Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Chad's Perfumed Stalker

Submitted: January 31, 2012

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



My dearest sexy Chad (aka my Mr. Legs),

As you know, I am one of your biggest fans and so glad you guys have a new cd! I have been listening to it since the first day I got it and the songs are orgasmic; I can’t help but to come here and now when I hear anything with your voice. You probably remember me from last tour, when you had to meet the hottie with the million dollar body. We both know you would pay just to touch it again but I would much prefer for us to hit the big screen and shoot a little love screen, though we were pretty close when I was backstage at the concert. If the jumbo screens had stayed on us for 2 more minutes…

I still replay how we met. I grabbed my best friend and made my way to the bar. You told me to keep my distance because you’re going to light it on fire. I had all I could take and handed the bottle to you. We got our bottles up and drank every drop until it all ran out. With another one down, we headed off the deep end and the more we drank the less that we had on. I know I had got everything you want, all rolled into one. You preferred it a little down home and what could I do, it’s even more of a turn on when I’ve got a fast car. As I was driving, black on black, well we became just a couple animals. It got hot between us as you couldn’t wait that long. You were beside me on the seat, had your hand between my knees and you controlled how fast we got by just how hard you wanted to squeeze. I could barely function as it was hard to steer with you breathing in my ear but I got revenge when I got both hands on your gear. It amazed me we didn’t get a ticket going almost 90. But then fast means nothing with you. Didn’t matter, we were never going to quit; there was nothing wrong with it. Though you were so good I was sure I would drive into a ditch.

Oh but the things you did to me that night, no man can ever compare to. The way we stopped by the door as you headed south. I thought we wouldn’t make it in, and almost buckled when you started on me. What can I say? I like your pants around your feet and I like the dirt that’s on your knees. Oh that tongue, you could flicker like the sticker on a new Ferrari. You know just how to make me say please so there was no way I could say no. Oh baby, we had that simple need, so filled with ecstasy just proving you knew how to mark the spot because it was the one you really wanted. I should have known you lied when you said you only wanted to lick me that night. Oh yes, meeting you sex was always the answer there was never a question.

The way you were at attention, oh we both knew I wanted you. I like to take my time though. That more than fortunate form of torture, the way my hands move as I like to touch and tease. It’s always fun for me, it’s always unbelievable. I know well that nothing is faster than falling to your knees. I didn’t want a lollipop but I sure love a sucker and you were turned on at how I could walk like a model and whisper in your ear talking like a trucker. You moaned at those sexy little lip tricks. As I got a hold on you, I wasn’t letting go. After all, you were locked and loaded and ready to go. But moments later, errr, well let’s just say I knew how to lick that pistol clean. I know you couldn’t get enough of what I do.

Good god almighty! Just look at that body. I had a dirty mouth but it tasted so clean with each taste of you. You knew everything I do, I do for you because its what you have been dreaming of. It was like a scene from a Baywatch rerun (though you got me into a lot less) and you were hotter than the barrel on a squeezed machine gun. But I would make sure you go home with that pistol clean. Your eyes opened wide as I got lower than a Maserati; I don’t think you ever saw someone move that way. That night is forever in mind. I was more than your midnight queen, you turned me into your personal sex machine. But you had to take it up a notch, so I watched what you wanted us to do. We tried everything that night. It took me hours later to remove all the jello from the tub, but next time we should add some chocolate and whipped cream. We rolled around for hours without ever coming up. And don’t forget how we had to borrow batteries from the TV remote to keep it on. Oh so very good. We went for hours until the sun came up. We were so good and sweaty we couldn’t stand up. We loved it when the lights went down and the power was out. It kept us out of trouble as the neighbors complained. They probably would have called the cops, FBI and CIA since they heard screaming and thought we were in pain. Gladly we didn’t answer when my parents came and thought I died when I didn’t phone. But with no lights, it was simple: for all intents and purposes there was nobody home. Haha I laughed at imagining you telling them it was my mouth you were kissing. Such sweet lies. Oh darling don’t think I forgot about what we did hanging upside down, I really thought we would end up in the emergency room. You taught me things I never knew. You had a thing for watching me naked with my favorite pair of heels on. Of course that led to me almost riding you across the lawn. I couldn’t let the night finish without you being the pony in your own rodeo show. You tried, but you couldn’t control me the way I was going to climb all over you. We thought we were never going to stop, but had to when our legs gave out. I am sure if there was a way, we would have tried sitting in a tree…maybe next time.

So sweetheart let me know when you are ready for the next go round and we will make it happen. I can tell you are doing that sexy half grin now and what my fingers would do to your new hairstyle. I am sure you still have my number; it was easy to remember with all the 69’s in there. And I’m easy to identify as I seem to stand out in the crowd. You probably remember that tattoo on my left hip as I was dressed up like a princess, smelling better than any flower in the desert. Or maybe you will remember the freckles on my chest which you always liked best or the white stains on my dress only you know about. I guess no one taught me not to talk with a full mouth. You know I love the night scene as your bar queen. I will be waiting in the room when we meet. I will dance on anything I can dance on, swinging around under the hot lights, underneath the spotlights, ready to go all night. But you will notice Ill tease by sucking on my thumb because you always thought I looked cuter with something in my mouth. Just let me know baby. No is a dirty word, I’m never going to say it first because it is just a thought that never crosses my mind. You can tell Christine to kiss it goodbye as you come to me. I wonder what’s up there but we can put it to the test; it’s not that hard to figure you out. Better yet, better bring your friend along since its better off together than just one at a time. Since that time I can only think about getting with you again. Oh how I want you under my tongue, to have all of you all over me. I can’t get over the noises that you make the second you are done. You know I am a giver and it gets me off. If it’s been on TV or ever in a magazine, just tell me and I’ll make your fantasies into a reality. I will deliver every dirty thought and do every naughty thing you want because I am into everything you want to do.

When you drive up looking for that brunette from New York, since I have moved from California, just ask politely if the devil needs a ride. I’ll look all innocent even though the angel from my right side won’t hang out with me that night. This is how you remind me how with you I am always feeling way too damn good. So when you gotta be with somebody, this doesn’t have to end because I will be ready for the next go round.

Your devoted fan and true lover forever,


…………… I looked round as Ryan finished reading

“I haven’t heard half of those lyrics” I said quietly

“I know” Chad looked at me and then at the guys “We need to increase security all that information was locked in the Studio Safe”

“Dude this is insane” Dan rubbed his hand over his face “Has anyone been at the studio over the past six weeks?’

“It was rented out” Chad nodded “Damn it” He got up and pulled his phone from his pocket and walked over to the corner of the room.

“I hope you guys are taking Danny and Corey back with you” Pete looked at me, I nodded

“Don’t worry if she tries to come near Chad I’ll smell her a mile off” I yawned putting the file of papers in my bag and looking over Alfie’s shoulder as he played something on his phone “I’ll set Bruce the cat on her”…………..

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