Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Airport fun

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



……………… “You look a little wound up” I looked across at Chad


“I’m good” He reached for my hand


“Really so why where you about to lay that kid on his ass” He looked at me “Angela told me you were toe to toe and the guys had to stop you” Chad ran his fingers through his hair


“I just snapped when he wouldn’t let you leave. I watched him get in the way three times before he touched you” He looked out of the windshield “The way he was looking at you… I love you more than anything in this world. It scares me that some young good looking jerk can make you laugh and might sweep you away realizing you are over this old guy”


“Seriously get over the insecurity” I smirked “Deal cuts both ways… just how many times was your ass squeezed in the last twenty minutes, and the quick grope Ryan did was a dare from Kerion so that one doesn’t count. Dan and I watched you get hugged and touched up by the soccer mom club” he smiled at that “Who do I get into bed with at night” I turned in the seat and slid my fingers up his leg making him jump “I have to live with it and I’m guessing you really have to start learning to do the same” I undid my seat belt and nuzzled the side of his neck…………..




……………… the next few weeks went by in a blur of venues and airports, We were all heading home for a week break and for me to get the photo shoot done with Kellan after it had been postponed and rescheduled twice. Lukas had kept his head down and kept out of my way, which was fine by me.


I put my feet up across Alfie’s lap as we waited for the flight. The first class lounge Steward came over to us


“I’m sorry for the inconvenience but all flights have been grounded for the next few hours due to the fog” He wrung his hands together.


“Great as if we don’t spend enough time in airports” Dan groaned


“We can play coaster Hockey” Mike picked up one of the cork drink coasters from under his Glass


“We got banned from that in France Remember we took out a window” Ryan pinched the bridge of his nose “Who’s got the cards we’ll play poker”


“Pete” Kerion Pointed at him


“Nope not me Chad said he’d got them” Chad looked up from the magazine in his hand




“The card for Poker?”


‘Dan’s got them”


‘Nah-ah” Dan shook his head as he tried to balance his cell phone on his finger


“Great stuck in an airport with nothing but angry birds” Alfie grumbled “oh and great my phone just hung now no angry birds…. ARRRGHHHH” we all looked at him


“Okay someone get him a drink or a woman” Chad laughed “Dude calm down”


“Hey you’re the one that forgot the cards” Mike Poked Chad


“I didn’t know I was supposed to have them it’s Chris’s fault for distracting me” all the guys looked at me, I shrieked and jumped up as the coasters we hurled at me.


“You guys suck” I laughed peering out from behind a plastic Yucca plant. They all started to laugh as I stepped out Mike picked up one of my magazines and flipped through it. I sat back down


“Lets take the quiz in here?’ He held up the magazine


“We haven’t had enough to drink” Ryan pulled a face


“Well that only means slightly more intelligent answers than normal” I grinned


“Chad she’s bitching again” Ryan laughed


“I’m staying out of this I want to have fun at some point in the next twenty four hours” Chad shrugged.


“Shut up” Mike held up the magazine


“Screw that lets just make up questions because I’m not giving away what eyeliner I use I don’t truat you guys” Alfie smirked.


“Okay” Dan sat up “Most famous person in your Cell Phone?... Mine has to be Chris”

Chad * “Kid Rock”

Ryan * “Chris”

Mike * “Chris and then Bob”

Alfie * “Those guys from Nickelback

Me * ‘Bob and Kellan”

Pete * “Chris”

Kerion * “you guys have famous people Damn I have just a lame bunch for friends I live with”



We all looked at him


“You’re a tit aren’t you” Dan sighed shaking his head at Kellan


“Yes and there’s the next question Fake or real?” Kerion grinned

Me * “all real”

Chad * “hers” he grinned reaching over and touching one of  mine

“Okay stop that” Pete slapped Chad’s hand “and I say real”

Dan * “which ever fits in my hand

Ryan * or mouth

Kerion * “See I learn so much from you guys” he high fived both of them

Alfie * “On my girlfriend real on the strippers in the bar the other night  Fake”

Mike * “real”



Alifie sat forward “Okay Favorite part of your significant other?”


“Nice Chad has to be diplomatic here” Dan laughed


Chad * her boobs and her ass


“Do you know what the word diplomatic means” Dan groaned


“I do but I bet you can’t spell it” Chad grinned


Me * his eyes” Chad looked at me and smiled “And his drift” I started to laugh


“Drift?” Mike looked at me and frowned


“Yep” I tipped my head and let my eyes wander to Chad’s lap. Pete leant in and whispered in Mikes ear


“Okay I didn’t need to know that it’s my bothers crotch” Mike shuddered as I laughed at him

Alfie * “Heidi’s smile”

Ryan * “I’m with Chris to a point Tre’s eyes”

Dan * Her laugh

Pete * Her… just all of her”


We all got very quiet for a while as everyone thought of the ones they hadn’t seen for a few weeks I looked at Chad he tipped his head and mouthed ‘I love you’ I got up and walked over and sat on his lap.


“Glad to be going home” he murmured kissing my shoulder


“Yep, I want to eat in for once eating out gets really boring”


“Hmmm maybe we can get a desert tray one night” I smiled at his suggestion


“One night I was thinking most nights” I kissed him


“Hey Look what I found” Dan laughed as he routed in his bag for something “Poker anyone” he held up the cards……………….








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