Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Fan Mail

Submitted: January 31, 2012

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



…………… Corey walked in with Danny and two large bags.


“Lukas suggested you make yourself useful while her tries to find out when you get getting out of here and take a look at some of these letters” he put the bags down


“He not got the balls to ask us himself?” I looked over my shoulder where Lukas was off to the side on his phone and tapping on his laptop


“Hey don’t shot the messenger” Danny chuckled “Apparently one bag is NeverWest and the other is Nickelback”


“I’ll get the coffee” Alfie got up and walked over to the Counter as Kerion Opened the first bag


“Crap” he choked “Someone soaked one of theses in perfume and pulled a letter out “And it’s for Chad” he grinned and tossed the letter across the table to Chad as Dan put the cards away.


“Chris do you have to write him letters’ Mike teased


‘Hey that’s not my perfume” I shook my head as Pete rifled through our bag grinning as he pulled on out addressed to him I tipped the bag out on the table “Have you ever noticed you get to recognize the handwriting of some of them” I looked round as I picked up and envelope this guy has been writing for months”


“She’s a girl she picks up on things like that” Chad smirked “Honey that’s called a stalker”


“Oh right and the perfume girl isn’t she’s been writing you for years” Ryan said as he opened a letter I looked at Chad and raised and eye brow.


“She’s some crazy” he shrugged “You’ll get guys like that as well” he tore open the letter as I opened the one in my hand and a naked picture of a guy fell out “See Creepy isn’t it” he chuckled picking up the picture


“No it’s gross” I laughed looking at the picture As Alfie came over.


“Ew Chris will you keep those pictures of Chad to yourself” He pulled a sucking on a lemon face


‘Dude” Chad looked at him


“Okay the only way this is Chad is if it he’d been sitting in a snow bank believe me this guy has a long away to…ARGHHH” I got bombarded again with the coasters


“Chris we know he’s blessed no need to…ew” Kerion shuddered


“I haven’t got an issue letting people know I married a well hun…” Okay Dan and Kerion were up and charging at me I shrieked and ran for the restroom. Pete bent down and picked up the letter I’d dropped


“Oh my god listen to this guy” He laughed running his finger over the lines “I dream about being with you and holding you. Christine you have the amazingest body ever I want to lick pistachio ice-cream off of you” He looked round “This dudes weird and he used the word amazingest” Chad reached over and took the letter and carried on reading. Mike looked at him and frowned as Chad closed his eyes and folded the letter back up and put it on the table


“You want a drink?” Chad got to his feet as I came back from the bathroom.


“I’m good” I smiled putting my arms round him and kissing him “You look tired?”


“I’ll be fine” He hugged me tight to him “I love you”


“You sure you’re okay?” I looked at him


“I just want to get home with you” he smiled one of his melt my knees to jello smiles at me. I went and sat down as he went over to the bar.


“Oh this is classic” Ryan had picked up Chad’s letter “This girl doesn’t disappoint”


“Hey Chad can we read this out”


“Sure” he shrugged coming back over with a beer in his hand I picked up  a letter and glanced over it and tossed it on to the table and looked at Alfie


“I’m not into reading these right now”


“Leave them then the Pr guys can handle them you know you get important ones forwarded to you” I nodded and picked up my bag and pulled out a file of wedding papers Heidi had sent me and started  going through them as Ryan started to read out the letter from Chad’s Notorious Perfume stalker……

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