Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Avalon's Birthday Tension

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



……………. ……………….. “Wow nice to see you wore Clothes today Chris” Dan Laughed as I walked over to him

“Leave her alone you know damn well she looked hot” Brit swatted him

“Thank you” I smiled at her and hugged her.

“Heard the interview just” Kerion handed me a bottle of water “Nice way to crash it” he high fived me

“Well it had to be done you think I could keep my mouth shut” Dan opened his mouth only for Ryan to clamp his hand over it.

“Aunt Chris” I looked round as Avalon ran over “You think you can help me do my make up” she grinned

“Only of your Mom says its okay” I nodded as Chad walked over and slipped his arm round my waist “and you can help me get changes since Miranda’s not here” Her eyes got wide.

“You’re not wearing one of the normal stage costumes are you” Alfie looked at me

“No Mir toned me down” I laughed I looked at Chad “You okay?” he knew I was asking him about what Tre had said in the house.

“I’m fine” he hugged me closer to him “Go get ready” he smacked my butt and watched as I walked away

“So what was all that about?” Brit folded her arms “You mad at her about the dress yesterday?”

“No… hell no that dress is the dress of wet dreams”


“OW” he winced at the Gibbs slap from Angela as she came outside

“It’s a kids party Chad”

“Sorry” he smirked “We’re all good I promise”

“Seems like every paper has her pictured in it” Pete looked at Chad “on and off the stage”

“Well she went out last night to make a statement and I think she carried it off” Brit looked at all the guys “You’d better have more security for when you go back on the road she’ll need it” Brit walked over to where Angela had called her to help with something.

“She’ll kill us if we do that” Ryan looked round

“Tell me about it” Chad sighed.

“Wow no heels Damn Chris you’re short” Mike laughed they all looked round

“Oh you have to stand next to Chad girl” Kerion smirked

“It’s a kid’s party the FMB’s are tucked away” I groaned

“Hey you guys ready to… No Heels Chris” Angela stalled “Damn that’s a first”


“Okay you all can bite my Wisconsin ass” I laughed walking away from them over to where we were supposed to perform for Avalon and her friends……………….

……………… I hugged Avalon as she and her friends all came round me and the guys.

“Aunt Chris that was amazing” Avalon beamed “That was the best birthday gift ever”

“Wow kid, you have your Dad and Uncle Chad in one of the biggest bands on the planet” Kerion laughed putting his hands on her shoulders “and you wanted us”

“Hell yeah” Mackenzie Avalon’s best friend grinned “Those guys are just… well Old…” all the other kids round started nodding and agreeing and talking about who was better NeverWest or Nickelback

“Yeah Aunt Chris is well AMZAING” Avalon rolled her eyes and held out her hands

“Oh thanks what about us?” Pete Pouted

“Well you guys are hot” Avalon blushed and her friends started to giggle

“I’m not saying a word” I shook my head and laughed.

“I have to agree with Avalon you’re hot” I looked up at the guy that spoke

“Well thanks” I smiled

“I’m Craig I’m Mackenzie’s big brother” he pushed his shaggy blond hair from his eyes

“Oh right nice to meet you” One think you had to be was always polite it was one of the first things Chad had taught all of us. I looked at where Avalon was bragging to her friends about getting to hang out with NeverWest when she was seeing her Dad on tour “Excuse me I need to go get changed”

"Why you look really good like that?' he moved in front of me ‘I was kinda hoping for the boots you normally wear though”

"Well thanks but I don’t' normally walk round wearing stage gear and I want to be comfortable with my family" I stepped round him.

"I saw one of your shows in Seattle" He stopped me from walking again "And I have to say you guys are one of the best bands in the world"

“And again thank you but we'd still be a bunch of band kids if we hadn't gotten really lucky" I nodded politely

"I'm more of the football player" he flexed his muscles in his arms I raised my eye brow and I bit my lip and tried not to laugh

"So the jock rather than anything else?" I cocked my head

"Nothing wrong with Jocks" he frowned at me

“I never said there was… Hell some of my best friends are football players well were football players they've graduated now" I shrugged

"We’re the same graduating year" he beamed

"Well maybe I graduated early like the others" I nodded to where the guys were still talking and laughing with the kids "Nice to meet a fan and now I need to go get out of this dress and get comfortable" he looked me up and down and licked his lips a little I moved round him yet again he caught my arm and pulled me a little

"I have a magazine with you and that Kellan guy in it you think you could sign it for me?" he rubbed his thumb on my arm

"Sure as soon as I’ve gotten changed and got to talk to My sister-in-law… this is still my Nieces birthday after all"

"Hey Sweetheart, you did an amazing job" Chad linked his hand with mine and pulled me from Craig. Chad’s eyes showing how pissed he was as he looked at Craig "And Dude any chance you keep your hands off of my wife?" Chad squared up to him.

