Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Brakingly good

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Submitted: February 06, 2012




……….. His eyes seemed to have darkened to an inky blue his voice more of a growl. He turned me around backing me up slowly his mouth claiming mine as its own, his hands on my hips guiding me. I felt the back of my knees hit the stool in front of the grand piano in the living room as I sat down hard. Chad didn’t pause even for a moment. He quickly pulled me back up and pushed me up against the keys, my elbows going to the top of the piano Arching my back against the cold ebony colored woos, I was glad that the housekeeper had been cleaning it and had left the top of it closed.

He pushed the bench underneath with his knees as his hands moved to my butt lifting me. The sounds of all the wrong notes on the piano being struck as all the right ones were being hit with me. I couldn’t focus on any thoughts as his mouth moved to my breasts taking one at a time. Oh it felt so good but I didn’t want to be teased any more I was done with teasing.

“More Chad” I moaned my head falling back on to the wood his tongue flicking over one of my nipples “I need more.” He stopped and looked at me with a smile on his lips

“Not yet” he breathed over the damp skin making me moan. Tonight is a long night and after seeing you teasing me at the shoot today I’m going to make you wait”

“Make me wait and you prolong it for yourself” I gasped, as he continued like a man on a mission. His lips dropping lower nipping at my stomach causing it to quiver against him he hadn’t lied in the car he caught the simple red belly ring in his lips and tugged on it


“Damn it Chad” My fingers went to his hair My legs moving either side of his shoulder. He lifted me up onto the top of the piano so I was sitting on the edge He looked at me and let go of the ring. We’d done this on the kitchen counter but never even thought of the piano this way but damn it was good even if it was the unwritten rule of music to mistreat your instruments is so wrong, but my mind was too  far gone to care. He moved lower, his lips kissing the inside of my thighs, continuing to nip gently. The anticipation was getting to me as I ran my hands through his hair loving how it felt. The air conditioning kicked in I felt the cool air on me but it was like sprinkling a thimble full of water on a forest fire air in the room was perfect but nothing could cool me down. He finally made his way to where I wanted him most.

I was incapable of words as he started to move his mouth against me, a pattern mimicking the strokes of his fingers in the car earlier. He managed that perfect balance of passion and gentleness as he drove me closer to the edge. The faster he moved, the more I writhed and before I knew it, I was completely on the piano My feet on the keys.  I was so close as his fingers added pressure along with the relentlessness of his mouth.

He Lifted his head and kissed the tattoos on the inside of my thighs before making a move that put him up in the piano with me. He bit his bottom lip as he bent his head again retaking what he wanted, moving faster and then slower as he brought me so close again. I knew I was moaning and screaming out, not that he minded. Chad knew what he was doing and he was an expert in doing it. But I wanted him as well, I told him I wanted my way and I was damn well going to get it, I pulled back his head as he looked up at me.

“Tell me what you want Chris.” He murmured

“I want… with me. I want you while you have me…Both of us together…now” I gasped not really understanding what I was saying but he seemed to get what I wanted. He closed his eyes for a minute composing himself. I grabbed him pulling him towards me tipping back my head to take him in my mouth again as his head dipped back down between my legs. He continued to move against me. The passion was building so quickly as it always did with us His hips moved as my mouth moved on him

“I am so close” he sighed the vibrations of his words strong against my skin. I moaned in response earning the same reaction from him as he felt it all around him. I could feel us almost there when all of a sudden there was a noise by my head. My hands gripped his butt and I stopped

“Er… Chad?”

He must have heard it as well he’d come up and turned around a bit as there was a groaning noise and a creak from under us. Chad moved next to me and was looking worried. There was another moaning wood sound under us as he looked in my eyes.

“Oh that can’t be good.” He frowned, as he finished saying it there was a loud cracking and a crash and all sorts of crazy notes that sounded like a toddler banging on the keys. I felt myself and Chad falling, I closed my eyes and grabbed him and waited for the pain but didn’t feel anything, as falling stopped Chad let out a grunt. And kept his eyes closed as I looked round and saw two of the legs on the piano had given out and by the looks of it the top and base we had been on top of. The keys were on the floor and some of the strings were sticking out but I didn’t care. I looked down at Chad and shook him.

