Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - New Daddy

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Submitted: February 02, 2012



……………..  “We’re here” I looked round as Miranda and Heidi walked round the side of the house I got up and hugged both of them “Oh you’re bachelorette party is going to kick ass” Heidi Smirked


“I seriously want a quiet night with the girls” I groaned


‘Chris like Chad’s going to have a quiet night for his Bachelor party” Angela looked at me “And hell we’re going to throw you one kick ass party”


“Yeah remember I have to watch what I’m doing” I looked at her “NO STRIPPERS”


“Would we” Brit grinned and tipped her head


“Yes I’ve seen the pi9ctures from yours” I laughed “But you can stay pretty much anonymous”


“Yes our rock star here doesn’t get that privilege” Mir giggled “So we have to do it like a covert Operation…. OOOOO COREY Do you know any SEALS’ Corey looked over from where all the guys were looking and playing on the ATV’s


“I hate to ask Why?” He put his hands on his hips


“We need some sneaky stuff doing” Angela laughed


“Oh I’m so hiding the night you plan this shit” I shook my head It scared the hell out of me the plans these girls could come up with.


“Girls have you seen him over there” A slightly grinning mother-in-law giggled pointing to Kellan who was standing talking to Chad.


“Heidi, Miranda this is Debbie my Mother-in-law” I cocked my head


“Who has a thing we’ve discovered for men like that” Treanna sighed looking over to Kellan I Looked at her and shook my head


“He’s just a guy”


“Bull shit they don’t make more than one like that at a time” Debbie laughed


“KELLAN” he looked up I waved him over He jogged across to us




“Can you do something for me?”


“Sure” He nodded


“Please let Debbie touch your abs” I smiled. Oh this was payback for the whole bursting in on Chad and I. Kellan started to laugh “She doesn’t think you’re real”


“Christine” Debbie had turned the same shade of red as Chad’s car.


“Oh it’s all real” Kellan looked at her and flashed the dimples I swear everyone round the table sighed at him. I started to giggle He walked over to her and stood in front of where she sat. “Go ahead” She lifted her hand and ran it over the taught abs.


“MOOOOOOM” Mike threw up his arms


“Hey Mike I think you’ve got a new Daddy” Mir Called out making everyone fall about laughing as Chad and Mike looked at each other..


“Really Chad tipped his head at her “I seem to remember some comment about a screen door in a hurricane where Kellan was concerned” I gripped the table and my stomach and doubled up at the look of panic and oh shit on Miranda’s face “Mom can you stop touching up the guests” Debbie moved her hand Kellan bent down and hugged her and kissed her cheek before jogging back over to the guys.


“Okay you know you didn’t want strippers young lady” she looked at me “You’re so getting them now” I hung my head. The rest of the night flowed along so easily everyone kicking back and truly having a blast, mind you the amount of alchol that was taken down must have helped some.


Chad kissed my shoulder as we watched the Car taking Miranda, Heidi and Kellan back into the city drove out of the gates.


“Today was fun” he said pulling me back against him


“It was” I nodded ‘We needed it, You ready for bed” I turned in his arms and kissed along his jaw.


“I just need to go check on a few things in the studio and then I’ll be there” he nodded kissing me “Warm the bed for me” I wrapped my arms round myself and watched as he walked down the path. I took a deep breath and walked intot he house and up the stairs to bed…………




…………….  I Put my hands round the coffee cup and looked out of the window.


“I thought you’d left?’ Chad walked in


“No I’m going in about ten minutes” I smiled at him he was already wearing his sunglasses “You feel as rough as I do?”


“If you feel like you’re sitting inside one of Daniels drums and he’s going to town on it then hell yes” he took my coffee and finished it “But I promise you tonight you have me all to yourself I’m kicking the guys out by five cooking dinner” I raised and eye brow “And making dessert” he kissed my neck “Because I’m sure Mir said something about me having to run lotion into certain freshly waxed areas” he nudged my jaw with his nose “You were passed out cold when I got in from the studio last night”


“You were gone over an hour and the tequila made my eyelids really heavy” I moaned as he nipped my ear. “Damn it” I put my arms round his neck “You get me in trouble” his hands pulled up the skirt of my dress and he backed me to the counter.


“WE KNOCKED” Ryan walked in “Lukas is here as well and Morning?” Chad and I looked at him and Mike standing there


“Well there’s my sign to leave if he’s here” I sighed kissing Chad again “Love you


“Love you too and have fun with the girls”


“Fun isn’t part of it when Wax is involved” I sighed picking up my purse and grabbing the keys for Mac. Mike and Ryan looked at each other and shuddered “Exactly the things you have to do” I rolled my eyes “Love you guys” I walked out of the front door.


“Hey Girl” Dan hugged me as he was talking to Lukas “Rough this morning”


“As a bears ass” I laughed ignoring Lukas “Have a good day”


“You too” he grinned I got in my car and headed out into the city for a spa day with the girls and some much needed catch up time with both of them……………….

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