Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - SPA

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Submitted: February 02, 2012




…………….. I pulled up at the hotel where the girls and Kellan were staying and got out of the car. The valet smiled at me and handed m e the tag as I stepped onto the sidewalk.

“Good Morning and welcome to the Four seasons” The door man Nodded to me as he opened the door

“Thank you” I stepped inside with the odd photograph being taken.

“Your husband is in trouble” Heidi walked across the lobby to me “you know I don’t drink often”

“I know, but you didn’t say no” I laughed hugging her

“How do you do it?”

“You learn to drink when you’re around the guys I’m around all the time” I linked her arm “Where’s Mir?”

“She went into the spa to get one of those detoxifying wraps” Heidi smirked she was rough “And I think Kellan carried me to bed last night I can’t remember getting out of the elevator”

“I did” we both jumped as Kellan put his hands on our shoulders “Hey You” He kissed my cheek “Thank you for an amazing afternoon”

“You’re welcome”

“I’m supposed to be heading to your place again I’m waiting to get picked up” he looked at his watch making me smile it was the watch I’d brought him for Christmas.


“Chris I’ll go tell them you’re here” Heidi Said moving away from both of us

“I’ll be two minutes” I nodded at her I faced Kellan

“Well It’s something about the shoot” He chewed his lip

“Okay stop with the lip thing what’s bugging you?” I tipped my head and took of my glasses “I know you to well Lutz”

“I’m hung over and tired” He smiled at me “I’m okay” he rubbed my arms “Stop worrying about everyone else girl”

“I can’t it’s what I do” I moaned “and Chad never said anything about the shoot”

“Lukas was the one that called me” Kellan shrugged “took me everything I had to not tell him he was a douche for treating you the way he does” I hung my head “I didn’t say it…”

“Okay” I sighed “Call him tell him you’ll take my car” I handed him the Valet tag “I’m going to be here for a bout hour hours if you’re not back I’ll get a cab or something”

“Your car?” He blinked at the tag in his hand

“Yes now go before I rethink my offer” I kissed his cheek “and remind my husband he’s bringin desert tonight”

“Okay that’s some sexually thing with you two isn’t it” Kellan laughed walking backwards

‘Yes” I nodded “And if it’s something big about the shoot call me to stop me freaking out”

“Nope” he winked at me “Have fun with the girls and tell Mir I found her earring in the hall outside of their room” I nodded and waved and pushed open the door to the spa.

“Mrs. Kroeger… It’s a pleasure to have you here” the girl behind the counter beamed at me “Your friends are back here” I followed her back to where Heidi was dressed a fluffy white robe and laughing at a tightly bound Miranda squirming on the bed she was lay on. Her face covered a green mask with pads on her eyes I walked over to her and lifted the pads

“You’re supposed to keep still and relax”

“Bite me… I forgot to pee and I’m dying her and oh you’re husband and Mike are so in trouble” she groaned

“Oh you can drink as well as the rest of us do not blame them for your hangover”

“Oh the hangover I can handle but apparently a Mr. Kroeger put in for a six am wakeup call and there is only two” she tried to hold up to fingers and couldn’t “Damn it… there’s only two Mr. Kroeger’s with a sick sense of humor I know”

“Nice” I laughed putting the eye mask back on her eyes “You lie there and think about waterfalls” Heidi snorted with laughter.

“Bitch” Mir muttered as I took the rob and flip flop slippers that the manager held out to me. Heidi sat with me while I changed.

“You sure you’re okay?’ I asked slipping on the robe “You and Alfie are good right?”

“What Oh yeah we’re fine” she smiled at the mention of his name “Mir’s a little off” she chewed he lip

“Miranda’s always a little off” I laughed sitting down next to her.

“No she’s been quiet since last week after she came back to Florida after the awards… Well she’s never quiet but she’s been… I don’t’ know off and then this morning she was pacing around in the room when I got up drinking a whiskey…” she looked at me “Chris I know what you guys do with the drinking and the herbal cigarettes” she rolled her eyes “but could she…”

“Oh finally I can pee” Mir streaked by the two of us into the closet bathroom. I put my hand on Heidi’s and squeezed.

