Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - One hell of a shoot

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



……………. It was so different to all the other shoots we’d done together for a start there was three times as many people in the room watching what we were doing as well as the camera filming the commercial. Chad kept back but every time I looked his way he’d give me the smile I needed to calm me and let me so what I was doing. I smirked a little as I thought it was a good job All that waxing had been done even if I knew Chad thought it was so hot anf he was appreciative of it now it was also going to be the US on Wednesday and the rest of the world on Thursday. The director was on his phone his eyes kept flicking to me and Kellan, I felt myself tense a little

“Christine Relax… Kellan more hands on” Wendell called out

“Come on Chris. Relax girl just remember we are having a bit of fun that is all.” Kellan flashed the smile with his dimples that we all used to drool over when we saw him on the screen before I knew him. I smiled at him and nodded, he changed it to the sexy killer smile as a camera flash went off, I started to giggle how many girls would kill to have him smile at them like that now that smile did nothing to me other than make me laugh whereas the same smile from Chad had me hot and bothered and meant we were late for almost everything we did.

“Easy for you to say, you have on your pants still. I mean G strings and thongs are one thing, but I mean just look. All I’m wearing is my bra” I threw my hands up in the air and then realized what I said when people looked over. “Well actually don’t look.” I moved more behind Kellan

“What difference does it make when the whole world will see you like that once they are printed?” He smirked trying to get me riled up.

“Thanks you are so reassuring sometimes Kellan.” I smiled shaking my head at him. “You know sometimes I think you are just as bad as the other guys” I pouted and went to turn away turn away.

“Look deep into his eyes… feel the passion Christine” Wendell barked out

“Yay I’m one of the guys.” He chuckled as I looked at him. “But no offense Chris, it’s nothing new. I’ve already seen and played and did much more to everything down there it’s a total case of been there done that” I felt the color rise in my cheeks

“I could so kill you right now.” I groaned knowing he was trying to get my mind off everything around us

“No you don’t, you love me and so does Chad and you would both miss me if you killed me.”

“Perfect coloring Chris. Its seems like you are actually shy with him.” Chad shouted with a chuckle from the other side of the room now forcing even more people to stare at me without clothes.

“I know, it’s just… I mean I do enough freaking out when I have to be in my underwear and now that they are gone, well its only worse.” I shot Chad a look he winked at me and bit his lip making me forget my train of thought, till Kellan laughed

“You have to be kidding me. You had to have known they would do this at some point after that awards show dress and with a body like that You were going to have to get naked at some point” he put his hands on my hips “You are hot Chris, in a my best friend is good looking sort of way.” He chuckled. “Don’t worry I know you were secretly thinking that about me too.” I swatted him when Wendell paced the floor talking on his phone.

“You’re an idiot; don’t you ever get over your looks? I teased back. Kellan put his hands to his mouth feigning shock

“Of course not. I’m a model” He lifted his chin showing his profile “Well except when I’m acting and then I’m about my attitude not just looks. At least that is what my brothers think and my sister just gives me crap” snorted with laughter letting all of the tension go Chad just smiled and nodded as he answered his phone still watching us from the shadows. Kellan Smiled the ‘I know as you’re my best friend and I have your back smile’ this time.

“Finally she loosens up a bit. That quick temper of yours apparently doesn’t work when you are on the job and plus I’m too close in case you actually got mad” he winked at me as the director sat back down in his chair “Otherwise the only other way I know to get you to relax is we would have had to start dancing and that would piss off the director. Well that and the fact that we are both a little underdressed, you more than me, but I don’t think the guys here will complain.” I swatted him again for being his joking doofus self but I was glad like Chad said that it was Kellan rather than someone else.

“No I only do that at home for my husband.” I smiled looking over At Chad who was now talking to one of the photographers

“Chris I love you and Chad but I don’t need to know what goes on when you guys get down and dirty. Bad enough I get the texts when you guys are caught by the others mind you still gotta love the mother-in-law incident” I looked up at him biting my lip

“You really think Chad is okay with this though? I mean it’s a lot for a guy to handle?” Kellan frowned at me

“Chris, he is crazy about you and honestly I would rather loose the money than take this shoot if he wasn’t okay with it. You and Chad are amazing together and make a hot sexy singing couple.” As I giggled he groaned. “Great they are going to think I am gay by the end of the week and the newspapers will have me disrupting the wedding to steal Chad from you.”

