Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - in the door

Submitted: February 05, 2012

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



……………. Chad opened his door and stepped out I realized that we had gotten home in half the time it had taken to get there earlier, Chad must have had more practice on the race track than I thought or maybe he was just in that much of a hurry to get me home. I had a feeling we weren’t going to make it to the stairs let alone the bedroom

Chad at the side of the car and started to pat down his pockets fishing about deep in his front pockets.

“Hey, that’s mine to play with I got him happy so I can do that for you” I laughed getting, he was scowling now and getting frustrated they should be here…somewhere…” Then he stopped and let out a groan his shoulders slumped along with his head “Or I might have left them in the studio” he looked at me “See this is why I should not work on songs before leaving the house. well that and the fact that I was sitting on the couch and somehow thoughts of a certain person led me astray.” He tipped his head as he looked at me and smiled hopefully. “Did you by any chance bring your keys because I really need to get you in the house to have my wicked way with you.”

“The Keys” I smiled “You forgot the house keys” time to have more found with him “Mr. Kroeger you should be prepared at all times” I walked over to him making sure that he watched my hips moving “I mean you have your wife here slowly cooling down all because you forgot your house keys” I teased

“Do you have your Keys?’ He put his hands on his hips I nodded

“In my purse” I bit my bottom lipo and trailed my nails over the front of his jeans “Looks like someone’s going to sleep” I glanced down. His eyes followed mine

“Sleep” he scoffed moving me back against his car “You think he’s going to sleep…”His hands were on either sides of my hips He rubbed against me and there was nothing sleeping. My breath caught in my throat  pressed into me more his face inches from mine He pulled one of my legs up his fingers edging under the jersey of my shorts “You think after what I’ve witnessed and you told me you wanted to do I’m going to let you off” I closed my eyes as he trailed his fingers over the lace of my panties. My hands gripped onto his upper arms to keep me from sliding to the floor. He smiled at me leaning me against the side of the car, lifting my leg more as his fingers toyed and played so close to where I wanted. He moved in to kiss me his tongue stroking my bottom lip before he bit it gently leaning me further back against the car.

“Get the keys” I moaned into the kiss “I need you” He moved his hand and let go of my leg, Part of me wanted to protest because I missed his teasing fingers He grabbed the keys from the top of my purse and grabbed my hand before I was even sure my legs worked.

“Come on we need to be in the house NOW.  I can’t wait.” I stumbled along a bit, really wishing I had worn sneakers for once in case my legs didn’t hold. But then if I hadn’t been in my heels, there is no way he would have had such good leverage when touching me.

 He was visibly shaking with need to get into the house he struggled with the key it slipped from the door twice. I was behind him My fingers trailing over his skin under his t-shirt as he tried to open the door. I leaned over and blew on his ear, I moved my hand forward to gently tracing his jeans teasing him wanting to get the jeans off of him.

“Fuck” he moaned as he almost lost the key again. I put my hand over his hand helped him put the key in the lock “We need to get a keypad” he muttered as the door swung open and pulled me to him barely getting us inside before kicked it shut with his heel. The keys dropped to the floor as he leaned me back against the wall.

My hands we’re already pulling up his shirt as he was doing the same to mine dropping them on the tile floor. I could barely think as the rest of our clothing followed. I felt Chad’s lips moving along my neck to my shoulders as my nails moved along his back. I was sure that would leave marks tomorrow. They moved down to rest on his butt holding him to me. He pulled up one of my legs to his waist, and he pulled off my using his body to hold me up against the wall as he did the same with the other. His mouth moved against mine before starting to move lower. He was surprised as I suddenly pushed him away mind you so was I it took everything I had

“Remember what I said Chad. It’s not all about getting your way.” I smirked at that as I quickly moved him backwards in the next room. My hand moved down his chest to grip him tight I licked my lips as he groaned pushing himself into my hand more his fingers gripping my shoulders. I was going to make his want me more than he ever had.

I started stroking him as my mouth moved on his chest, feeling him shiver against me. I moved lower, until I was on my knees. He looked down at me his eyes wide taking it all in. I kissed from on hip[ to the other before taking him in my mouth, He groaned long and loud his hands were stroking my hair and I could tell he was making an effort not to just grip me hard. But I wanted him completely undone like I was right now. All I could think about was him right now. As I moved in taking him deeper, he moaned loud closed his eyes and threw back his head gripped my hair tight life his life depended on it but not hard enough to hurt. I smiled as he pulled me back up. His eyes glazed and wide the beads of perspiration breaking out all over him.

“My Turn” His voice was almost unrecognizable it was so on edge and hoarse……………

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