Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Oh MY GOD

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



……………  “Chris we need to go” Chad walked into the bedroom “Looking cute Mrs. Kroger” he smiled coming up behind em as I put my earring in  his put his hands on my hips pulling my butt back against him “Heels and gym shorts” he slid his hand up my leg


“I thought you said we have to go” I smacked his hand as it went up the leg  of my shorts “You’re insatiable” I giggled


“But it’s so damn smooth” he nipped my neck “All over”


“For you I’ll keep it that way” I turned round and held his face in my hands and squished it and kissed the fish lips.


‘Have I ever told you that you’re my dream woman” he laughed as I walked out of the bedroom


“Never told me those words” I smiled at him over my shoulder “Tell me what the shoots going to be like?”


“Nope you’ll only fret and chew your nails and then get in trouble for it” he took my hand and we went down stairs.


‘Oh so you know, Kellan knows, the crew knows and fucking Lukas knows but the woman that’s going to be in her underwear most of the day doesn’t” I groaned “Something so not right about it” Chad opened the door on his car for me


“Chris it’s okay I promise if it was something bad do you for a minute think I’d let it happen” He kissed me, I sighed as he closed the door and walked round to the driver’s side. It was a twenty minute drive to the house where the shoot was going to be done. Chad was on his phone talking to Lukas I picked up my phone and dialed Miranda.


*Hey I’m busy I’ll call you back*Mir it’s me, it’s a little before ten here…er we’re about to do the shoot, I’ll try you later…


I took a deep breath and tried Xander


*If you’re hot leave a message if you’re not then don’t’* Okay seriously I worry about you… Call me I need to talk to you… Er I’m in a shoot it sometime later call me and leave a message … Or I’ll call you tomorrow


I groaned as I ended the message


“Ever had the feeling they’re not answering because he might have flown up to meet her?” Chad looked at me


“He can’t he’s got exams this week” I shook my head


“We’re here” he pulled up the driveway of a house as large as ours was but easily thirty years older. Trucks lined the drive with people moving stuff into the house. Kellan was standing with a short bald guy I’d never seen before.


“Well good morning sunshine” Kellan smirked “hey Chris”


“Dork” I smiled as he kissed my cheek and hugged Chad


“Christine” the bald guy looked at me “Wendell Jones” he offered me his hand “I’m going to be your director for the day” he looked me up and down “Amazing body” Chad coughed “You’ll shoot perfectly”


“See told you” Kellan laughed I rolled my eyes at him


“I need to see you and Kellan in twenty minutes” He looked at Chad “I take it you’re staying”


“Er…. Yes that’s my wife” Chad tipped his head ‘I’m still part of her management team”


“Of course” Wendell walked away


‘okay does he know Lukas because I’m getting that whole Its going to be one of those Day vibes” I muttered as I put my arm round Chad and we all walked into the house. I was taken to one of the bedrooms and put into makeup and hair as Chad and Kellan talked in the hallway “You two make me nervous when you plot” I laughed looking through the lit mirror at them.


“You’re nervous anyway Sweetheart” Chad laughed


“Did you talk to her?” Kellan smirked


“Hell no” Chad got wide eyed


“Right that’s it” I turned round in the chair earning a tut and a few curse words from the hair stylist. “Tell me”


“Dude she’s your wife” Kellan held up his hands


“She’s your best friend” Chad looked at him


“Man up one of you” I got out the chair


“Ah Kellan Christine” Wendell walked over “quick meeting” he crossed to another of the room and waited for us to follow him I sat on one of the packing cases while Kellan lent on the wall. Chad’s phone rang.


“You guys okay to do this on your own I need to take this call”


“Sure” I nodded Chad answered his phone as he walked away talking to Joey.


“Right so we’re going to take the photographs as we’re shooting the commercial” He paced the floor. Kellan we’re going to start with you on the bed drinking a whiskey and then you walk in Chris and things just get hot and steamy between the two of you” I looked over at Kellan who had his game face on. Kellan you’re going to be seducing her as we discussed yesterday, Chris you want him and you want to make him work for it”


“Okay” I chewed my lip


“Then we need to do a few angles without your bra” I coughed as I inhaled and sucked back my gum


“Say what? No way I’m going to be topless in an ad” I choked as Kellan walked over and banged my back


“No no it will be covered by your hand, his hand or the coat we have for you to keep it modest”


“Oh wait one thing being in the underwear it’s another being groped…” I looked at Kellan “No offense he held up his hands and smirked “By Kellan”


“It will be artistic I promise you it’s not porn”


“Damn right it’s not” I got up and paced the floor


“And then there will be the shoot without the jeans or panties”


“Oh god” Kellan hung his head as I stopped  pacing


“Hell No” I shook my head “We’re best friends and yes he’s been there done that but I’m married and my husband is” I pointed to the door where Chad was leaning on the door frame “Right there” I stumbled to a halt in speaking


“Problem” Chad smiled I looked at Wendell and then at Kellan who was back against the wall his arms folded over his chest


“Did you hear the conversation?”


“I heard most of it” Chad nodded walking in




“And I say go for it”


“What?” Kellan and I looked at him


“Dude it’s not just the part with out the shiret that we talked about yesterday”


“You knew” I swatted Chad


“Ow Yes I knew” he chuckled “Guys can I have a few minutes with Chris please” Wendell and Kellan walked out of the room and closed the door “Breathe baby” he rubbed my arms


“But what he wants…”


“Is for the shoot” Chad sat me down and crouched down by my feet “Are you comfortable with Kellan?”


“You know I am” I nodded


“Do you trust him?”




“So do I that’s why I’m telling you to go for it anyone else and I’d be telling you no way in hell… but this is going to be one of the most talked about things you do… it’s going to be incredible and we have total control over what is released I made damn sure of that we get to see the pictures and the commercial before it goes out” He smiled at me “You are beautiful, you have a banging body and you’re mine” he chuckled lightly “You can do this Chris”


“You’re sure you’re okay with it”


“You taking off this” He tugged my engagement ring I shook my head “How many times have you been asked too since getting here”


“Four” I smiled at him “No one’s getting it off”


“You’re my wife and I’m going to be right there for you and for Kellan for that matter he’s nervous as hell for doing this as well why do you think we were talking in the hall” he pulled me up to him and kissed me “not to sound wired but I think it’s going to be hotter than anything”…………


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