Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - My song

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Submitted: January 26, 2012



………….. The stage manager that we’d met earlier in the day came over as the awards got underway,

“You guys ready to go” She smiled

“As we’ll ever be” Alfie nodded I looked at Chad

“You’ll be amazing” he squeezed my hand “I know you can do all of your songs perfectly” he kissed me “I love you”

“Love you too” I hugged him “So much” I pulled back and put my purse in his lap before I got up and followed the others back stage.

“She okay?’ Angela squeezed Chad’s arm

“She’s nervous” he nodded rubbing his thumb over the gold skull on my purses clasp

“Nervous she walked the red carpet in a dress I could only dream of wearing” Tre leant forward and looked at him

“I know hell don’t I know it” he smirked

“Okay head out of the bedroom and on watching her” Angela laughed………..

……….. “We need to get you out of that and into the other” Mir’s voice filtered through the hall as I hurried down hopping and taking my shoes off

“I’m here” I turned round and let her undo the back of the dress the makeup girl started to remove the blood red lipstick from my lips

“You rocked out the red carpet the pictures on the TV were amazing” Mir was a lot more relaxed now “And Chad’s face I’m sorry was priceless. I looked over my shoulder at her as she handed me a robe to put one letting em shed the dress under it “And I’ve already had calls for Xander yelling at me for letting his cousin go out dressed like that”

“Xander will have to deal with it” I laughed

“Oh and Jackson wished to god now he’d dated you then he could brag at college” she walked over to the rail and fetched my second dress from the hanger as

“Okay your brother can brag about being the only person allowed to call me Wisconsin” I let the makeup girl put on a lighter coat of lipstick.

“Five minutes Chris” the stage manager put her head round the door I nodded at her as Miranda fastened the collar type of necklace and handed me the earrings to change.

“You look like you want to throw up” Mir rubbed my arms as the makeup girl walked away and out of the room leaving me with Miranda.

“I do… What if he thinks it’s a lame song” I paced the floor and rubbed my hands together

“Okay this is the man that worships the ground you walk on” She grabbed my hands “Chris you’re amazing you have the world here” she turned over one of my hands and pointed to my palm “I’ve not heard the full song but the part I have heard is you showing him what he means to you” I nodded at her “Now get the robe off and lets get this dress on” she kissed my cheek “oh and I brought a pair of the boots Chad gave you to wear underneath”

“Thanks Mir”

‘You’re welcome” She helped me get into the dress and zipped it up

“Ready to go” the stage manager held open the door and held out my ear pieces and my microphone Alfie was leaning on the wall

“Wow” he grinned “Talk about different” He offered me his hand “Nervous”


“As all hell… You?”

“Without Pete and Kerion there it’s so strange” He nodded I could feel him shaking as we walked “But we can do this” I took a deep breath as we got to the side of the stage

“Where are Pete and Kerion?” I looked round

‘They got the go ahead to be the ones to announce us to really throw people” he smirked pointing across the stage where they were both stood the looked up and waved I felt calmer seeing the two of them.

“Okay Alfie you can go take your place” the stage manager said touching his arm the piano was off set in total darkness behind a screen the only think on it was a Elaborate Silver candelabra with eight long candles all on as a stage hand walked onto the stage and lit them.

“Just like this afternoon” Alfie kissed my cheek I nodded at him and watched as he walked across to the piano and sat down

“Chris you need to take your place at the back and just as Alfie starts playing the spot light will move over the stage to find you and then you go from there” She smiled “oh and we’ve set up a fan to make it look a little more dramatic as you sing”

“Awesome thank you” I made my way to the back of the stage where id been earlier that afternoon. I waited for the announcements.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” Kerion’s voice carried across the space “We have the total pleasure to introduce the next performers

“You all know NeverWest rock” Pete joined in getting a roar from the fans that were in there along with the other celebrities “Well Tonight Kerion and I get to take special pride in letting Alfie and Chris do the work”

“So Let’s hear it for half of NeverWest Alfie Krieger and Christine Kroeger” the noise seemed to go through the roof…….

…………… Chad edged forward in his seat

“Did they…?” Dan pulled a face “Chad?”

‘I have no idea” he shook his head “They’ve… Damn” Chad rubbed his hand over his jaw

“Oh this is going to be interesting” Mike took a deep breath

“No wonder that didn’t tell Lukas” Ryan laughed

“Tell me about it he’s got to be about to have an aneurism” Chad Smirked as the curtain lifts allowing Alfie to be seen sitting at the Piano.

He took a deep breath and moved his fingers over the keys as the spot light swept across the stage wrapping me in the warm light as I started to move forward. The ruffles on the dress moving with the slight breeze coming from the fan I put my microphone in the stand and let the song take me, the power alone from being there alone with just Alfie playing the piano made it feel so much more intense, I put everything and more into the song, this was my song……………….

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