Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Embarassment and hate

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



……………… “Hey you up yet” Alfie called through the door I walked out of the bathroom with my tooth brush hanging from my mouth and pulled open the door. I took the toothbrush out


“I am thanks to Mir and her dumb ass forgetting the time difference” I walked back into the bathroom and rinsed “You look like hell”


“Yeah well it sounded like someone was torturing Monkeys in the room next door and believe me you seriously do not want to know where Kerion was putting strawberries” he shuddered


“Ew” I pulled a face.


“Ew… you gave them the damn stuff” he flopped on the bed “Oh And Lukas called we’ve got a flight out at noon”


“I know he called me as well” Alfie looked at me


‘Did you tell him about your Mom?”


“No, I sat down I’ll talk to him face to face, I just want to go see Chad” Alfie put his arm round my shoulders and huigged me “So is Page coming with us to Europe?” I got up and poured two coffee’s and handed one to Alfie.


“Yep, but I don’t’ think she realizes what it’s going to be like”


“Hell d any of us” I laughed as the door knocked I walked over to it and opened it Suzanne and Pete walked in with Danny.




“Did you get kept awake last night?’ Alfie looked at them


“Nope we gave back as good as we got’ Suzanne giggled and blushed


“EW… Too much information for this early” Danny yawned pouring himself some coffee


“Did you tell him about Reba?’ I asked sitting on the table


“No not yet they were a little er…” the door opened


“Hey guys” Kerion walked in with a shy looking Page “Chris I love you thank you” he hugged me


“Hey don’t thank me thank Chad he does that sort of thing” I teased Looking at Page “You ready for a long flight?”


I guess” she nodded trying to not look at me


“I’m Chris by the way” that made her look up “We didn’t get introduced properly yesterday… this is Alfie and Pete and this man mountain is Danny” I clapped my hand on his shoulder


“You were in the corps”


“Yes Ma’am” Danny nodded


“Kerion told me last night”


“Wait till you meet Corey as well” Pete smiled as he lay back on my bed playing angry birds on his phone “Oh and excuse the girl in the wardrobe room she’s nuts”


“Hey, I’ll tell her and you want to go out on stage in ass less chaps and a pink shirt keep it up” I threw a pillow at him Page was wide eyed. Danny sank the rest of his coffee


‘You’ll get used to them they’re normally like this” he laughed


“You think we’re crazy wait till you meet the others”


‘Yes Ma’am” she smiled


‘Okay I know it’s a Marine thing but it’s Chris” I looked at her “Ma’am is my Mother-in-law” the guys started to laugh “Okay  knock it off” I groaned they always got the giggles when Chad’s mom was mentioned after the way her and I met. My phone rang.


Me * Save me

Kellan * okay why?

Pete * she mentioned Chad’s mom


Kellan started to laugh


Me * hey you’re supposed to be my friend

Kellan * sweetie I am but getting caught bare assed naked impaled on her son is one hell of a ‘hello nice to meet you’


I groaned as everyone fell around laughing and Page looked at me her mouth open


Me * you have such a way with words and I was so not impaled on him… till she left and went up to the kitchen


I got bombarded with pillows


Me * so what’s up?

Kellan * I wanted to make sure you knew about the shoot

Me * I haven’t seen anything

Kellan well check your e-mails and ask Lukas because apparently they want not only a shoot they want a commercial as well

Me * I can’t act

Kellan * Chris you and Stage Chris are too totally different people you can act with the best of them and I don’t think you’ll be saying anything it’s more of just the underwear stuff

Me * you as well

Kellan * yup

Me * that’s okay them I’m not doing it alone


 I chewed my lip


Kellan * so did Kerion finally man up to his hot nurse


We all looked at Page


Alfie * oh manned up and hot monkey love that kept some of us up all night” POage hid behind Kerion

Kellan  * Nice.. hell I gotta get me some as…


Kellan* sorry but I’ts been a few weeks

Me * well get out and find someone dumbass

Kellan * Chris I’m in Russia right now filming and believe me the girls on the crew ain’t up to much

Me * OH my good do I have to call your Mom and sister

Kellan * oh that’s not fair Chris pulling out the Mom card

Me * you know your sister wants to fix you up

Kellan * I’m losing you… you’re breaking up…


He was laughing


Kellan * tell Chad hi and love ya girl

Me * love you too


I hung up and tossed my phone on the bed Kerion was shaking his head and smiling I looked at a red page


“Sorry you’ll have to get used to the guys in our lives or they’ll eat you alive” I grinned “Or carry a weapon and shot the buggers” Danny’s phone rang.


“Car’s waiting guys”  we all walked out of the room I caught Page’s arm as we got to the elevators


“You guys go we’ll catch up” she looked at me Kerion opened his mouth Alfie pulled him into the elevator as Suzanne and I waited with Page. The doors closed She looked from me to Suzanne and back again.


“Okay?” she cocked her head


‘Yeah I’m so sorry for embarrassing you it’s just that Kerions been like a kid when you’re mentioned and a lot of people have been eager to talk to you and meet you” I held her hands “I know your tough as nails and you’re one of the bravest people I know but don’t take crap from anyone not me not the guys none of them stand up to them and call them out like you did with Pete and his blow up girlfriend” Page smiled


Hey” Suzanne pouted


He was being an ass so she took him down” I explained


“Oh that’s okay them” Suzanne pressed the button for the elevator “But Chris is right you’ll get star struck and that’s when they strike” we stepped in the elevator “I still do so we stick together”


‘Wow you’re so normal” she looked at me


“Okay that I’ll take as a compliment” I laughed as we got out in the lobby


“Mrs. Kroeger” I looked round this was left for you” the manager walked over and handed me a package “and I hope you enjoyed your stay” I smiled and nodded at him as we carried on out to the car I unwrapped the gift and looked at the book in my hand the title screaming at me ‘MARRIED, UNGRATFUL ROCK STAR’ from the author that brought you Rock baby the continuation of the Stephanie Sanders books.


“Damn” Suzanne muttered as I shook my head………………

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