Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Total loss

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



…………….. I paced round on the driveway


Kellan * hey you

Me * don’t you fucking dare hey you me

Kellan * Chris

Me * you did that shoot after you’d gotten my best friend into your damn bed… Seriously I thought you were above taking another guys girl

Kellan * Whoa Slow down and fuck no I took you from Chad before he manned up

Me * don’t I’m warning you

Kellan * Fine I slept with Miranda and Liked it, but I didn’t force her and to tell you the truth she came on to me first

Me * you could have said no you know she’s with my cousin


I was on the point of tears


Me * My Damn cousin Kellan do you not have a Fucking brain in your damn head… he’s my family and you put me in the fucking middle of this

Kellan * I’m sorry I never thought…

Me * you know something that much is so god damn fucking obvious did you and Mir have a laugh at how a kid at school is getting reamed  by a movie star screwing his girl while his cousin and their supposed best friend  is stuck holding the can because I introduced you… Nice to know you care about your friends so damn much

Kellan * not fair Chris

Me * you’re telling me it’s not fucking fair…

Kellan * you sound jealous

Me * DON’T Flatter yourself you were good Chad’s better


I bit at him


Me * I don’t care that you get girls into your bed Hell I’ve tried to set you up but for you to go after her is wrong… I trusted you and we did the shoot together and you knew you’d been with her… You’re still in Vancouver aren’t you?

Kellan * Chris calm down

Me * Right know I can’t stand the thought of having my best friends betray me… people I trusted betraing me… you know what it takes for me to trust anyone and I do not let people in close to me easily


The tears were streaming down my face


Kellan * Chris Honey I’m…

Me * Save it okay just save it


I hung up and crouched down half way between the backyard and the studio. My head throbbed and my chest hurt as my phone rang with Kellan trying to call back I sent it to voice mail. I got to my feet as Bruce wound his way round my legs mewing at me. I carried on toward the studio. My phone lighting up with text messages and voicemails.  I opened the door and walked inside the silence was deafening apart from my sobs from me I tossed my ohone on the couch and sat down hugging my knees to my chest. I glanced at my phone as it lit up again this time with Chad’s number I took several deep breaths and tried to control my tears, last thing I wanted was to ruin his day with the boys.


Chad * hey baby

Me * Okay so you guys having fun?

Chad * fun doesn’t even cover it you know I have the best wife ever


Chad was laughing and sounding relaxed

Me * thank you and you needed to blow off so steam so a day at the track with the boys was what you needed, how’s Mutton doing?


I closed my eyes and tried to just focus on the sound of his voice to get me through the conversation

Chad * er… Well… I…

Me * Chad?

Chad * we borrowed Mac as well… I thought you’d have noticed he wasn’t in the drive


I got up and looked out of the window only seeing his Corvette and the Hummer outside


Me * NOOOOO you didn’t… who was driving it Oh you are so in trouble Mr. Kroeger SOOOOOOO in trouble

Chad * I drove him don’t’ worry and Mike has raced him

Me * and?

Chad * he’s in one piece

Me * no you know what I mean… put your brother on the phone.

Chad * no

Me * put him on

Chad * no

Me * CHAD you’re brother is in my car my car worth over a quarter of a million dollars now put him on the god damn phone


I could barely hold the phone I was shaking so much



Chad * Hey Mike your sister-in-law wants a word

Mike * hey sweetheart damn girl I have to get me one of these cars

Me * okay first please tell me Mac does not have a single scratch.

Mike * Chris I know it’s more than my life is worth and Corey keeps reminding me that you have told him to kill on sight anyone that damages your car.

Me * so Corey is there as well?

Mike *yep all the guys are here… Chris are you okay?

Me * Fine…


I took another breath and sat in the desk chair in front of the sound board


Me * have you raced Chad yet?

Mike * oh yeah

Me * WELL???

Mike * mac smoked mutton and I owe you a new set of tires.

Me * Great… please take care of Mac

Mike * We will don’t worry your husband is looking really nervous right now I’ll let him have the phone back

Chad * you pissed with me baby

Me * pissed is an understatement this day keeps getting better

Chad * Hmmm I’m heading home

Me * No stay there I’m leaving soon anyway

Chad * Chris I’m sorry I’m sucking right now aren’t I

Me * It’s not you Baby… I love you

Chad * I love you too I’ll call you when I get home

Me * Okay


I hung up the phone. I wasn’t really pissed he’d taken the car and I was relieved it was Mike driving and not Ryan after the Porsche incident with the gate. I Felt chilled to the bone I wanted Chad to come home and hold me and tell me it was going to be okay but I had to go sort out things that couldn’t wait. A red flashing light on the end of the console caught my eye. I pushed over to it in the chair It was the answer machine to the studio. I hit play as I ran my fingers over Chad’s Favorite guitar resting next to the console feeling close to him just touching it. The phone generated voice started the message.


You have one unheard message*** Hey baby, I got your message… you want to work it out then you’re going to have to give me more… Last night’s meeting wasn’t enough I know what you’re like and what you like you’ll give in and see sense… call me baby***


I gripped the console  my phone slipping to the floor at the sound of Marianne’s voice and the sing song tone at the end of the message. I felt I gagged wanting to throw up, he couldn’t’ be doing it to me could he? Why would she call the studio where he’d been a lot over the past week, it was the only number that hadn’t been changed out of all of the numbers Chad had. My life was going in a downward spiral and I had to get out of there…………..



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