Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Green eyed monster lurking

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



…………… Kellan walked across the room and over to Chad and the others.


“Dude” Chad held out his hand for Kellan to shake “Who was that ass?”


“Some fucker that just got told” Kellan shrugged as he said hi to the others


“Thanks for helping her out”


“Well you’d have beat his ass” Kellan took the drink Ryan held out to him “And don’t take this the wrong way but you’re wife’s all but naked” Chad’s grin spread across his face


“I know good isn’t it?”


“Okay there’s the right answer and the politically correct one” Kellan smirked “all I’m going to say is it’s a good job you put a ring on her finger” Chad looked ta him


“Missing her?”


“No” Kellan shook his head “She’s too much like my little sister… but I’ve been listening to guys talk about her all night” Chad rubbed his hand over his jaw “I’m glad you took the chance with her when you did or you’d be dealing with guys like you and me round her all the time”


“They already do that” Chad knocked his drink back


“Getting to you?”


“A little… Some guys don’t’ faze me in the slightest my guys her guys” He chewed his bottom lip “You for that matter hell you and her get all but naked for photo shoots and you have history and it doesn’t affect me in the slightest yet some ordinary nobody comes up to her and touches her and I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin”


“Dude you got it bad for her” Kellan slapped Chad on the back


“That’s an understatement” Chad smiled “So when’s the next shoot I know there’s supposed to be a video for a commercial as well”


‘Three weeks” Chad frowned “Yes you guys are In Canada I’m heading up there so it makes a change for you not to be halfway round the world with me chasing after you”


“Hey Look” Angela Put her hand on Kellan’s arm and came in between Chad and him “Chris and Alfie’s interview is on the screen” All night the big screens dotted round the room had shown replays of parts of the night and the interviews that were being done backstage “Oooo I thought Mike had sweet arms: Kellan flashed her his dimpled smile that got her giggling like a school girl


“Okay Don’t hit on my sister-in-law” Chad laughed “and you stop with the champagne you have my niece’s party tomorrow afternoon” He turned his attention back to the TV screen him and Kellan shoulder to shoulder watching…….





………….. “We have Christine and Alfie here with us from the incredibly successful NeverWest” the Woman interviewing us smiled into the camera “What a performance tonight”


“Thank you” I nodded


“I have to ask to kill any buzz but does this mean you and Alfie are going your separate ways from Kerion and Pete” She cocked her head to the side


‘What, Hell no” Alfie shook his head “The song we did tonight was a special song and  it was Pete’s Idea for it to be just me with Chris”


“The song is it going to be a single at some point?”


“I don’t’ know the guys want to put it on the next album we do” I smiled “But I’m a little shy about it”


‘She’s crazy it was Chris’s first song that she wrote and the three of us couldn’t be more proud of her and we’ll back her all the way and well when it comes down to songs we have a democracy, so the three of us will have our way and have it on the next album” he hip checked me


“So can we take it the song was for a certain Canadian Rock star?” her eyes twinkled with the question.


“Yes, it was” I felt the color rise in my cheeks “It’s my way of being able to say thank you after all the crap we’ve had to go through”


“That’s awesome” she nodded “Now you guys back on tour as of…”


“We start back on Monday” I nodded “We head out to Ireland for three dates and then the madness rolls on”


“Will you be wearing this on stage… and I have to say you look stunning tonight”


“No I think this is a little too much for onstage, I’ll be going back to normal”


“Can you give us any insight to the new Nickelback Album that we hear is in the works?” she grinned


“No sorry, that’s more than my life’s worth” Alfie shook his head “But I think some of the songs… well let’s just say we know where the writers mind was” I started to laugh “and thank god he get edited by the others”


“So some good stuff then?”


“No comment” I shook my head “They have their haters but who cares don’t we all, and some of us have to work with haters” I shot a look at Lukas who was stood off to the side


“Well we can’t wait to see you guys on the road again and again it was an amazing performance tonight”. She went back to talkting to the camera as Alfie and I walked away


“What was all that about?” Lukas caught my arm


“It’s called an interview” I pulled my arm from him Alfie and I walked back through the crowd again getting stopped and hugged by a ton of people…



…… “We can hear you grinding your teeth” Kerion nudged Chad “Shes fine”


‘He’s got his hand on her ass” Chad ran his fingers through his hair


‘Yeah and she’s moved away from him” Kellan Pointed out


“I know but still everyone knows she’s married and they still go after her”


“She’s a hot piece of ass Chad… you saw it and went for it… hell he tapped it” Mike laughed pointing to Kellan


“Dude” Chad shot Mike a look


“Sorry but deal with it she’s a star, Ask Heidi she has to deal with girls pawing Alfie” Heidi snorted her drink down her nose.


“Hey O broke a girls nose for touching his ass the last time they were home” Heidi held up her hands


“Okay not the route for him to take” Mike rolled his eyes


“Oh you guys kill me” Chad sighed “I’m going to take my wife home to bed” he said his good nights and walked across the floor to me.


“Can we go” I looked at him as he stopped in front of me and put his arms round me his hands flat my me ass “I need a hot Canadian to get me out of the dress” I nibbled his jaw.


“Lets go” he kissed me “and nice dig at Lukas” he took off his jacket and put it round my shoulders as we walked out to the waiting car.


“I don’t’ want to even think about him” I got in the car Chad slid in after me “I have more pressing matters to handle” my hand slid under his shirt and I trailed my nails across the tight skin on his stomach. He moaned and pulled me onto his lap my ponytail wrapped round his hand as his mouth worked on my neck……………..

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