Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Altogether

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



…………… I put my phone on the nightstand and pulled my knees up to my chest.


“I don’t want to ask’ I sighed


“It’s nothing” He smiled at me the smile not lighting his eyes


Hmmmm” not what your face is telling me


“She wants more money each month and she wants your assets taken into account as we’re now married”


“She’ll want new teeth if I see her” I snapped getting off the bed and walking over to the window.


“She can’t touch your stuff I promise” Chad came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulder


“Fuck the money” I turned round to face him “Hell if it would mean she would get off your ass I’d give her Mac” A smile broke out on Chad’s face “Why are our ex’s pains in the god damn ass” I put my head on his chest He tugged the towel from my hair letting it fall damp and loose.


“I don’t know But I know what you mean Kellan’s royal pain” he chuckled. He took a deep breath “Fuck them” he lifted my chin “Now where were we before we were interrupted” his hand dropped to the tie on my robe “Oh I remember I was going to have something to eat”……………..




…………..  Over the next few days Chad and the others were in the studio working on the new album, while I went running round the roads close to home with Corey and Danny nerves were starting to climb like they always did before doing a photo shoot I was working out five hours a day to make sure everything would look good.


“Chris we’ve done five miles after everything else” Corey looked at me as we ran up the drive you need to take a break “Damn girl I’ve known drill instructors drive the recruits less than you drive yourself”


“Suck it up Marine” I laughed “and I have to go in front of a camera in two days all but naked” I held out my arms.


“Chris with all due respect” Danny held up his hands “You look good without doing all the extra training… you’ve got an awesome body”


“Dude you hitting on my sister-in-law?” Mike laughed as he walked out of the house with a bottle of whiskey “Hey Chris” He hugged me “Ew sweaty”


‘She just ran five miles” Danny folded his arms over his chest “you tell her she looks good and she doesn’t need to do all the extra”


“I’m surprised she has the energy Chad hasn’t stopped yawning all day” Mike laughed and he said it’s all your fault” he poked me as he walked round me


“Hey it’s not me… well… we were…” the three of the stood looking at me “Okay it was my fault but he shouldn’t be so damn good” I laughed walking into the house, the phone was ringing


Me * Yep

Kellan * okay does no one answer the phone

Me * I think you’ll find I just did

Kellan * I tried your cell, Chad’s cell and this is the fourth time I’ve tried the house

Me * Okay calm down… Chad’s in the studio and I was out running.


I walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water


Me * so what’s up?”

Kellan * I’m in Vancouver and no NO ONE

Me * Oh you poor baby… I’m sure there’s a girl with your name on somewhere in the city

Kellan * Okay I was calling my best friend for some help

Me * Where are you?

Kellan * I just told you Vancouver

Me * Oh I’m so hanging up

Kellan * I’m at the hotel

Me * Narrows it down doofus

Kellan * the four Seasons

Me * See that wasn’t hard was it

Kellan * you give me as much crap as my sister does

Me * I know I spoke to her yesterday and she told me to

Kellan * I knew it

Me * well I have Heidi and Miranda staying there they can keep you company

Kellan * nice see if I can make Miranda turn that wonderful shade of red again

Me * Tell you what let me shower talk to Chad and then come get you and you can come out here to the house for a while I’ll get Mir and Heidi to come out as well

Kellan * but doing that we can’t all fit in that sweet car of yours

Me * I still owe you a ride don’t I?
Kellan * hell yeah…

Me * The girls are out shopping for bachelorette stuff right now so I wasn’t allowed to go along so they can get a cab, I’ll call you back in thirty minutes.

Kellan * sounds like a plan


I hung up and walked up the stairs and showered and got dressed and headed out for the studio. I walked in to the sound of Chad’s voice singing one of the new songs I leant on the back of Dan’s Chair. I watched him put his heart and soul into the song.


“You do know you can’t do the nasty while we’re all in here” Dan looked back at me and laughed


“Shut up” I swatted him “Sounds good?”


“It was the drums it makes it” Dan grinned as Chad walked out of the booth


“Hey Sweetheart” he smiled at me “You eaten?”


“No not yet and I know I have to Corey yelled at me as I left the house… but have you spoken to Kellan”


‘Yep I called him back about ten minutes ago” He nodded “We calling it quits here in about an hour and everyone’s coming round to grill out and hang out” he pulled me to him “and I called Miranda and I’m sending a car to pick her and Heidi up around three” he grinned at earning the brownie points for getting the girls sorted out for me


“Even your mother-in-law’s coming” Ryan laughed


Damn better get the steam shower warmed up” Dan Ducked as I hurled a pillow from the couch at him


“I’m going before I get anymore abuse” I kissed Chad “I love you”


“I love you too” he patted my butt as I turned away from him “Oh and Kellan asked if you’d take my car”


“Yeah right, he knows a real car when he sees it” I called over my shoulder………..


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