Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - ACCD

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



…………. I could here Chad and Kellan talking and laughing and something was mentioned about his bachelor party and then some serious laughter, those two worry me. I slipped off the robe and the bra and moved them aside and put my own stuff back on, the door knock


“Who is it?”


“Me” I opened the door for Chad so he could come in while hiding myself behind so no one passing by could see me which was ironic after being half naked most of the day. I turned to reach for my shirt, Chad stopped me, his hands slowly moved up and down the sides of my body as he stood back a little to admire the underwear I’d put on that morning. His fingers trailed over the fabric and lace lightly. “This is usually the stuff you bring back from the shoot, not take with you.” I looked down and shrugged


 “I know but I wanted to feel a little more confident about today” I looked at him “Considering this has driven me to the point of becoming a nervous wreck. I’m glad it’s over and done”


 “It has been a long day” He nodded “but I’ve been thinking about you since we left the house. I knew that with shoes like that you had to something amazing under those shorts and shirt.” He leaned forward gently nuzzling my neck. “Though I wouldn’t have minded you wearing nothing at all” My head tilted to the side to give him better access. The feelings from the shoot came rushing back as if we had never stopped my body arching in to him my eyes sliding closed


 “I treated myself to these after I couldn’t find the set that I had on in the game room” I murmured


 “It’s alright. They will turn up eventually although we are going to have quite a story for the house keeper if she finds them” He kissed my jaw “I’m sure you can make the money back the next time we have fun with the pole in our room” he nipped at the soft spot under my ear “I’ll make sure I have enough fifties for you” he chuckled moving to the front of my throat “I promise”


I couldn’t even think, I could feel the vibrations of him speaking with every hot breath, I wanted his hands on me mot just his mouth. He looked at me and smiled wrapping his fingers in my hair, the hand other pulling me closer to him. His mouth crashed down on mine again in a kiss that made the other look like a peck on the cheek. His tongue mirrored the urgency in him quickly moving against mine as I felt his hands moving over my skin as if he’d read my mind. I wrapped one leg around his thigh, I could feel the heat of his body through his jeans against the nearly there lace of my underwear


I needed to be closer… I wanted more of him. I wanted to protest as his mouth moved away from mine. My Fingers gripped his shoulders as he sucked the hollow of my throat as his hands moved to do undo the bra. He fumbled with the clasp at the back and I could feel his fingers shaking he was wound so tight right now


 “Why the hell do they make these things so small for? I mean haven’t they heard of Velcro or laces?”  I laughed stopping him as I trailed my fingers down the front of his shirt his eyes growing darker as I trailed my fingers over  the front of his jeans his jeans as he inhaled sharply. He moaned a little dropping his head captured one of my nipples through the bra material. The feeling of the lace between his lips and my hardening flesh made my legs want to give out. He took the other one in his hand stroking slowly.  His eyes flicking up to meet mine I moved pushing him away slightly my mails taking over from my hand making his eyes flare and him catch his breath, he was wide awake and ready for business. He went for my bra again and stopped as my fingers toyed with the waist band of his jeans, his eyes slammed shut and his hands gripped my arms I let my fingers dip inside touching him lightly he bit his lip and shuddered slightly.

“Damn Christine, we can’t….”  he sighed opening h is eyes and looking at me


“What?” I smiled as my hand encased him and my other hand undid his belt and button for more ease of access He shook his head


“I don’t know, I can’t think anymore.” He gave up on trying to unhook my bra. I didn’t even care as he ripped the thin piece of lace at the front as well as the ribbon strap. He just wanted to get closer and I wanted him to


“Chad I can’t wait any longer, I need you.” I moaned as the heat from his hands fell on my breasts


“Same here baby” He backed me against the back of the couch that was in the room “Right here right now… I don’t care” I let go of him my hands started to push down on his jeans to get them off and set him free


“So you guys ready to leave the….oh Shit….” Kellan looked at both of us as he walked in and stood in the doorway. He turned red and rubbed his hand on the back of his neck letting an awkward silence follow. Chad’s forehead dropped to mine as we both tried to slow down our breathing as reality crashed back quickly. Chad Concentrated on his breathing trying to redirect the blood flow from his groin to the rest of his body. Kellan looked everywhere than at us “Er… right sorry guys… I just thought…well the door was partially open and…actually I was sent…to see if you were ready…but er… apparently you were ready but just for something else”.  He took a deep breath to stop rambling and bet to pick up the robe I’d used and he tossed it to me as Chad looked down at himself and fastened his button and belt. I put the robe against me and Kellan looked up flashing his sneaky grin. “Okay I’m going to say bye since I have to get going for an advertising thing before I take this lovely wardrobe girl, also known as Katrina, to dinner and see how things go.” He rubbed his hands together and got a mischevious twinkle in his eyes. Chad walked over to him and shook his hand


“Okay man, see you soon… and don’t’ do anything I wouldn’t” Kellan just rasied his eyebrows at him as I groaned and shook my head.


“We’ll talk on the phone soon so we can make plans when we are both free” Kellan nodded at him “Chris, I will call you I need to talk about some things” At this point I was still trying to clear my head from the things Chad was doing to me before to understand what Kellan was saying “She’s not getting it” He chuckled “Chad, Hopefully tonight I will have my own midnight queen” He poked his tongue out and wiggled his eye brows. I pulled a face and looked at  Chad


 “See I told you this would happen when you sent him a copy of the album before it was out” I smiled Chad looked at me and put his hands on his hips


 “Please you agreed with the idea and called him before I could even finish sending it out. And we both know how that song came about after you…”


“DON’T” Kellan shouted from the other side of the room jokingly scrunching up his nose “I DO NOT want to know anything else about how that song came about. I think I just saw more than enough” He shuddered. “Last thing I want to think about tonight with her is you two… no offense of course”



“No problem man we definitely don’t want to be thinking about you during those times either.” He shuddered back


“You two kill me” I shook my head at both of them Kellan winked at me and  put his hand on thedoor handle and waved his phone at me


 “Just wait until I talk to the guys and I tell them that I officially joined the A.C.C.D.” Chad and I looked at each other and shrugged and looked back at Kellan “ it’s the ‘Accidental Chris and Chad on Display club’ and am definitely now the vice president after your mom. Next time I see you both I will teach you how to lock doors. Catch you guys next time.” He laughed closing the door after him.


The air between Chad and I was still charged with the tension from before He ran his hand through his hair and glanced at me


“If I  stay here another minute I won’t let anything stop me because you are just so hot right now. Unfortunately with our luck the director or the wardrobe girl will walk in and I have had enough threesomes for today.” He sighed coming over to me and dropped a kiss gently on my “Why don’t you finish getting dressed and I’ll go wait for you outside by the car” I nodded and watched his ass as he turned round I took a step after him and slapped it. He looked over his shoulder at me “Don’t tempt me Sweetheart because I have a so little self control and right now I am still contemplating taking you on the bed in the middle of the studio and to hell with whoever might be watching” He opened the door and stopped half way through “it’s one of the consequences of having such a sexy wife.” I raised my eyebrows.



“Tell me about it, you should see my husband… Damn hes hot”………………..

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