“Rather you after him than other people” I sighed; he looked confused but didn’t get a chance to say anything. Wendell meant business whatever had been said on the phone had kicked his ass up a gear. He barked out orders to Kellan and I making it not feel easy as the music had turned to a strong steady beat, like you wanted to move to slowly. Chad stepped forward

“Instead of telling them what to do let them do it” he suggested making Kellan and I look at him “Chris listen to the music, feel the music baby” he smiled at me “Kellan whatever it takes dude” That was the words we needed I took a deep breath and focused on the music that was playing letting it take me and I imagined It was Chad holding me touching me everything became more fluid between Kellan and I. Each time I opened my eyes I made sure Chad was in my eye line the look between us making sure he knew I wanted him as soon as this was done.

Kellan moved into move my arm up the wall, his face inches from mine. I could feel the heat of his hand on my thigh as he pulled up on of my legs slightly. I closed my eys and let my mouth open slightly in a gasp.

“Amazing… incredible” Wendell shouted out… To anyone else, it looked like Kellan and I were going to get busy right there against the wall. “CUT” Wendell called out and went to review the last few scenes Kellan started to make me laugh keeping me relaxed. I looked over at Chad he had the look of total I’m going to take you here and now on his face, I stumbled a bit and lost my composure from that look alone. He lifted a camera and snapped some picture Hell I don’t let him loose with the camera Dan had given me so who’d let him have that one. I watched the smirk on his face and my face lit up if these pictures were anything like the ones he took the other night with his camera we’d have to lock them in the safe.

“Focus Mrs. Kroeger you’re tensing up again” Kellan moved again so his face was in the base of my neck away from the camera. I leant my head back it looked like he was nibbling but in reality was talking “Just forget about everything and just think of your husband standing there taking your picture and make him sweat a bit” Kellan chuckled low “You know how much he adores you in anything, just imagine what you would do to him right now.” I smirked at that.

“Uh-oh maybe I shouldn’t have said that… By that look man do I feel bad for Chad poor guy will need oxygen”

I started taking Kellan’s words to heart. Each pose had an arch or an angle or a facial expression that I knew would look perfect to Chad and him alone, I could tell by the smile, he was enjoying this as he tried to not look turned on. I was completely into each scene and after a while even forgot that Kellan was with me, using him more as a prop to make Chad more turned on. I was sure at one point there was a growl from that direction

“Cut… Just take some stills while I review” Wendell called out I took a deep breath we’d been all over the set in different positions and placements, I looked up and looked for Chad and frowned he was missing, I then started to smirk at the thought of him having to step out for a moment and take care of things. I tried to crane my neck round Kellan was looking off to the left he moved his left arm raising it up pushing it through his hair blocking my view


“Do your muscles have to be quiet so big? I mean I can’t even see past them…” I smirked

“I know Chris that was the point.” I looked confused making him laugh. “we have to finish the scene and the director just told me to put it there weren’t you listening?” He cocked his head his eyes full of trouble “Plus if you keep posing like that your husband is going to either jump you or have problems getting in the car to go home.”

“Alright I guess I can wait until I get home to drive him nuts” I sighed “bout time he got pay back he does the same to me. I mean I can’t even go into the studio without turning red anymore.” Kellan looked over his shoulder and then looked back at me

“Ready” I nodded

Kellan put one hand on my waist as he slowly stepped backwards but putting his head slightly tilted to the left blocking my view of the cameras. He’d brought me forward aby a few steps from the wall. I looked up at him wondering what it was he was doing. I figured he was probably blocking out the cameras so I wouldn’t get all worked up again.

