hey Mike had night mares about you after you hit the studio sound button the other day” She laughed at him I buried my head in my shirt laughing

“Hey we have to hear them go at it in airplane bathrooms” Kerion smirked

“Will you shut up… What about you keeping half the hotel awake having wild monkey screaming sex with Page THE FIRST NIGHT YOU WRE TOGETHER?” I held my hands out “Alfie looked like crap the next day” the laughter continued taking our minds nicely off the show later until we landed.

Walking through the Airport was like running the gauntlet with wild animals with the amount of Paparazzi that was in there. Chad’s Fingers were wound tightly with mine tucking me in behind his back, Corey was the ever present beside me as we made it out to the waiting cars I looked at Chad

“I’ll go with my guys”

“Only if you take Corey with you” He said not looking to happy about it

“I will and I’ll see you at the hotel” I smiled at him and Kissed him as Lukas got out of one of the cars

“NeverWest need to sound check”

“We gathered that’ Kerion Pushed his hands in his pockets Lukas looked at him

“How long will they be?” Chad asked

“an hour tops” Lukas nodded “then you guys need to get ready”

“Dude it takes us the time to shower and get dressed” Mike pulled a face

“Chris takes longer” Lukas reminded him

“You know the long we stand here talking the later the days’ getting” I kissed Chad again “I love you and keep the shower running for when I get to the hotel”

“Just call when you leave the venue” he grinned as I walked to the car and my guys “Love you too” he got in the car with the rest of Nickelback and they pulled away first as Lukas got in with us……………..

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