“Chad are you okay? Are you hurt? Chad?” I started to panic he opened his eyes and looked at me checking me over making sure I was in one piece

 “I’m fine” he nodded “are you okay? Did anything hurt you?” I looked down and noticed that he had held me in my arms to protect me from getting hurt. He had protected me. And there was such caring in his eyes. I put my hand on the side of his face.

“I’m fine really. Thanks to you but you didn’t answer me are you okay?” I tried to lighten the mood. “Nothing got hurt? Or bent?” I smirked looking over his naked body, he smiled at me knowing that if I was joking around, then everything must be fine with me.


“I’ll live” he chuckled


“Thank god for that I don’t’ know how I’d have explained what happened to the EMT’s”

I got up and helped him up, both of us feeling a little bit of bruising and a few aches, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We looked down at what used to be our piano. He wrapped his arms round me

“See I told you we should have gotten it repaired the other day” I looked at him.”Alfie said it wobbled a little when we used it but how are we going to explain this?” He looked at me and shrugged.

“It was getting old anyway and we needed a new one. Especially after the song from the awards show, I love hearing you play it” He Nuzzled my neck. “Next week I promise we will go and get a new one together. But for right now I don’t care, I believe we have some unfinished business to take care of” Nothing kept Chad down for long

 “But we can’t just leave it here, can we?” He had moved behind me playing with my breasts as he kissed the back of my neck, quickly sending my mind back to the pre piano fun

“Why not?” he murmured “The guys aren’t coming out until tomorrow afternoon and after we take care of…” he nipped my neck his fingers sliding down my stomach “I mean… you know what they say all work and no play makes Chad a very, very sad guy and “ as his fingers moved down further I leant back into him “and Chris a very, very needy girl…”

“Hmmm true...” I nodded closing my eyes and putting my head back on his shoulder, The build up and need had been going on long enough I opened my eyes and looked at him my patience had run out. “What piano?” he chuckled and took a deep breath

“Come on lets go upstairs otherwise I will take you right on the floor and I think we had all the rough play we can take for one day.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I ran up the stairs as he slapped my ass following me closely. We headed into our room not closing the door, not caring, since we were the only ones in the house.

We both quickly stumbled to the bed as our bodies moved together. Neither of us could stand the tension any more. Our mouths moving over each other  as Chad had landed on the bed first, I got in top of  him quickly before he could even think of changing positions. With a leg on either side of his hips, I captured his mouth, our tongues battling as I positioned him inside of me. We both moaned into as we were finally joined after such a long build up.  I started to move slowly against him. I sat up with my hands on his chest as he held my hips helping me along his eyes taking all of me in. He quickly flipped me over. After the hardness of the piano incident the pillows felt a dream. He looked into my eyes the deep blue and seriousness of his face gaining my attention. He positioned himself over me again but didn’t move, no more teasing was all I could think.

“I love your Mrs. Kroeger with everything in me.” he smiled, I wrapped my arms around his neck feeling the school girl with a crush knot in my stomach again.

“I love you too Mr. Kroeger I never want this to end.” His face seemed to light up and pushed into me moving faster than I thought possible. He kept going faster and harder My Body rising to meet his. My hands moving all over his body and his mouth captured mine in a searing kiss our tongues matching our movements. I raised my legs around his hips lifting each of us higher. We both came hard, both of our names echoing off the walls and probably the mountains as well. He dropped his head to my shoulder as I hugged him tight to me he rolled onto the side next to me.

“That was…that was…” I started he looked over smiling at me

“Really something” he chuckled. I snuggled up to his chest, one leg over one of his as he pulled the covers over us. “I love you sweetheart”

“Thank you for loving me”

“That’s the easy  part” he nodded he wrapped his body round me the two of us drifted of in to and exhausted sleep…………..

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