Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - rain on the parade

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



…………… Corey pushed open the front door of the house He and Danny walked round going into each room making sure no one was there before they walked back to Chad and I.


“All good” Chad looked at them


“Yep” Corey nodded we’ll go get settled in the other end of the house


‘Thanks guys” I hugged both of them


“Don’t worry no ones going to get in” Danny Smiled “Night” they both walked away I looked at Chad


“You hungry?”


“For you” he wrapped his arms round me “You want to come to bed Mrs. Kroeger?”


“Oh let me think about that” I grabbed his hand and moved for the stairs as the phone started to ring. He stalled and looked at it “You so much as inch toward that phone Chad Kroeger and I’ll withhold all husband rights” He turned and looked back at me “Okay well maybe I won’t… but we just got in and it’s going to be some fuckwit wanting a piece of us” I let go of his hand and took off my shirt and tossed it at him and took a step back and slid my arms round my back as the phone kept ringing “Now think about it” I smirked in hooking my bra and holding it against me “Me naked or the…” the answer machine cut in


We’re not here Leave a message* Okay you are so both there I know you are. Chad will you get off my best friend… Damn Chris how you don’t walk with a limp I’ll never know…


I looked at Chad and he groaned and Miranda’s voice echoed off the walls


….. anywhoooo girl apparently you need to be primed and ready to go for this shoot with Mr. screen-door, god he still makes me go funny…. Sorry distracted there by the thought of Kellan’s… Okay well spa time and I’m sorry to say this you’re booked in for a full wax and brush up


Chad looked at me and grinned


….. Bald as a coot as my old Grammy would say but don’t worry girl I’ll be there to hold your hand Heidi is meeting me in Vancouver on Wednesday you need to be at the spa by 11… And no Chad you can’t come its girly time, but you get to smooth the lotion on the waxed parts of my best friend because there is a limit to what I’m prepared to do for my BFF. Love you guys


The phone clicked


“Well you were right it was a fuck...” I put my hand over his mouth

“I’ll tell her you said that” I laughed


“Like hell you will” he tugged my hand away and reached for my bra and dropped it on the stairs “Now come on there’s a pole with your name on it”


“Not unless I get my sharpie….” I squealed as he chased me up the stairs as the phone rang again “Damn It Mir” the answer machine picked it up again


We’re not here leave a message * Chad it’s Lukas…


I groaned and sat on the stairs


…. Pick up I know you’re home I had Danny call me when you were all there… Chad… pick up the phone…


I got up and moved round Chad and grabbed the phone


Me * Chad’s busy. Now what do you want? We’re on a break and we just got home

Lukas * busy doing what?

Me * ME!

Lukas * I need to talk to him about business

Me * he can call you back

Lukas * really it’s about Marianne


I felt my blood go cold and I took a deep breath and looked up the stairs to Chad


“You need to talk to him… I’m going to shower and call Mir back” I handed him the phone and grabbed my t-shirt


“Sweetheart…” Chad looked at me with a puzzled expression


“Nothing like your ex fiancée’s name to rain on the moment” I kissed his cheek and walked up the stairs to our room.


 I kicked off my shoes and tossed my purse onto the bed before walking in the bathroom I turned on the shower and went over to my vanity and started to take off my jewelry. I looked at my reflection and took a deep breath. What the hell did he see in me? I was a girl from the sticks with a messed up life until now and the crap still keeps coming. I looked down and my arms and stood up and ran my fingers over the white lines and scars, Bet Marianne didn’t have battle scars like these… she always seemed perfect. I looked back in the mirror and ran my hand over my stomach no scars on the outside just fucked up on the inside. I turned away and took off the rest of my clothes and got under the hot stream of water trying to think of anything but Lukas and Marianne. I got out and wrapped my robe round myself and wrapped my hair in a towel, I grabbed my cell phone from y purse and dialed Miranda.


Mir * see I knew you were at it

Me * no we weren’t. I was showering

Mir * okay it’s rarely you shower alone

Me * well this time I did

Mir * okay girl what’s up?

Xander * hey you everything okay?

Me * I’m fine it’s just… it’s jet lag…


Why I just lied to my best friend and my cousin I had no idea


Me * so we having a full spa Day then?

Mir * yep. Xander has to go back to school tomorrow so Heidi and I are having a break in Vancouver but don’t worry we won’t crash Casa Kroeger. We’re staying in town at a hotel shopping and clubbing… Oh don’t you look like that Xander Sommers like you don’t party your ass off in Miami when you’re in school

Xander * Chris I love you and I’ll call you later in the week I’m going to let you and my partying girlfriend talk

Me * okay, love you to and kiss Jess for me

Xander * will do


I heard him kiss Mir and then a door close


Mir * so what’s wrong?

Me * nothing…

Mir * whatever I know you Christine Kroeger remember


The door opened to the bedroom and Chad walked in


Me * Same shit different day, look I’ll talk to you and Heidi on Wednesday, no go do whatever gross things you do to my cousin and have a safe flight up here

Mir * will do and Girl hang tight okay.


I hung up the phone and looked at Chad he walked over to the bed and sat down next to me, he looked like he wanted to scream…………….


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