“Lets see how it goes today and then I’ll try to talk to her” Heidi smiled at me as the toilet flushed and Mir walked out and braced herself on the door.

“Okay I feel better” she smiled but I noticed the smile not quiet making it to her eyes “Morning Chris” She hugged me tight for longer than normal.


“So we need to get you ready for the shoot tomorrow” she rubbed her hands together “and for being mean to me and making me think of water when I needed to pee you’re so going first to get waxed”

‘Oh hell no” I shook my head

‘Come on Chris we’re right here with you” Heidi smiled trying not to show the worry for Mir

“I called here yesterday if I’m getting it done then so are my two best girlfriends” they both looked at each other and then at me.

“No way it’ll hurt” Mir Freaked

“Hey I have to”

“you get paid a shit ton of money to” Heidi shuddered

“Oh my god you’re such girls” I laughed

“You can all go at the same time” one of the technicians smiled “we have a room where we can do all three of you at once” we all looked at each other.

“Hey look at like this I’m doing Alfie and Xander a favor imagine how surprised they’ll be when you get to see them” I tried to rationalize

“Chris” Mir raised an eye brow

“Oh come on stand by me please I have to be all but naked in front of a room full of people and make outish with a man that’s not my husband tomorrow”

“Oh don’t you throw that out there” Mir wagged her finger at me

“Alfie would be surprised” Heidi chewed her lip “Fine I’ll go for it only if you hold my hand” she looked at me

“Deal” I nodded “So just you” I tipped my head and looked at “Believe me it’s amazing when you get all hot and heavy…”

“Okay I’ll do it” she snapped a little “Sorry I’m just a little… tired” she took a deep breath as we followed three of the technicians back to a larger room . we all lay down on the beds in there

“Oh I’m so getting scenes from the forty year old virgin playing in my head right now” Heidi looked across at me.

“Oh The Man-o-lantern thing” I laughed “I’m going to kill one of you if you scream Kelly Clarkson’s name out” the three of us fell into fits of giggles “I’m just thankful we got interrupted before I left this morning”

“EW” Mir swatted me “Not what we need to…Oh that’s warm” she looked at the girl who was putting on the warm wax “Er… Chris”

“Yep” I lay back and closed my eyes “Can I hold your…”


FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK GOD DAMN SON OF A…” Mir was almost off the table

OH No amount of money is worth this” I yelped as the wax strip was ripped off


They three of us looked at each other and started laughing, even Mir was her old self for the rest of the time we were in the Spa the laughter and joking carried on making it one of the most relaxing days I’d had in forever well since my race track Day.

“I’m going to go call Alfie” Heidi Hugged me “Chris I love you girl and good luck for the shoot tomorrow”

“Love you too” I grinned as she walked to the elevator

“I’d better go make sure I’ve got everything ready to check out in the morning” Mir seemed to hover

“Mir What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… Chris I’m just… I think yesterday all the sun and the laughing and the drinking took it out of me” she hugged me “You’ll kill the shoot tomorrow like you always do… I’ll call you okay”

“Okay but Mir Please call me if you need something”

“Chris worry about what you have to do…”

“Hey sexy ladies” We both looked round as Kellan and Chad walked into the Lobby and toward us “Oh and Christine I hate you”

“What?” Mir and I both said together

“Yeah I’m going to have to work harder no because I want one of those cars” He hugged me “I’ll see you in the morning” he looked at Mir “you heading to the elevator”

“Yeah” she nodded

“You kids have fun” Kellan called out as he and Miranda walked away from Chad and I

“So how was the spa?” Chad pulled me to him

“Good, I’m worried about Mir though”

“She’ll be fine” Chad kissed my neck “So did the waxing go…”

“You want to go home and find out” laughed at his warm breath on my neck

“I thought you’d never ask”…………………………

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