"Hey slow down" I got in between them "He was asking me for an autograph" Chad backed down and smiled at me before kissing me "I'm going to get changed, I won't be long"

"Okay Baby" Chad nodded he watched as I walked away

"What the hell she sees in an old guy like you is beyond me" Craig spat at Chad "I could show her what it is to get a real man” Chad stopped and looked at him and put his hands on his hips and smirked

“Dude do you even shave yet…” he chuckled “and if you even want to think about my wife you need to be respectful”

“Wife… she married you for the money” Craig put on a swagger “Or you have something on her because you’re the same age as my Mom”

“I probably banged the ass off your mom in high school then” Chad shook his head “Do not even think of going near Chris again or you’ll find out what it means to get beat down by a real man”

“Hey, Knock it the hell off” Mike got in-between them Ryan pulled Chad back “Chad this is your Niece’s birthday” Chad looked at his brother “You can leave I’ll get Mack to call you when she’s done” Mike looked at Craig “You don’t disrespect Avalon’s birthday, my Brother or my Sister-in-law… Do you understand me kid?”

“I’ll see him out” Dan walked over and grabbed Craig’s arm and took him out of the side door

“What the hell was that all about?” Ryan let go of Chad.

“Chris” he ran his hand through his hair “It kills me when guys come on to her”

“You’re and Idiot” Alfie walked over “Like Chris would do anything wrong… When we you realize that?”

“I know I’m just… I need a drink and to cool off before Chris comes back down” he walked away from the guys and grabbed his beer and started talking to Ryan’s wife and Kerion….

…. I walked out of one of the bedroom and dressed in my jeans and back in my heels after the amount of height crap the guys had given me.


“Hey Chris” Angela walked over to me

“You think Avalon liked the show?” I chewed my lip nervously “I know how girls that age want it just right… hell Jess is a pain in the as about it”

“Chris she loved it and do you know how cool it is that she can tell her friends she knows you and then tell them you’re married to her Uncle” Angela laughed “But heads as a heads up Chad’s not happy right now” I groaned and leant on the banister of the stairs “He was toe to toe with Mackenzie’s brother when you came into the house”

“You’re kidding right”

“Nope, but I have to say Craig has a smart mouth on him because Mommy and Daddy give him everything and he thinks because they live next door to us he’s in with the Rock star crowd” I shook my head

“He didn’t do something dumb did he?”

“No Mike and the guys got in there before he got the chance…” she smiled linking my arm “I have to say I’ve never ever known Chad like this over a girl… and I’ve known him for almost 20 years”

“Yeah is that a good thing though?”

“For him hell yes he’s actually having to think about the crap that goes on once in a while and well he’s better for it”

“He’s going to get his ass jacked for being an ass though I get guys hitting on me at every event” I ran my hand through my hair

“Yes but do those guys then go and give you husband crap” She let go of my arm and walked into the kitchen.

I walked outside talking to people as I did. Ryan and Alfie had the guitars out and we’re playing well battling making the kids laugh. Chad was talking with Mike his hands on Avalon’s shoulders as they talked, I watched one of her friends Mothers walk over to Chad and was stroking her hands up and down his arm and he went into Chad fan mode and smiled at her and spoke to her as a group of her friends giggled like teens and snapped pictures. I wrapped my arms round myself as one of them walked over with a little baby and he was smiling at the baby, I felt a pang of guilt yet again. I took a deep rattling breath and put my head against the wall

“You look like you need one of these” I looked up as Dan put a beer bottle out in front of me. “He’s hot headed that’s all” I took a drink and sighed

“It’s going to get him in trouble and that’s the last thing I want”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had a guy defend you before?”

“Not really friends didn’t know what was happening” I shook my head “well till you guys and my guys came along”

“Well he’s never defended anyone before either in the years I’ve known him” I watched as Chad had more pictures taken and had his ass felt up more than once.

“This annoys me were at a family thing and all people want is a piece of you guys”

“I think you’ll find they want you as well” Dan laughed “and hell we know when to say no”

“You might but sometimes he doesn’t” I nodded in Chad’s direction

“Hey Chad” Angela came from the kitchen “You haven’t had a beer have you”

“No why?” he shook his head

“Well you can do the beer run”

“Sure” he excused himself from the people he was talking to and walked over “You want to go for a ride?” he smiled at me

“Okay” I nodded handing my beer to Dan getting out for a while sounded good right now…….

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