Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - All at once

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



……….. I tugged on Kerions arm.

“Okay what’s the plan for you guys?”

“I’m going to go out to dinner with her and her family” he smiled “And then…well” he started to blush

“Okay We don’t need details” I laughed “Are you going to still ask her to come with us back to Europe?”

“That’s the plan after dinner as long as we still like each other”

“Okay well we’ll cover your ass Lukas has set us up with and interview before we head overseas”

“I thought we were supposed to be on a break” Kerion put his hands on his hips

“Yeah well we need to do this stuff but the three of us can handle it you go have fun and let me know if you are bringing her back to your room okay”

“WHY?’ He screwed up his nose

“Because I’ll make sure it’s perfect for you” I kissed his cheek and walked over to Page “Nice to meet you and welcome home” I hugged her “Take care of him for us we need his ass next week and I hope we’ll see you later”

“Yeah… I… I’m sorry for being a little star struck” she laughed nervously

“It’s okay we don’t’ bite” Pete smiled “well he will if you ask” He pointed to Kerion who looked like he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him

“Okay you car you have a girlfriend waiting for you at the hotel”

‘Does she blow up” Page tipped her head at Pete

“Oh I love you” Alfie pulled her into a hug as Pete smiled and shook his head “You’re going to fit right in” I Grabbed Pete and Alfie and pushed them in the direction of Danny and the waiting car

“She’s good” Pete sighed as we settled in and pulled out of the base

“She’s cute as hell” Alfie nodded “so is Lukas going to fill us in or do we wait and get surprised when some reported knocks the door”

“I don’t know” I shook my head “But we asked for this life”

“And we wouldn’t change it for the world” Pete looked at the two of us

“You got that right” I nodded. Pete’s phone started to ring as Alfie pulled his from his pocket and dialed Heidi.

“Well we have 2 hours until we have the interview” Pete pushed his phone ionto his pocket “that was Lukas”

“So why can’t we get the red eye out of here tonight?” Danny asked “I hate being the only security here with you guys hell Kerions out on his own tonight”

“Yeah but he’s with a Marine” Alfie reminded him as he hung up the phone “Heidi wants you to call her they’ve found some centre pieces or something” He waved his phone at me

“Okay… You guys want to go grab some dinner before the interview?”

“I thought you’d never mention dinner” Alfie rubbed his stomach “I’m starving”…..

…………….. We walked back into the hotel after a dinner that was filled with us laughing about dumb stuff we’d done on tour already and what the hell we thought was going to come next.

“Excuse me” We stopped and looked round as a couple of girls walked toward us “Can we get your autographs and maybe a picture?”

“Sure” Pete nodded with a smile that lit his face Suzanne his girlfriend stepping back as we posed for a picture

“Chris can you sign one of your Mom’s books between these books and NeverWest it makes my day” I sucked in a breath as a copy of Rock baby was held out in front of me “Your Momma was at the bookstore in town a few hours ago”

“Oh Damn” Alfie muttered

“She’s got a new book out”


“Yeah it’s amazing… is it true your character in the book only married the old man for money?” the girl babbled “I mean I know you’re married to that guy from Nickelback”

“Sorry girls the band has to get to an interview” Danny intervened “How about I get Chris to sign something for you and bring it back down”

“Sure” the girls giggled As Danny herded all of us into the elevator

“Chris you okay?” Suzanne squeezed my hand

“Yeah… I knew it was too quiet” I shook my head trying to control the urge to scream “I thought she was supposed to send it to the lawyers first”

‘Talk to Lukas” Danny suggested as Pete and Alfie both watched me as if waiting for my stack to blow.

“I will” I chewed my cheek “and I don’t care what he says I want out of here as soon as we can, if she’s in the same damn city as me it’s way to close” the elevator doors opened to our floor and we all got out there was a film crew in the hallway “Great” I mumbled

“Sorry we are early” the reporter stepped forward.

“No it’s okay if you want to set up in My room you can” Alfie took the lead

“I’m just going to get changed” I went to my door and opened it letting it click into place behind me I went to the small bag I’d brought with me and pulled out shorts and a t-shirt. And started to get changed my phone rang I put it on speaker.


Xander * hey you

Me * hey am I glad to hear from you

Xander * okay that doesn’t sound good

Me * No My mom’s in town and has published another book

Xander * and you didn’t know?

Me * Nope we’re in North Carolina right now with Kerion

Xander * oh he’s meeting the Nurse isn’t he

Me * Yup he’s out to dinner with her and we’re about to do an interview

Xander * Oh I’ll not keep you but… there was the sound of a door in the background

Jackson * hey did you call Chris yet?

Xander doing it right now say hi

Jackson * Hey Wisconsin

I smiled and sat on the edge of my bed. I loved how my true friends didn’t treat me any different from the way they’d always treated me.

Me * Hey Jackson, so what have you got to tell me?

Xander * it’s about Dimitri

Me * Okay so not interested

Jackson * Reba had the baby

Me * and again so not interested

Xander * oh wait till you find out what she’ put on the birth certificate………………..

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