Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Morning after the night before

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Submitted: February 06, 2012



……….. The sound of a summer storm woke us I looked at the clock and rolled over my body screaming with bruises from the night of piano breaking. Chad was lay on his a smile on his lips as he looked at me, I got wide eyed at the marks and scratches on his back other than my nail mark


“I’ll live baby” He chuckled “I’ve had worse remember the night in the woods” I started to giggle as I rolled back over next to him and he pulled me half under him to kiss me “Good morning”


“Good morning” I sighed snuggling down with him.


“Coffee?” He tossed back the covers on the bed as I nodded He got up and grabbed his robe and tossed mine on to the bed and kicked my Cow slippers across the floor to the side of the bed “Meet you in the kitchen” he lent over me and kissed me” I watched as he left the room I eased out of bed and pulled on the robe slipping my feet into the cow slippers I wiggled my feet and smiled down at them they were some of my favorite shoes I walked out the bed room and headed down the stairs as the front door opened


“Well good morning Sunshine” Dan looked at me and smiled “How was the…” he stopped walking as Ryan and Mike walked in and stopped looking at the pieces of broken piano on the living room floor and the discarded items of clothing


“OH MY GOD” Ryan looked up at me as Chad walked down from the kitchen two coffees in his hands and the sexy ‘I had a rockin night’ smile on his face Mike was shaking his head and Dan was laughing like crazy. “you two do know you are not going to live down this one?”


 “What did you two do?” Mike pinched the bridge of his nose “How did you..” Chad inhaled like he was about to talk. Mike held up his hand as Chad handed me a coffee “No… wait… wait, I don’t even want to know”


“Hey don’t tell me none of you have had the freaky sex that has left you battle scared and  furniture broken” Chad sipped his coffee and smirked “and if you’d been there yesterday at the shoot you’d understand”


“Oh god” I groaned and felt my cheeks flame red “I’m going to go shower” I turned back round and walked up the stairs


I sat in front of the mirror in the bathroom brushing my hair as the house phone rang. I picked it up.


Me * hello

Lukas * Hey any idea where Chad is

Me * did you try the studio?

Lukas * I didn’t think that they were going in there

Me * well they missed a day of recording yesterday

Lukas * they did?

Me * try calling the studio Lukas


I hung up the phone muttering about how to insert different objects in to places where the sun doesn’t even smile at Lukas let alone shine from. I walked back down the stairs and out to Chad’s car and retrieved my purse taking my phone from it as I went back inside and into the kitchen I sat on the  counter.


“Hey Sweetheart” Chad called out


“I’m in the kitchen” I looked round as he walked in “Did Lukas talk to you” the happy smile was gone from Chad’s face


“Yeah… I have to go into the city for a meeting?”

“Will you be back into me for dinner?”


“Hell yeah” he nodded “it’ll be a couple of hours max”


“Are guys all going with you?” he put his hands on the counter either side of me


“No, it’s a business thing, they guys are in the studio if you need them for anything” he kissed me “Love you”


“Hey” I caught his hand “You okay you look a little pissy”


“I’m fine” he smiled


“I”ll cook tonight”


“Sounds good” he walked out. I walked to the front door and watched him drive away, my phone vibrated in my hand I looked at it and answered it


Me * Hey you guys get back to Florida okay?

Heidi * I did Mir went to New York
Me * what?

Heidi * she said she had to go look at samples of your wedding gown

Me * she didn’t tell me anything about it

Heidi * I was going to ask you if you knew what was wrong with her

Me * nope she’s quiet… I’m still thinking she’s pregnant

Heidi * really?

Me *  yep… I’m going to have to sit her down and get it out of her

Heidi * I tried to Call Xander and Jackson to ask about it and neither of them answered

Me * I tried to call Xander as well yesterday but I was busy, you think they might have gone to New York to her

Heidi * I thought that had exams but Xander would do anything to get time with  her… and Oh yeah how did it go, glad of the wax job

Me * it was insane and yes what did Alfie think

Alfie * Alfie is in heaven now Chris

Me * damn you and Chad should compare notes and get with Xand

Alfie * Oh hell know I do not need to know anymore about you and Chad getting down and dirty… We get a text from Kellan saying he’s now VP of the walking in on you club and then I got the pictures of the piano that two months ago I was sitting at.

Me * Oh shut up… I have to go try to call Mir and Xander and find out what’s going on

Alfie * Chris take the day for yourself and stop stressing over everyone else

Me * not that easy

Heidi * Get Chad to take you out

Me * He’s got a meeting and he left already and I do need to make a couple of arrangements for a few things

Alfie * So do then and I’m sure when Mir gets over what ever has crawled up her ass or gets done tiring out Xander she’ll call touring takes it out of all of us.

Me * You can say that again, Okay I love you both Alfie see you in Turkey

Alfie * I’ll be there

Heidi * Love you to girl


I hung up the phone and dialed Xander


*If you’re hot leave a message if not then don’t* Xand call me back please… have you forgotten my number or something… I need to talk to you, I’m not doing anything today so use the house phone or my cell*


I hung up and tapped my chin with my phone before dialing Miranda


*Hey I’m busy I’ll call you back* Miranda it’s me where the hell are you and why are you in New York? I’m getting worried call me back please


I hung up on that call and took a deep breath Oh well time to make some arrangements for some fun things. Nothing I could do if they weren’t answering their phones……………



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