Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - WOW

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Submitted: January 25, 2012



…………… We walked back into the hotel Lukas was in the lobby on his phone Chad and the others were all watching a game on the big screens in the bar. IO blanked Lukas and walked by him into the bar I put my arms round Chad and kissed the back of his neck

“Where’s your phone?” He patted his pockets and groaned

“In the room” He looked over his shoulder at me “I was wondering how long it was taking”

“How did it go?” Ryan asked

“Awesome” Pete sat in the empty chair next to Dan his eyes on the game.

“You ready to go upstairs” Chad turned round to face me

“Oh yeah” I kissed him

“Hell no… She needs to shower and get her hair and makeup done” Mir walked into the bar “Damn it Chris we’ve got three hours and you want to go have sex with him” Chad pulled me back against him as I turned to look at Mir who looked like she was about to short out.

“We’ll be quick” Chad Laughed

“Yeah right”

“Like hell”


“Quick for you two is at least 40 minutes” Pete never looked away from, the TV

“Okay I’m not even going to try to work out how you know that” Chad pulled a face at him

“Guy’s I’m not pulling a Lukas and trying to piss you off” Mir ran her hand through her hair “She really need to start getting ready”

“I think You should go Sweetheart” He kissed my neck “Mir looks stressed” he whispered “I’ll help you get out of your dress later”

“I’ll hold you to that Mr. Kroeger” He smack my butt as I pushed away from him

“Oh and you can’t see her before y’all leave” Mir wagged her finger at him as she grabbed my hand

“What?’ Chad and I looked at her “You need to leave before she does” Mir smiled nervously “you get to see her on the red carpet”

“Mir” I tipped my head at her

“Chris we’re not putting the dress on till you literally have to walk out of the room” She tugged me with her “Chad you can come see her before you go but you ain’t staying”

“Damn And I thought she said she wasn’t pulling a Lukas” Mike rubbed his hand over his head

“I’ve given up even trying to work out what goes on in Miranda’s head how Xander copes is beyond me” Kerion Laughed……..

……………… I sat in a thick robe as a girl did my nails and another tugged my hair back in to a high ponytail flat ironing the hair within and inch of it’s life so it hung dead straight Miranda was talking ten to the dozen.

“Mir will you calm down you’re making me more nervous” I laughed as I looked at my reflection in the mirror “Damn I don’t know if I can blink my hair is so damn tight” Mir stopped talking and looked at me through the mirror and smiled

“Sorry it’s a huge night it’s the first time I’ve put together something like this” she wrung her hands

“I know and I trust you” I got out of the chair and hugged her “Hell girl I’m trusting you to make my wedding dress I think you getting tonight’s dresses from the designers that you did shows people are sitting up and taking note of who you are and what you are to me”

“I know and did I ever tell you how I love my best friend being a rock star”

“Once or twice” I laughed as the door opened and Chad walked in “Damn you look good” I looked him up and down

“So do you” He bit his bottom lip as he ran his fingers through my pony “This is sexy as hell”

“Like the flip flops Huh?’ Mir walked by him


“Nothing” Mir and I both started to laugh He shook his head and bent his head and kissed my jaw

“You smell good” he murmured nudging my ear with his nose “You got anything on under that robe?”

“Not a thing” I sighed as I felt the explosion of butterflies in my stomach as his fingers rubbed the collar on the robe

“Okay Can you stop messing up the makeup and getting her so turned on she’ll need a cold shower” Mir walk by with a pair of shoes in her hand and smack Chad on the ass with one of them.

“Damn you’re as bad as my mother” Chad looked at her and let go of me as the door opened again

“Chad cars here we need to go” Danny called across the room

“Coming” He sighed “Sucks not going together” he kissed me again

‘I know but we won’t be far behind I just need to get dressed” I ran my hand over his butt “and remember what you promised me for when we come home”

‘Oh I hadn’t forgot baby” he laughed as Danny coughed “I think there’s and inpatient Marine waiting”

I guess so” I laughed “Love you”

“Love you too” he walked to the door “Oh and Lukas is coming with us Angela’s in the Lobby giving him seven kinds of Shit along with Brit and Tre” he grinned “Don’t forget to changed those” he pointed to my cow slippers on my feet before the door swung and clicked closed.

“Okay Rockstar Lets get you into the dress of the century” Mir leant on the door frame to the bedroom. I nodded and walked over to her. Within ten minutes I was in the dress shoes fastened make up and hair touched up I stood and looked in the mirror in the elevator with Miranda “I can’t wait to see the reaction of people”

“Only one reaction I care about” I laughed

“Yeah well he’ll drag you off to the nearest bathroom given half a chance and for god sake don’t drop anything and watch how you get in and out of the car”

“I know” I took a deep breath as the doors opened and we walked out into the lobby

“Nice” Suze clapped her hands “that dress is kill… OMG there’s no lining” All the guys looked round

“DAMN CHRIS” Pete choked “Mir what did you do?”

“we all ready to go” Corey walked in from the doors “WOW I can see you’re ink Chris and I’m being polite”

“As long as it’s just my Tattoo’s I’m good with it” I laughed “Lets go”………..


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