Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 55 (v.1) - My head hurts

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



…………….. I walked down to the studio and went inside Mike and Ryan were sitting eating lunch while Dan was drumming his little heart out.


“He’s not here” Mike looked at me


“I know… can’t I come and see how you guys are getting on” I laughed leaning on the back of the couch


“No” Ryan laughed


“Oh boy do I feel loved today”


“You should girl after breaking that piano” Mike pushed his plate away and picked up a bottle of water “The things I’ve learnt about my damn brother since he’s been with you” He pinched the bridge of his nose


“Hey he could still be with Marianne if you preferred” they both just looked at me “Okay forget I said it anyway I’ve done something for all of you”


“You mean other than make us bleach our thoughts” Ryan chuckled


“Hey” I dropped my head “I came to give you guys a treat as a little thank you and get crap”


“We do it because we love you” Mike moved up on the couch letting me sit down as Dan walked out grinning from ear to ear.


“How awesome was I?”


“Why we’re you doing something” I cocked my head


“Oh Thanks Chris” he went and got his lunch and walked back into the rest of us “So What you doing up at the house?’


“Sorting out a ton of stuff” I sighed “but you guys up for taking a day off?”


“We can’t today?” Ryan shook his head “and Chad’s not here”


“Today’s half over” I smiled “I was talking about tomorrow?”


“I guess why?”


“I’ve got you guys going for a track day”


“Seriously” Dan stopped his fork half way to his mouth, I nodded


“I had a blast when I went and Chad sort of drove like a madman and I know you all love to go fast”


“You’ve been talking to my wife haven’t you?” Mike Got up and tossed his empty bottle in the trash


“Yes but about the wedding not your performance that’s just…” I shuddered


“Whoa oh we’re so not going there” Ryan pulled a face “So you’ve booked for a track day for all of us”


“I have something to do it’s going to be just the guys, if you want… I mean you don’t… I was thinking…”


“We’re going” Dan Put his plate down “Thanks Chris” I got up


“You’re welcome… I’ll leave you guys to get stuff done” I walked to the door


“Hey Chris” Ryan came over “You okay?”


“Yeah I’m just having issues with friends and family”


“What did we do now” Dan swung back on his chair


“Not you for once” I laughed “I’ve been trying to call Mir and Xander for the past two days and got nothing”


“They’re probably holed up and locked in a hotel somewhere” Mike called out “Come one they don’t get to see each other much”


“I know” I opened the door “Have fun” I went back to the house and started to make dinner. My phone started to beep I picked it up


*New Message*Chad*meeting dragging going to be late home Love you*1.36pm


I groaned and started to clean up the kitchen before texting back


*Great I swear Lukas is fucking with us… I’ll not cook… I have a gift for you and the guys for tomorrow Love you*2.03pm


My phone started to ring as I walked outside and sat with my feet in the pool.


Jackson * Hey Wisconsin

Me * damn I thought you guys  forgot my number

Jackson * No we’ve had finals… and  college life is insane

Me * you mean you guys have been partying

Jackson * we’ll yeah Oh and guess what?

Me * oh I dread to think…

Jackson * we got tickets for the show you guys are doing here in Miami and well you think you can swing passes for us

Me * okay why are you guys buying tickets, you could have just asked me

Jackson * a few of the guys we know from the football team got tickets and offered two to me and to Xand

Me * and they don’t know you know us?

Jackson * hell no we’re not using you guys to get attention

Me * but you want passes

Jackson * Yeah

Me * they’ll be waiting for you

Jackson * thank you… so what’s wrong with you

Me * I’m trying to get in touch with Mir or Xand

Jackson * Oh… Xand left for the weekend in the keys with some friends I had to work and I haven’t heard from Mir for a week since she left to come to Canada to you

Me * okay will you please get him to call me

Jackson * Sure… everything okay with you?

Me * yeah it’s good I’m heading out tomorrow for a day while the guys are in the studio because Kerion, Alfie and Pete are all in Tampa right now

Jackson * hey come down to Miami and hang with us

Me * I can’t I’ve got stuff to do and then we leave next week for more dates

Jackson offers here you can stay in the dorms with Xander and me

Me * yeah like that’s going to happen dumb ass

Jackson * you love me really Wisconsin

Me * you’re the only one that can get away with calling me that

Jackson * good it’s easy for us to talk about you calling you that instead of your name

Me * I’ll have those passes waiting for you at the show

Jackson * Thanks girl, Love ya

Me * love ya too”


I hung up and lay back on the warm concrete and put my arm over my eyes, okay so Xander and Mir were on opposite ends of the country so the idea of them banging their brains out was out of the window. God my head hurt…………

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