Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Couldn't happen to a nicer Family

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



……………… My door knocked, I got up and went to it.


“Hey they’re ready for you?’ Danny was at the door his phone to his ear


“I’m coming” I grabbed my shoed and put them on and picked up my phone


Me * Okay you got me interested what did she put on the birth certificate

Jackson * you said you weren’t interested

Me * Jackson, do I have to go all Wisconsin on your ass


I pushed open the door to Alfie’s room with Danny just behind me


Xander * dude she will and it won’t be pretty

Me * will one of you tell me… I need some good gossip right now


The guys all looked at me


Xander * she put Alexi Carpov as the father

Me * OOOOOOOOOO  you have to be kidding me

Jackson * nope all hell is breaking lose in Tampa right now


There was a cough and the reporter looked at his watch


Me * I have go I’ll call you guys later

Xander * we’re out on a camping trip for the weekend so you might not get us there’s a bunch of us taking Jess

Me * thank you for taking care of her

Jackson * hey we all love her she’s turning out just like her big sister and hey Chris We miss ya girl

Me* I miss you guys as well


I hung up


“Ok you have to have something really goods with that grin” Alfie moved up so I could sit in between him and Pete


“Oh I do but it can wait for a while” I grinned, Karma was a bitch and no the Carpov’s were getting it back in spades.


The reporter smiled at us


“So there are only three of you tonight we’re missing Kerion”


“Yep he’s a little tied up right now” Pete grinned “so we said we’d cover him”


“Well three is better than none” the reporter beamed “I hear dates are being added to the tour any more in Germany?”


“We know there’s at least four more dates in Germany” I nodded “We’re heading for Prague at some point in the next day to meet back up with Nickelback”


“So  it almost seems it’s a two headline tour with the speed you guys have taken  the world”


“That would be nice” Alfie nodded “But it’s still their tour and we’re the opening act”


“Does that mean you will be embarking on your own tour soon?”


“Not for at least a year” I pulled a face” we have six months left on this one, we have an album out and we’re already starting to sort out material for the next but we want to take at least more than 8 weeks to record the next album” I looked at Alfie and Pete “and we have to find time to see our families somewhere in amongst it all”


“And we heard something about a wedding?”


“Well it’s early days for Pete and his awesome girlfriend but a wedding would be good” I pushed my tongue into my cheek the reported groaned and laughed


“We were thinking more about you and Chad Kroeger?”


‘You’re busted” Alfie held up his hands


“And here I thought we’d kept it quiet” I laughed


“Come on Fans want to know this sort of thing” the reporter almost begged.


“Yes Chad and I are getting married again… but we want it to be a private thing so sorry no details” I sighed


“We understand” he nodded “Do Nickelback help you guys out with the songs you do?”


“Sometimes” Alfie nodded “It’s good to have those guys around to bounce ideas off when you’re not to sure… mind you sometimes we have to try to tone them down after certain members whose shall remain nameless have got a hold of my Lyric book” I started to laugh


‘Yeah I mean no one’s’ husband is to blame right Chris?” Pete looked at me


“Hey you guys leave stuff lying around I’m not taking responsibility for it” I held up my hands ‘And anyway the song you wrote about getting busy in the back of a limo made Chad blush” the three of us started to laugh, leaving the reporter shaking his head at us.


“Can we take this back to relationships?”


“I guess” Alfie nodded


“You all are in relationships aren’t you”


“Yep” I nodded “It’s hard especially for the guys because their girls have lives that they have to be part of away from them I’m the lucky one”


“But you have to deal with stuff that we don’t when I’m with Heidi and he’s with Suze” Alfie shrugged “We get to have that time where we can be in a restaurant and not be noticed, Chad and Chris don’t get that break the press are in their faces and sometimes it can get rough for us having to watch them try to grab a moment where no one wants a piece of them” Pete winked at me “That’s why the people that we have round us and keep close to us are pretty damn defensive and won’t give a thing away about where they go when it’s down time”


“We get downtime” I laughed trying to get away from all the questions about Chad and I


“Well when we sleep” Pete laughed


“So we’ll be seeing you all performing in Germany soon”


“Yes” we all nodded


“Well again it was fun to talk to you even if we were missing Kerion” my phone vibrated in my pocket. As we shook the hand of the reporter Pete got off the couch and pulled me up and pulled me over to the far side of the room with Alfie


“Okay so come on you were grinning like a fool when you came in “


“It had to be someone from home?” Alfie butted in


“It was Jackson and Xander” I nodded “Reba’s had the baby”


“And we all knew she was going to” Pete shrugged “and didn’t he run back to Russia?” I nodded “so why the big grin”


“it’s who she’s put on the birth certificate” I laughed


‘OH IT’S NIKOLAI’S” Alfie laughed


“Nope but close” I shook my head


“Well I always wondered about Elena having balls but…” Pete pulled a face I swatted him and the three of us started to laugh


“She put Alexi Carpov as the Father of the baby” I looked at them




“Yup that was a rocket scientist that obviously didn’t have the brain to not bang the ass off of his sons girl” I sat on the end of Alfie’s bed “You know it couldn’t happen to a nicer family”


“Hell I’d have paid to be there when that came out” Alfie grinned “Oh I so have to call Heidi” I felt my phone vibrate again I pulled it from my pocket


*New Message* Kerion* heading back to the hotel with the hottest woman I know* 8.48pm*


“Kerions heading here with Page” I got up I’m going to give romance a helping hand you watch for him and we need to find out if she’s flying out with us because I want gone after breakfast” I walked out of the room and into mine and picked up the three bouquets of roses I’d ordered as well as the desert tray filled with all the good fun stuff for a wild night. Even with my Mother in the same town some new had a way to make you feel really good……

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