Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Mir calls

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



…………….. “Hey sweetheart” Chad slid into bed next to me and pulled me back against him “I’m sorry I missed dinner” I rubbed my eyes and focused on the clock next to the bed

“It’s eleven at night” I groaned

“I know” the smell of whiskey wafted over me “It dragged and sucked” he slurred

“Okay I think you need to go to sleep and we’ll talk about this in the morning” I turned round and looked at him in the moonlight coming through the window. His eyes were bloodshot and half closed “I hope to god you didn’t drive”

“Danny came and got me” he pulled me close to him “I love you baby” he kissed my neck “I love you so much”

“Okay I love you too but you need to go to sleep Chad… I sent you four messages and left a voice mail and let’s just say I’m a little irritated right now” He closed his eyes for a minutes. I moved his arm off me “I’m going to go make a drink” I got out of bed and walked down to the kitchen and pulled as bottle of water from the fridge and sat on the couch and pulled a blanket over me, I wasn’t mad he’d had a meeting it was the fact he hadn’t let me know how late he was going to be and ignored my calls.

“You have a good day” I looked round as Chad lent on the wall wearing nothing but his jeans

“No not really” I shook my head “Go to bed Baby okay”

“I don’t like sleeping alone”

“Neither do I but I was” I got off the couch “You and the others have a day out tomorrow” I walked over to him “if you’re sober enough” he pulled me back gently against him

“I’m sorry… I didn’t’ think” he stroked my face “You’re beautiful”

“You can the guys are going for a track day tomorrow, my treat… I have to go check on your wedding present” I tipped my head “I love you” I kissed him “but right now I’m a little pissed with you”

“I know you are and it sucks”

‘And we can talk about it tomorrow” I took his hand “Bed time” he smiled at me “For sleep Chad”

“But I want you” he bit his lip

“And I wanted to have you earlier tonight and was here waiting for you , for tonight that ships sailed”

“You sure” he pulled me tight against him “we might not have the piano but the kitchen counter is…” he kissed my neck his fingers gently stroking the back of my neck “I love you Chris… I need you” he murmured in my ear, my head fell back, it didn’t take much for him to get me close “Please Sweetheart” he moved my robe from my shoulder and trailed a line of kisses along it. My body reacted to his touch as we ended on the couch together……………

…………… “Coffee” I opened the door to the steam shower and leant on it

“My head hurts like a bitch” He wrapped a towel round his waist

“Well that’s what happens when you ditch your wife for a meeting and get drunk off your ass on whiskey” I laughed “I’m sorry for getting pissy with you”

“I deserve it” He took the cup from me “I need to think more”

“Yes you do dumb ass” Mike was on the stairs “will you get your shit together so we can get out of here. Chris gave us a gift and I’m so going to kick your ass on the track” Chad looked at him.

“Yeah right”

“Oh shut up I could and would kick all of your asses” I smiled walking up the stairs passed Mike

“So you show us how it’s done” Chad taunted

“Sorry Baby I’m out of here later today till tomorrow” He raised and eye brow “I told you last night I was going to check up on your wedding present and that me and I’m out over night” I carried on up the stairs.

“What’s she up to?” Chad looked at Mike

“I have no idea” Mike grinned “now get your ass up here and get ready we want to leave”. I Sat on the bed while Chad got dressed.

“Is this payback for me not coming home early yesterday?” he asked as he fastened his belt

“No, I need to get this done while I can” He walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed and hovered over me “I’ll be back before dinner tomorrow”

“I’ll miss you”

“I’ll call you later and make you miss me less” I bit my bottom lip “think about the calls you had from me when you were in Chicago”

“Okay not helping with blood flow” he chuckled

“You have fun okay at the track” he got up and pulled me up and Kissed me in the ‘you’re mine and I love you’ way he did when he wants to make sure we’re all good. My phone started to ring with Pink’s ‘Let’s get the Party Started’ Chad looked at me

“That’s Mir isn’t it?”

‘Yep” He tossed me my phone “I’ll go and let you talk to her… I love you baby remember that”

“I love you too” I smiled at him as he walked out before I answered the phone.

Me * Well finally I thought you’d died

Miranda* I’m sorry, I’ve been… busy

Me * too busy to call your friends back Heidi has been trying to get you

Miranda * I needed some space

Me * Mir what’s going on you’re worrying us?

Miranda * You going to get mad

Me * how am I going get made at my best friend come on… Mir are you pregnant?

Miranda * what… oh hell… Chris no I swear I’m not pregnant

Me * Mir if you were we’d all help you and Xander out I love you guys

Miranda * I’m not with Xander

Me * I know he’s in the keys and you’re in New York

Miranda * he’s in the Keys

Me* I spoke to Jackson yesterday… Didn’t you know?

Miranda * I’m not with him

Me * I know you just told me

Miranda * No… I’m not with him… and I’m not in New York

Me * you’re not making sense

Miranda * I’m still in Canada

I walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs

Me * what?

Miranda * Chris I love you, you know that

Me * your scaring me now

Miranda * I’ve slept with someone

I sat on the bottom step

Me * You’ve what?

Miranda * the night we came to your place and we call got drunk… Chris Kellan and I hooked up

I felt my mouth drop open

Miranda * We just… it just

Me * you wanted to bang him like a screen door in a hurricane right…

My tone was tense and hard

Me * you’re dating my cousin, and you get drunk and drop your damn underwear for Kellan what the hell Mir are you kidding me

Miranda * Chris I’m sorry… I didn’t know what to tell you… I know what Kellan means to you

Me * I don’t’ give a flying fuck it was Kellan… I give a fuck that you did it and then ran off and hid…

I trailed off

Me * this was the day before the shoot

Miranda * yeah

Me * Son of a bitch… he said nothing

Miranda * Chris

Me * Call my cousin NOW and man the fuck up

I hung up the phone my hand shaking with how angry I was I got up and walked out of the front door dialing kellan’s number as I walked………………

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