Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Best friends and Family

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



…………… I walked in the the four seasons the odd paparazzi was hanging round outside  as I crossed the lobby.


“Hey Sexy” Kellan laughed getting up from one of the couches in the lobby


“Sorry I took so long there was road construction on the way in” I grinned at him as he wrapped his arms round me and put me in to one of his Bear hugs before kissing my cheek


“No problem” He let go of me “Are you eating?” he frowned at me and then flashed his dimples


“Chad been talking to you?”


“Now Chris its guy code, you know I can’t tell you that” Kellan put his hand on his heart


“Oh you suck” I swatted him “do you know how much damn guy code I have to deal with day in day out when Miranda’s not around it’s me and seven guys and a total douche bag” I linked his arm as we walked back across the lobby.


“Chad said Lukas has got it in for you now” I nodded


“No idea why” I sighed “We’ve always butted heads right now I want to take his off” the door man opened the door I let go of Kellan and stepped into the humidity he walked out behind me.


“Chad’s ready to take him down a peg or two” Kellan put on his sunglasses


“I know and so are the others he’s just damn good at his job” I handed the tag to the Valet and faced Kellan “He seems to have the knack of saying the right thing to get me climbing the wall”


“You want me to call in some Marines I know to help you out?’ He chuckled “My brother got home last week for R&R”


“So why are you here and not there with the family” I groaned


“This shoot has been put off three times I’m starting a movie next week so this week is the only time I have  with you guys being free as well” He smiled “He’s flying up to the set for a few days next week so I get to see him before he heads back out there… Oh damn that’s hot” he whistled as the Valet pulled up in my car


“Kellan met Mac… Mac this is Kellan” I stepped off the side walk and handed the Valet the tip.


“Mac?’ He stopped with the door in mid air


“Yeah” I grinned “McLaren”


“You’ve named your car?”


“Yup I have Mac and Chad has mutton” I got in and closed the door


“Mutton the guy has a Lamborghini for god sake” Kellan got in and closed the door “it’s a Bull on the hood ornament on his car”


“I know Mid west boy” I laughed “Lamb as in the meat… Oh forget it” I grinned “Ready?”


“Oh yeah…. Unless you drive like my…” I pulled out into the traffic and weaved in and out of the car “Okay I was going to say like my Mom but I see you’re more race car driver”


“Yep” I settled back and lifted my foot before I got pulled over


“So why all the insane working out?” he asked


“Chad again?”


“Guys code and it wasn’t just him”


“This shoot… it’s different?”


“Yeah we’re doing a commercial as well” he laughed


“I’m not an actress, I sing”  I chewed my cheek “They can airbrush pictures they can’t do the same to a commercial”


“Jeesh Chris you look amazing the tour keeps you toned and fit enough as well as your husband” he poked his tongue out at me.


“I’m nervous” I glanced across at him “I can’t help it I’m still trying to come to terms with everything that happened to me, Like you deep down I’m still a kid from the ass end of now where that made good, On stage I can put on the face and the front and do what I do, everything else terrifies the ever living crap outta me”


“We know” he sighed “But you have me there to make you laugh Chad’s going be there and you know he won’t let you fall on your ass”


“I know” I smiled at him “Thank you?”


“For what?”


“The pep talk, the stepping back and…”


“You don’t thank me for that, you both needed a damn push so I had fun and then pushed, and got a new best friend or two outta the deal” I pulled in the drive and the gate opened “It’s huge” Kellan looked at the house


“I know that’s why I married him” I pulled up and got out, it was good to be able to be me round the people that meant the world to me. I opened the front door. The sound of talking and laughing was coming from the kitchen. I looked round at Kellan “Come on” He followed me in to the packed kitchen.


“So much for carrying on for another hour, I’ve been gone less than that”


“Yay Party can start Kellan’s Here” Dan Handed Him a drink “And the only reason you’re back so fast is you drive like a mad woman… Ow” he groaned as Brit Gibbs slapped him.


“Hey Mom” Mike Yelled out the door “Chris is here”


“Hey Chris showers on” Ryan Laughed making everyone start laughing like drains plied with booze. I flicked him the fingers As Debbie walked in.


“Hi Honey” she hugged me “You eating?”


“OH I’m going kill him” I groaned “Yes I’m eating”


“Damn thats a piece of fine ass” She looked round me.


“MOM” Mike hung his head  As Angela started to laugh Chad walked in wiping his hands on his shirt


“Grills lit… Hey Baby” he kissed me “DUDE” he grinned at Kellan


“Party time” Kellan hugged him


“Hell yeah, Come one see the toys” all the guys walked out of the house


“Okay so I take it the beer pong has been happening since mid morning” Tre looked at me


“Yup Mike got the whiskey around midday” I nodded I looked over to Chad’s Mom who was standing by the door looking out “Deb you okay?”


“OOOOO He took his shirt off” all the girls crammed round the door as the sight of Kellan stripping off his  t-shirt “That I could lick for a while… Where’d he come from and can I get one”


“Debbie” Angela laughed


“Ask Chris She’s licked it” Britt giggled and walked out to the pool


“Love you too” I moaned as my mother-in-law looked at me “That’s Kellan the guy I do the underwear shoots with, the guy I was seeing before Chad and I got together, the guy that told Chad to take a chance with me” I looked out of the door “I’m sure he’ll let you touch his abs if you ask him” I giggled…………

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