Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - HIs love

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



…………… For a heart beat there was nothing but silence, I looked round at Alfie he smiled at me and just nodded once before the crowd was on its feet and the noise level seemed to echo off of every surface. I found the seat where Chad had been sitting, the rest of the guys we smiling as wide as they could Chad was missing, I took a last look before walking off the stage.


“OH You were Brilliant” Kerion ran forward and hugged me “You blew people away Chris” Pete elbowed him out of the way to hug me


“Damn that song has to go on the next album”


“Okay I got goose bumps while playing that” Alfie wrapped his arm round me from behind “Well I think we just cemented you in the hearts of everyone out there”


“Thank you guys for letting me do this…” I trialed off as I saw Chad standing looking at me the guys followed my line of sight.


“We’ll see you back out there” the three of them walked away. Chad walked over to me.


“You hated it didn’t you” I felt my lip tremble like a two year old that had been yelled at.


Chad didn’t say a word he caught my face in his hands and kissed me. Everything around us seemed to stop as my hand went under his arms and up his shoulder blades as the kiss deepened pulling him closer into me. He pulled back and rested his forehead against mine. His breath was shaky as he exhaled his thumbs rubbing the sides of my neck.


“Chad” My voice wanted to crack


“I want you to know how proud of you I am” He murmured “Damn it” He chuckled a little “I’ve never felt… That song” He pulled his head back to look at me “The dress… You” He kissed me again “I love you so much…”


“I wrote it” He stopped the thumb rub and looked at me


“You did” I nodded


“I never done anything like it before Alfie helped tweak the music” I looked down “I’m sorry we kept it quiet’


“No don’t be” He lifted my face to his “We…I was scared as hell when Kerion and Pete walked out to introduce you and Alfie and then… Wow Sweetheart” He wrapped his arms round me and pulled me to him “I want you so much right now”


“What makes that any different from any other time?” Mir walked by “We have to get your wife back in the too naked dress to kick ass again” I smiled at her wonderful sense of timing.


“Can I watch” Chad laughed at her


“Sure as long as you don’t touch” Mir pushed open the door to the dressing room we’d used earlier.


“I can’t promise” Chad linked his fingers with mine. He sat on the side and watched as Mirand unzipped the dress I wore on stage and I stepped out of it “You’re naked under it” Mir and I looked at him


“Well I didn’t bring any with me” I smiled at him as I held on to Miranda’s shoulder while I carefull got back into the red carpet show stopper I’d worn earlier.


“Tell me you’re not commando” Mir Commented with out even looking at him as he crouched down and helped me with the shoes.


‘Okay we’re talking about Chris” He groaned


“And you’re complaining” She got up as I took off the pale lipstick and reapplied the blood red “Tell me about it later when you get her alone” Mir gathered up the other dress and shoes and Jewelry


“I’m going back to the hotel to have a long soak in the tub before I catch the six am flight to Tampa” She kissed my cheek “Love ya girl and you were amazing”


“Safe flight okay” She nodded and walked out.


“ready to go back out there?’ Chad got up


“I wish we could just leave and go back to the hotel” I held out my hand to him his fingers found their comfort zone linked with mine as we were shown back to our seats.


“We have to at least show face at the party after” I sighed and nodded at him His arm was over the back of my seat for the rest of the evening his other hand linked with mine……



…. “Okay Chad will you let go of her for two minutes” Mike smiled handing me a glass of Champagne, we were all at the after party. “Chris, Alfie You guys were amazing we’re more than proud to say we mange you guys” he laughed “And Chris You need a damn award wearing that dress” everyone started to laugh


“Thank you Micheal” I kissed his cheek


“Chris” Lukas walked over I felt my body tense “You are wanted for an interview with Alfie?”




“No a week on Wednesday” He tipped his head “Yes now” I handed Chad my glass


“Can we leave after this?”


“Hell yeah” he nodded I walked through the crowds of people with Lukas and Alfie. People stopped us to talk and congratulate us on the performance.


“Christine Seriously” I stopped and looked round


“Hey you” I beamed as Kellan stepped forward and wrapped his arms round my waist and hugged me to him cameras and flashed went off round us “Honey the dress”


‘Not you as well” I shook my head as Kellan Smiled and Shook Alfie’s hand


“Chris I think the last time I saw that much skin was when we were dating and how the hell is he behaving himself” he pointed in Chad’s direction.


“He’s discovered will power” Alfie laughed


“Shut up”


“Chris” Lukas snapped


“Go see him” I looked at Kellan “I have to go do an interview” I kissed his cheek and started to move away from him


“Miss, Sommers you were amazing” a young guy smarmed up to me “Tyler Addis RCA records” he held out his card to me with one hand while her slid his arm round my waist “What ever the current deal is you can do so much better” he actually pressed himself into me.


“Dude” Kellan’s voice cut the air between us “It’s Mrs. Kroeger and I suggest unless you want a bunch of pissed of Canadian’s on your ass I’d let go of my friend”


“Thanks Kellan” I smiled at him


“Welcome” Kellan held the guy’s elbow I looked at Chad who was being blocked in place by Ryan and Dan.


“CHRISTINE” Lukas walked back over “Don’t have a diva moment “


“Fuck you Lukas” I walked by him and linked my arm with Alfie and headed to the room off to one side set aside for interviews……………………..


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