We got back to focusing as Kellan lifted one arm in the air and held the other behind my back while leaning me back slightly So his chest was pressed against mine. I remembered Chad was somewhere watching and did the lip bite that drove him wild while Half closing my eyes angling my head so he would be sure to see it. Kellan moved quickly raised both of my hands in one of his perfectly above my head while his other was on the top of my thigh. He held me in place and glanced over my shoulder for a second before returning to that serious one move and I will jump you look the director wanted for the cameras. His arm anchoring me from swaying.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as another set of arms encircled me. I immediately reacted as his scent hit me the same scent from the shower this morning and the fingers of the hand that trailed across my stomach no girl would doubt. I tensed a little thinking of how the director was going to react to this. As Kellan still held me, Chad’s hand moved slowly up over my ribs to gently graze the lace over the lace cup of the bra, his other hand on the opposite hip to Kellan’s hand but a lot lower, his fingertips only inches from where I needed it.

“Don’t worry Sweetheart… just go with it.”His voice was dangerously low and husky in my ear, sending my mind in to a tailspin. His fingers started to gently stroke in circles, seeming innocent but driving me insane.

I bit my lip suppressing the moan that wanted to escape them I started to squirm a little. Kellan took my arms placing my arms around his neck while planting his feet square to his shoulders and leaning back with both his hands in his back pockets arching my back while giving my back to Chad. He ran his nose slowly down my spine then traced back up with his the tip of his tongue leaving a slight moisture trail which he promptly blew lightly over. The warm air made me shiver, my eyes immediately shutting as my head tilted back. I could feel one of his hands on my butt the other in my hair.

From the outside looking in it must have looked rather interesting like Kellan was watching as Chad drove me to the point of want. I heard a chuckle and Kellan eased me back to stand straight, I leant back against Chad’s body. The warmth of his chest made me realize he mirrored Kellan, they only had their Jeans on and nothing else.

“Well I have to say I haven’t had this much fun or err this type of innocent fun at a shoot since, err well since the last time we did the three of us in a shoot.” Kellan chuckled I felt the blush in my cheeks at the thought of the three of us in Japan

“Ha, that is not what your sister said about a certain model you shot with in Switzerland. All I have to say is next time lock the door to the changing room and that was a lot to spend because you ripped the shoot items.” I laughed, he raised his eyebrow looking at me as Chad chuckled

“Oh Says the girl who got has gotten walked in on, overheard on a plane and then over the speakers in the studio” Kellan pretended to look hurt. Chad kissed me on my cheek his arms wrapping round my waist

“You’re just jealous Lutz. My wife and I just happen to have a lot of accidental PDA.” Chad grinned teasing Kellan

The fun and laughter between the three of us carried on with Chad touching me gently in places that he knew made my knees go weak like the tiny flicking motion on the small of my back with those amazing fingers. I would have done anything to make everyone leave so I could get him alone and naked. He kept giving me the looks that drove me crazy he had a way of smiling that made his eyes scream come to bed.

Chad looked over my shoulder at Kellan and winked at him Kellan nodded and the two of them converged on my Kellan this time at my back my chest tight against Chad’s. I felt Kellan’s warm breath on my shoulder where he dropped a gently little kiss before capturing my bra strap in his teeth his fingers looping under the other pulling it slightly down over my shoulder. But I was too busy caught up in Chad. I had my face at the side of his neck as my lips slowly moved to his throat.

“Damn tha’ts just hot” Someone coughed bringing the three of us back to our senses I felt a slight snap from the bra strap as Kellan let go making me smile and then the heat from his body was gone from my back

“Well that’s what you call a sandwich” he chuckled Making Chad smile before pulling me into his arms and his mouth claiming mine letting everyone know without a shadow of a doubt who I was with.

“Damn Sweetheart, Do you have any idea how much of a turn on you are right now” he all but growled, I looked at him

“You think you are the only one turned on? I just did a threesome shoot with my husband without any underwear on.” I bit my lip

“Too bad we’re not alone.” He murmured “Seeing you with him and looking at me….”

“Hey will you two give it a rest…” Kellan came over and handed me a robe “or at least let everyone leave before you throw her on the bed” we looked at him “and don’t’ try to deny it’s what you’re both thinking” he chuckled “We need to get out they have to be out of here by six” he stepped away “and I have to make some plans” he rubbed his hands together and disappeared from view into a room. I looked at Chad as he helped me into the robe.

“I’ll go get dressed and then you can take me home” My voice was breathy and shaky “Because if you don’t release the tension in my right now I might explode” I kissed him and walked away to go change……………….

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