Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Mikes Say

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



……………  I tried to sound convincing and calm as I said it but to hear the words of someone saying what she thought she and Chad had and what she wanted him to do to her and her to do to him made my skin crawl, right now I couldn’t look at Chad the jealously monster in me wanted to scream, One thing seeing him get hugged on and touched but he got to walk away this was in someone’s head, someone’s fantasy of him.  I put my head on Alfie’s shoulder and closed my eyes My head phones were playing the music from my I-pod quietly making my mind sink away from thoughts of Chad being with someone else. Chad walked back over and sat down.


“Sorted?” Ryan looked at him


“Joey’s going round to check it out and go back over who has been there and then we got from there” he pinched the bridge of his nose Kerion had his feet across the spare seat his head back snoring Pete was on his laptop sending e-mails and Alfie was still playing on his phone “How long’s she been out?” he sighed tipping his head and looking at me the fan mail still piled on the table the naked guys picture face down with a note on the back in my handwriting reading ‘shred this’


“I don’t’ know” Mike shrugged “She didn’t look to happy after Ryan read the letter”


“Did you see the letter from the naked guy” Chad looked over his shoulder at his brother Mike nodded. Chad let his head fall back for a minute before sitting back up. “I’m holding her back”


“What” Mike frowned and put down the book he was reading


“Chris” He frowned “I’m a selfish son of a bitch”


“Okay you’re seriously not making sense” Mike shook his head


“I married Chris because I wanted her and I didn’t want anyone else to have her” Chad sat forward and rested his elbows on his knees.


“Chad I have to tell you but that’s why 99.9% of guys marry the girls they do” Mike stretched “I did”


“I’m holding her back from taking over the world with these guys” He looked over the four of us “That guy said I was holding her back in that letter”


“You have to be kidding me” Mike put his hand on Chad’s shoulder and pushed him a little getting his attention fully “Well you can live without her then”  he shrugged


“What?” Chad looked at him wide eyed


“Well do you want to be with someone else and are you okay with Chris moving one and seeing that in the press?” Mike cocked his head


“Fuck no” Chad snapped


“Well how do you think Chris feels? Don’t you think if she thought you were holding NeverWest back you and her would have “the Talk” with you” Mike did the quotation marks in the air “I get it from Angela every time I leave to go on the road about her holding me back and dude she’s my rock and my backbone you know none of us would be the guys we are without the girls we love” Chad rubbed the back of his neck “Chris has been through a lot but since that ass got locked up she knows what she wants and she’s so damn focused on it” he nudged Chad with his leg “the career part I understand but I’m still trying to work out how you got so damn lucky to get her… in a I love and adore my sister-in-law way that is” Mike teased trying to make Chad smile


“I don’t know there’s the age she’s coming twenty for god sake and she’s doing meet and greets with guys…”


“ARGGGHHH Don’t do this man” Mike balled his fist and punched Chad’s arm and got next to his ear “She’s already had to go through bullshit with guys her own age look at the Russian and the fucker in jail right now” he hissed “Do not let her worry about losing you” he backed off a little and Chad looked at him “right now she has the stability she needs, the sort of backing she’s never had, she’s grown and become the woman she is because she can count on you…” he narrowed his eyes “She can right, count on you?”


“Don’t ask stupid questions you know she can and so does she” Chad looked at me and then back to Mike.


“Well stop fucking questioning what you and she have” Mike rubbed his hands together “I talk to her man and she isn’t going anywhere, she looks at you the way  Brit looks at Dan and how Tre looks at Ryan and how I know my wife looks at me, they’ll carry us through anything but you and her need to hold each other up you  do the same thing she can’t step back from the spotlight just like you can’t” Mike shook his head “She changed you for the best without trying” Chad raised his eyebrows “After what Mari did you were a loose cannon Chris sang once and hooked you” Chad cracked a smile “Damn we all knew it and saw it why do you think we were all okay with you up and marrying her without us there” Mike put his arm round Chad and hugged him “She never asks for anything and she loves you and really can you want more than that”


“Your right and I love her too, bu…”


‘AH no buts, talk to her if you’re worried. If she wants to leave you for another guy will you roll over or fight for her? Or like I said before be okay with someone else being with her”


“Hell no”


“Well you have your answer, She’s not Marianne, Chris knows what it’s like to be hurt so don’t compare the two of them and don’t give me the bullshit that you haven’t because we’re guys and we all compare past and present girls it’s in the male gene” Chad chuckled a little


“Thanks Bro” He took a deep breath


‘Yeah well I have to kick you into touch sometimes like when we were kids” Mike picked up his book as Chad reached over and touched my cheek making me smile at the feel of his touch even in my sleep


“And Chad you need to hold onto any girl willing to put up with you” Dan Butted in “As long as it’s Chris”……………

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