Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Rock Star Dress

Submitted: January 26, 2012

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Submitted: January 26, 2012



……………  “Let us get out first and we can hide you in case you flash parts that are fro Chad’s and your gynecologist’s eyes only” Heidi Giggled


“EW baby not nice” Alfie shuddered “Chris I just thought you’re going to show the world everything on stage in that” he waved his finger at the dress”


“No I’m not I’m getting changed for the performance” I shook my head as the car slid to a halt.


“You’re one brave woman” Page sighed as the guys got out the car “Do you know I’m going ot have to listen to a bunch of Marines talking about you when I go back to work”


“I’m sorry” I grinned at her


“Lets go guys” Lukas was outside of the door


“Oh this is going to be good” Heidi looked at me and smiled wide as she got out I was the last one to get out of the car and had to smile the way the guys and the girls hung back round the door as I carefully got out of the car and stood up Lukas looked up from his watch.


“FUCK What the hell Chris?” He stepped back from the car


‘Bite me” I smiled sweetly looking up the red carpet and seeing Chad with his hand on Ryan’s shoulder I snapped a picture on my phone as people started to notice we were there and the noise level took off


“We’re up” Kerion Smiled Kissing Page as the girls were shown in to the auditorium another way from the red carpet.


“Good Luck Chris” Heidi hugged me “don’t forget don’t drop anything”


“Will you shush you sound like Mir” Heidi pulled out her phone and waved it at me flashing the text




We started on the red carpet posing for pictures at the mass of press that were there. We were pulled into one of the TV booths along the carpet


“We get to talk to NeverWest before everyone else does” He smarmed into the camera “As awesome as ever to talk to you guys… So how’s the tour going?”


“Tour’s amazing… More dates are getting added all the time so we’re all over the place right now. We all flew in from Vancouver this morning and we’re going back there tomorrow and then I haven’t a clue where we’re going” Alfie Shrugged.


“We got to talk with Nickelback a few minutes ago, They’re working on an new album right now aren’t they”


“Damn I wondered why my house was invaded by them everyday” I laughed “But yes they are working hard four wheeling and messing in the pool”


“Are you guys planning a second album?”


“Dude the other ones only been out for three months” Pee grinned “we have ideas for new songs and we mess around with new material when we can but right now we focus on the tour then think about another album when the circus stops” I looked round at the fans across from where we were standing and waved causing the noise level to rise yet again making me smile


‘So Christine daring dress tonight?”  He looked me up and down trying to keep his eyes in his head “What does Chad think of it?”


“Yeah we’re waiting for the wardrobe malfunction” Pete grinned


“Not going to happen” I shook my head “What else are red carpets for other than having fun” I shrugged “and getting to wear a one of a kind Alexander McQueen dress and I have to say this Chad hasn’t seen the dress yet”


‘How do you keep a dress like that a secret from your Supposed husband?” He dug


“You’ve not met the girl that sorts out my wardrobe she’s like a pit bull with a bone if she gets and idea in her head and He’s actually my husband not my supposed husband” I felt a bit in my tone


“Calm down you know they’re still digging for shit” Alfie whispered in my ear


“Of course… So NeverWest set to little the stage in what I’m sure will be a killer performance” the Reporter had turned away from us as we stepped away from him


“Fucking Ass” I hissed keeping the perfect smile on my face as we posed for more pictures and waved at the fans.


“You know they want gossip” Pete muttered through his teeth as carried on down the carpet “They’ll do anything to get the story to make the news” I looked at him and nodded




“You’re up girl” Kerion Chuckled as I stepped away from them and smiled as the flash bulbs exploded round me People calling my name talk about the dress flying round me, This was so far from the life I had in such a small amount of time.


I looked up the red carpet where the guys were getting interviewed Mike and Ryan were standing looking at me as Chad was being drooled over by a reporter I knew had a crush on him and had for years.  Dan leant into Chad and said something in his ear making him snap his head round. Chads jaw seemed to go a little slack and his eyes got wide, I looked back to the photographers and smiled before headin up the red carpet towhere Chad and the pothers were.


“Oh I see your wife has caught up with you” the fake smile on the womans face that was interviewing chad was so forced it was pained.


“Hell yeah” Chad took a deep breath “DAMN Sweetheart” He took my hand and turned me on the spot


“So you didn’t know that she was wearing something that revealing?”


“No I didn’t” He swallowed hard his eyes taking in everything from my hair to my shoes “


“So what do you think about it? About her being so risqué” I looked at her and rasied my eye brows


“I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be married to her” He looked at the reporter “Damn Look at her” he laughed his arm snaking  round my waist pulling me close to him


“Oh yes of course” the reporter faltered a little “Christine how do you keep up with a man like Chad?’


“He has to keep up with me” I smiled “But I have to say so far Married lifes working out really well”


“We need to get inside” Lukas came up behind us


Chad stepped down first and offered my his hand  before we got shouted to have pictures taken together


“Now I see why Mir didn’t want me to see it” He laughed his hand resting on my butt “That’s one hell of a dress”


“You like it?”


“I like that I can see so much of you and it still be legal” He walked with me inside the building “Come here” he put his arms round me and kissed me “You’re totally naked under that aren’t you”


‘Uh-HUH” I grinned


“Oh crap the blood’s leaving my vital organs and heading south right now” he groaned


“Well baby you have to hold that thought for a while till we’re done” I kissed him again as we were shown to our seats, his arm round my waist holding me close to him as people looked and commented


“You’re making an impact tonight Mrs. Kroeger” Ryan Laughed as we sat down


“Chris did they forget to finish the inside of that dress” Mike shook his head earning a swat from Angela


“Well no one’s going say you haven’t got guts” Dan looked at me “DAMN that’s one hell of a I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK BECAUSE I ROCK THE WORLD FOR FUN dress I high fived him


“You wearing it on stage” Chad asked as his toyed with my engagement ring


“No I have another Wow dress for that” I looked at him “you have a really silly expression on your face”


“Did you not look in the mirror when you left the hotel… and I think Dan summed it up perfectly and I think you look total like the Rock Star you are tonight”………………







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