Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - Alone

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Submitted: February 09, 2012




…………….. How I got back to the house and managed to get my bags I’d packed earlier was beyond me, my vision was blurred and the pain in my chest felt like I was going to have a heart attack. my phone started to ring I looked at the caller I.D. Cory’s face came on the screen I sent it to voicemail. And walked down the stairs with my bag and picked up the keys for the corvette. I threw in my bag and got in. it took four attempts to start the car trying to find the ignition. I managed to get to the local airport and walked inside.

“Mrs. Kroeger” the girl at the desk Beamed “The pilot is finishing his checks you can get on board whenever you’re ready” She smiled obviously a little star struck I pushed on my sunglasses and gave her the only smile I could muster. “I know this isn’t professional but do you think I could have an autograph?”

“Sure” I nodded as my phone started to ring again I took the pen and the pad she held out to me

“Do you need to get that?”

“No” I answered quickly knowing the ring tone was Chad calling. I wrote a quick message and signed my name leaving off the Kroeger. I handed it back to her and crossed the tile floor and pushed open the door to the tarmac and walked across to the Jet sitting on the runway.

“Mrs. Kroeger Welcome on board” the Steward beamed at me

“Chris please” I stepped up the stairs and into the cabin and sat down “We’ll be ready for take off in a few minutes… can I get anything for you?”

“No I’m fine thank you” I shook my head as my phone rang again I pulled it from my purse

Me * Yes

Corey * hey we’ve been trying to get in touch with you Chad just told me you’re going somewhere… wait at the house Danny’s on his way to come with you

Me * too late I’m in the air

Corey * Please tell me you’re lying

Me * you should know me by now Corey I’m the only one that doesn’t lie

Corey * damn it Chris are you supposed to go anywhere without someone with you

Me * I need to be alone right now

Corey * Where are you I’m not comfortable having you not have security with you

Me * I have to go

Corey * Chris will you…

I hung up and turned off my phone and put it in my purse closing my eyes as the door was shut and locked and the engines started… The whole reason for sitting on this plane right now was to go and see the work being done on Chad’s Wedding present. I felt the tears slid down my cheeks and under the bottom of my sunglasses. I saw the steward look at me a few times but I kept my head turned to the window trying not to replay the morning from hell.

Everything was up in the air right now apart from the aircraft, My friendships, my career, and my marriage. I looked down at the diamond on my finger, the diamond that He’d put there when he asked me to marry him and he’d married me within the hour. I leant forward and rubbed the back of my neck everything as I knew it was falling, my life had been a free fall with a few lifts along the way but things never stayed good for long and the worst thing was I couldn’t just disappear anymore I couldn’t walk down a street without being recognized, no matter how much I hurt how. How bad things got I still had to remember I couldn’t be the private person, I couldn’t tell people to fuck off and leave me the hell alone.

The flight touched down and the door opened the fresh smell of after a summer rainstorm as I stepped into the bright sunshine.

“Thank you for flying with us” the steward offered me his hand to get down the stairs “We’ll be ready to fly as soon as you give us the call”

“The flight plan may change but I’ll call and let you know the details” he nodded at me. I looked up and Saw Blue and Orlando standing against the front of a Black SUV a sweet looking Audi next to it. I took my bag from the steward and walked across the tarmac.

“Right on time” Orlando smiled at me walking over and taking my bag “How was your flight?”

“Long” I smiled my voice was tight and it hurt like hell to talk stress tightening my vocal cords

“We hired you the SUV” Blue hugged me “It’s ready ahead of schedule”

“Okay” I pushed my hands into my pockets

“You didn’t need to pay in full yet you know” Orlando put my bag in the car

“I know but it’s paid for now so it’s all good”

“Are you getting sick?” Blue tipped her head at me

“I’m fine can we just go see it” I snapped and immediately felt bad for doing it “I’m sorry I’ve got a lot going on right now”

“It’s okay” Orlando opened the passenger door on the Audi and waited while Blue got in. I watched him look at her with so much love in his smile like she was the light in his life, my vision blurred and I quickly turned away from them and got in the truck. I followed the Audi out of the airport and onto the highway I knew there was a 30 minute drive to where we were going wonderful just what I need more time to think, I reached for the radio and turned it on, the sound of Chad’s voice flooded the car as ‘Rock star’ played making the tears come harder and faster…………..

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