Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Interview and party

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



………………..  Chad played with my fingers as we drove from home to Mike’s house We’d gotten in changed and left all within two hours of touching back down in Vancouver from LA. He spoke to some radio station as he drove the interview having been pushed back from the day before I put my head back against the soft suede of the seat on his Lambo, The papers and news shows had blown up with coverage from the night before including my dress and the song, My phone had lit up like a Christmas tree with people calling wanting a piece of me and wanting to know if the dress could be auctioned. Chad’s interview was coming through the speakers on the car.


“So Chad we have to ask the question” the DJ chuckled over the phone “How does it feel to be married to one of the hottest women on the planet ?”


“Dude how would you feel” He looked at me and smiled


“Tired” the guy laughed


‘Well I’m with you on that” Chad took a deep breath


“What do you do about the guys hugging and rubbing on her” I raised my eye brow “I mean there’s a shot of Kellan Lutz hugging her at the after party along with other guys”


“I know I’ve seen the pictures and you know something else I was there Kellan was partying with us…”


“Plus he knows I go home and go to bed with him because I love him” I butted in


‘Er… Er…” the D.J. stumbled “I take it that’ Christine is with you right now?”


“Yes she is we’re in the car” Chad laughed “and I think she answered the question for me”


“Well if I’d known I’d have been interviewing the two of you I’d have thought of some questions for Chris as well”


“I have one” the second D.J. from the show chimed in “Chris when do you guys ever get alone time, it seems not a day goes by without new pictures of you guys somewhere”


“We take the chance to get all the time we can its never easy but we make the effort even if it’s just before we fall into bed” Chad started to laugh “And there goes my husband’s mind right into the gutter”


“Hey I’m not complaining” Chad smiled at me “It would be nice not to have people taking pictures of us every time we leave the hotel or the house but it’s part of doing what we do” I nodded in agreement


“So where are you guys heading right now?”


“Chris is about to do a show?”


“Really where I haven’t seen anything advertized” you could hear the D.J. taping on his computer


“You wouldn’t it’s a private party”


“Yup NeverWest is getting paid in cupcakes” I nodded “which is all Kerion needs more energy”




“Yep Mikes Daughter blew off her famous Daddy and Uncle fro her favorite Aunt” I laughed


“You’re playing a little kids party?”


“She’s a ten year old with friends to impress and why not have the biggest band out there playing because the lead singer happens to be your Aunt” Chad sighed


“Wow that’s one lucky girl because we heard you guys have been offered over a million dollars to play before the Formula One race in Dubai”


“Say what” I coughed on the water I’d just taken a sip of


“Okay if that was true I think we’d know about it” Chad pulled a face “But I’m not sure if Chris would be able to tear herself away from the race track and the cars”


“We’d do it as long as it was either before the start or after the finish” I laughed


“See Woman moan about having to be Hockey widows especially here in Canada I’m a Formula one Widower”


“Yeah right” I shot him a look “You watch it with me”


“So you both like each other’s sports”


‘At a push” I giggled


‘See you can tell she’s not Canadian” Chad poked me “And guys we have to wrap it up as we’ve got to go do family stuff and be ourselves without Press for a while”


“Well thank you for talking to us and thank you for giving us two for the price of one” Chad hung up his phone and looked at me


“I wish they’d get bored with asking me how it feels to be married to you?” He pulled into the drive of Mikes house and pressed the gate buzzer


“They won’t until they find we’re getting divorced” I shrugged “So get used to it because it’s going to go on for a long time to come” The gates opened and Chad drove in


“Good” he got out and waited for me to grab my stuff before he took it off of me and we walked into the house.


“You guys made it finally?” Angela walked over and kissed my cheek and hugged Chad


“Blame her” Chad put down my bag and put Avalon’s gift on the already loaded gift table “She wanted this hot body” he pushed his tongue in her cheek. Angela rolled her eyes at him.


“Me I’m sorry who couldn’t wait till the front door was closed” I put my hands on my hips “I have a rug burn across my back from the stairs” I poked his shoulder


“Oh My God you to have the sexually appetite of a field full of rabbits” Treanna walked in


“It’s in the Genes” Mike smirked as he came down the stairs “Your underwater is still in the chandelier from when we got home” He pointed up to the frosted dome that hung from the high ceiling


‘Mike” Angela flushed as he and Chad High fived each other.


“We have to be careful every time Ryan seems to get near me I get pregnant…” Treanna trailed off and the room went silent. I took a breath


‘So where’s the birthday girl?” I smiled at all of them


“Oh she’s outside with a bunch of her friends” Mike took my arm “I’ll show you” I walked out with him


“Damn it Chad I’m sorry” Tre looked at him “I forget that…” he held up his hand


“She’ll be okay” he smiled a little tensely “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take this up stairs for her you guys go out to the party” He picked up the bag and took the stair two at a time. Treanna hung her head Angela put her arm round her


“He’s right Chris knows we all slip up and don’t think about it” the started to walk out “It’s Chad I think that’s struggling to deal with it”………………………..

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