Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Long 20 minutes

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



I walked out of the house and stopped dead, My heart was in my mouth and I got butterflies in my stomach. Chad was leaning against the car with his legs crossed at the ankles, his head tilted down as he was checking messages on his phone. Damn he looked good. I felt like a school girl with a crush. He must have felt me looking at him because he looked up. I could image those sexy blue eyes behind the glasses as he gave me the I love you grin, the special genuine one he only did for the people he cares about not the public smile everyone saw. What I ever did to deserve such a wonderful man I will never know, but it doesn’t matter because I am keeping him no matter what, I swallowed the nervous ball of emotion that threatened to send me in to his arms in tears.



I walked up to him as he uncrossed his legs, waiting for me to come to him the smile not changing as he tossed his phone on to the driver’s seat through the open window. I stopped between his legs as he lazily rested his arms around my hips.


“Kellan gone?”


“Yea his manager called and yelled at him for talking so long so he rolled his eyes and hung up on him but had to leave  some girl called him and he turned bright red” he tipped his head at me “Oh he said to remind you that he would give you a call about a date for something that you Knew what he was talking about?” Chad looked really puzzled, I smiled at him and pushed his glasses back on his head. He moved his fingers through my hair playing with it. “Now is your husband supposed to be relaying a message about you going on a date with another man?”


 “What other man it’s just Kellan. “ I laughed. “He has to check something over for me but no big deal. Plus the only one I want is you.”I reached up and my lips against his.


I pulled back he moved with me holding my lips against his still soft and tender, slower than it was when we were inside till his tongue flicked my bottom lip, my mouth opening in eager response, he pulled away a naughty smile on his lips putting his hands on my hips and putting daylight between us. I looked up a little confused as to why he’d stopped, I just hoped he hadn’t changed his mind about being okay with what had happened with Kellan and the shoot


“Hey Chad you really were okay about the shoot right? You are not changing your mind?”  I bit my lip as I looked up at him. “ I knew you’d have problems….” I felt my heart rate increase and fought back the urge to cry. He waited while his breathing calmed down and cupped my face.


“Oh Sweetheart I meant it. I have no problems with that shoot because at the end of the night, I am the one who takes you home and you are in my bed” He pulled me close to him “Even I can admit that those were some really hot pictures and I’m so proud of you for doing something even though you weren’t totally comfortable with it but I wasn’t going to let you fall baby” he ran his fingers down my cheek “And damn you’re the most beautiful woman I know and I get to call you my wife” I closed my eyes and leant into his hand “I want… I need to get you home and be with you and in you” he kissed me “I want to feel you all over me” He let out a long sigh trying to act like he was fine but his eyes mirrored mine when we looked at each other We both needed the same thing it was all too obvious to anyone around us. He opened the door for me his hand caressing my back as I got in.


He got in and started the engine, smiling at the engine sound from his Lamborghini. I had Mac he had Mutton and damn he looked good behind the wheel, I wanted him so bad and it took everything in me to not reach over and pull a reenactment of ‘Animals’ . Chad peeled out of the parking lot as if someone has just lit the car on fire the smile on his face at being able to drive rather than be driven. I had already calculated the 20 minutes to get home may be the longest 20 minutes of my life. He reached his hand across the console, gently landing just above my knee his fingers rubbing lightly


“I know that look Chris and as much as I would love it the answer is no.” I raised an eyebrow at him. Laughed and shook his head. “Oh please you know that we are both thinking it. There are things you want to do to me right now and I know there are quite a few things I am thinking of doing with you, but we can’t because you never know who is on the other side of the window. And I would love to pull over in one of these shaded areas, but someone would notice the car sort of stands out” He actually looked really disappointed He rested his arm on the sill and rubbed his head


“I know… sometimes I just wish we weren’t famous so once and a while we could even try stupid stuff like that without getting caught” I touched the back of his hands that was on my leg “Now we always have to worry about who says what and does what” I started to laugh


“What?” He glanced at me as we stopped at a set of lights.


“I kind of want to do it just to give Lukas something more to worry about.”  He grinned at me, I looked out of the window. When I looked up to glance at him, he had a smirk on his face, the type that usually meant he is up to trouble.


“True but sometimes the wait can be so good” He ran his tongue over his lips making me squeeze my legs together to try to ease the sudden burn I had, I frowned at him


“This coming from the guy got down and dirty with me in the VIP bathroom after taking a body shot is telling he that he likes to wait?” I scoffed “ What about when I do this…”


I moved my hand reaching for him but he knew me to well and preempted it, catching my hand and putting it back in my own lap. He put his own hand back where it had been on my thigh and resumed the stroking placed my hand,


“ If I don’t get to touch yet neither do you. None of that until we get home” He’d lowered his voice using the huskiness he knew I loved.  I pouted at him but had to stop to catch my breath as he moved his hand lightly higher, making the movement but slower so it felt more sensual Damn if you’ve never had a man that plays guitar I’d recommended you find one they can do things with their fingers….  I moved his hand back down my leg and tried to compose myself… well that was like trying to make ice cream in the desert. I took a deep breath


“So what do you want to do until we get home? Listen to the radio or we could talk about the wedding…but I will be honest. I probably won’t be able to focus on a word you say regardless of what the topic is.” He looked like he had a plan as he did the one side grin.


 “Oh really?” He peeped over at me from the side of his eyes. “I am pretty sure I can think of something that will keep your attention”


“You said no touching” I cocked my head


“I wasn’t going to touch just use my mouth for other things” Oh if he started singing we were going to pull right over and get busy whether he wanted to or not……………

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