Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Try to kill each other

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



……………….. “How about we talk about what is on my mind…” he looked over at me as his left hand rested on the wheel lazily while the right hand continued it’s relentless caress on my thigh.

“And just what is on your mind?’ I smirked at him

“You, and how when we get home I plan on taking you in my arms and get you out of those clothes. I hope you’re not attached to them to much because I’m not promising being gently” He bit down on his lower lip and inhaled. “then  I’ll pull you close to me and start kissing you gently at first making you want more and more as my fingers touch you everywhere apart from where you really want them” he’d lowered his voice again as if we were about to be overheard. Feeling you’re body pressed against mine”

I could barely breathe and felt like all the air had been sucked out of the car and the heat cranked up like it was mid-winter. I reached for the window button wanting to try to cool the heat on my skin and heard a chuckled as Chad had already rolled them down he moved his hand from my leg for a minute as the window went up and he cranked up the air con up to arctic freeze.

Oh he’d done it he’d got me work up just by talking to me and he’d left me hanging, but he knew he’d have this effect he liked to do it when there was no way in hell I could do anything about it like if he called me when I was doing something or he sent me a text message telling me what he had planned when I was in the middle of a meet and greet or interview. But two could play that game I wanted to hear more of his plan just for me but I was going to do a little oral myself.

“Hmmmm…. Is that all… you just want my body against yours?” I sighed making my voice sound like it did when he got me worked up. I grinned at the change in his expression as he shuddered a little at my tone

“No, that is not all” He cleared his throat a little “My hands will only be the start of it till my Lips consume yours showing you what I am planning to do to your body. My mouth will move down your neck to your breasts taking each one as my fingers move lower. I’ll  put kisses everywhere as I make my way down nipping at your stomach playing with the simple red ring I know you have in your belly button” I heard the moan come from me as I had to press my thighs together to try to ease the building tension” He smiled at me knowing that he was gaining the upper hand “I’m going to have you wanting more and more as my fingers play you like my favorite  guitar” to anyone else that might have been and insult but damn you’ve seen him with a guitar “I’ll get you so close before I have to have you completely, filling you feeling you on me… Making you moan my name as I take you over the edge as we both come  and I hold you in my arms as we both come back down” He looked over at me and flashed his grin at me before looking back to the road“ And that is how I plan for tonight to go. “Any questions?”

I inhaled deeply before I even looked at him, trying not to have a ‘When Harry met Sally” moment knowing I would need to keep my voice steady to get through this part. Oh he was good, especially since he basically described how it was with us most of the time. I laughed snapping Chad out of his obvious fantasy as he glanced over at me.


“Something funny? Don’t you think that it will be like that when we get home?” He frowned, I slowly blinked giving him the I want you look I ran my tongue over my lips

 “Oh I know it could be like that but no it won’t be” I shook my head, he raised his eye brows 

“Hmmmph… really? Why do you say that Mrs. Kroeger?” I had him hook, line and sinker. Score for the girls

“You seem to forget Chad. I like to have my way as well. You left that part out of your story” I adjusted the seatbelt turning to face, watching his every movement, his every breath wondering if I could send him close to the edge like he had gotten me. Oh this was definitely going to be good. “I know what you like” My voice was breathy and husky “I’ll slowly move my hands over your shoulders and play across your chest. My fingers will trail down finding their happy path to what I want most” I blew lightly watching his hair move round by his ear and the goose bumps break out on his arm “and I know my friend is going to be more than glad to come out and play. You are enjoying the feeling of me just holding you slowly stroking you” He swallowed hard his grip increased on the wheel “Can you imagine the feel of my lips baby as they slowly kiss your body?” I lowered my voice more and moved closer so his right arm was brushing against my breasts “Add the feeling of my mouth on you joining in with the stroking of my hand, making you moan your fingers knotted in my hair… You’re so damn close but you want to be in me Baby don’t you… You wrap my legs round you as you find where you want to be, My nails are going to leave marks on your back so everyone tomorrow will know what or rather who you were doing last night, then it’s my turn to take you making you scream my name loud enough for them to here In the U.S.” I eased back in the seat as he wound down the window and entered the code for our gate, I could see his hand shaking he flexed his fingers trying to loosen them from gripping the wheel s so hard.  “That’s why I think it’ll be like tonight... Think you can handle that?” He stopped the car in front of the house and turned off the engine and took off his glasses and looked at me lust and sheer hunger in his eyes

“Only if you think you can handle what I had planned for you”………………..

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