Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Losing my mind

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Submitted: February 09, 2012



…………….. Orlando stopped at the entrance to a driveway and got out of the car and walked back to me and held out and opener and a key. I opened the window.

“It’s your place you get to open the gate and the door” he smiled at me I looked at the Big Black gates similar to the ones on the house in Canada.

“Thanks… Orlando do you mind if I do this alone” I chewed my lip “I know you’re here to show me around but…” I felt my lip tremble.

“Look we have a place 20 minutes from here if you need us just call okay” He put his hand over mine on the wheel “I’m not going to pry or ask what’s going on because I know I love having my privacy and I’m guessing you don’t get that luxury” I shook my head. “Chris I know you’re a client but I know Blue thinks of you more as a friend and like I said if you need anything please call”

“Thank you” I took a deep breath as he walked away.

I opened the gates and drove in down a drive way that swept behind tall pine trees. This should have been something so exciting as the house came into view, the Log home that I’d gotten Orlando’s new Architectural Company to design and build on Land that used to belong to my Grandparents, It was my gift to Chad for our wedding, things I knew he liked were inside the house including and small studio and a collection of guitars that he’d wanted for a while thanks to some help from Mike and Ryan. I turned off the engine and looked at the house everything was perfect how I’d dreamed it would look, I leant my head against the head rest and watched the light shine from the water of the lake onto the side of the house as the breeze made the leaves on the trees rustle.


I reached into my purse and pulled out my phone and turned it back on again. It rang almost right away I almost sighed with relief as it was Xander’s face that appeared on the screen, then I got the sickening feeling with knowing what Miranda had done. I took a deep breath and answered it

Me * hey

Xander * Hey you, I hear you’ve been trying to get me

Me * how’s the keys?

Xander * good… Chris why are you crying?

Me * I’m not

Xander * bullshit girl… I know you to well, what’s wrong?

The tears streamed down my face and I lost it and broke down

Xander * Damn Chris What’s going on

Me * I can’t do this, I can’t lie

Xander * Chris calm down what have you lied about?

Me * I haven’t Damn it

Xander * Chris you’re scaring me I love you but you’re scaring me

Me * Mir’s cheated on you?

Xander * er… what?

Me * I’m sorry but you’re family and she cheated on you

Xander * oh damn… when

Me * five days ago… Xand I’m sorry I’m so sorry

Xander * we weren’t together

Me * I kn… what?

Xander * I hope to god you haven’t said anything to her…

Me * What?

Xander * we broke up after she’d been to the awards show with you… I’d been seeing someone else for the past month

Me * WHAT?

Xander * I fucked up I couldn’t handle having her so far away from me and Chris I’m in Miami the girls are hot, and I missed having…

I got out of the car and slammed the door

Me * seriously what the fuck… This isn’t happening

Xander * Chris I’m sorry but it was going to happen Mir has you guys and an awesome chance of a career and I’m sitting here trying to get my life started and we’re on different levels…

Me * you had to have your dick in someone else… what the hell is wrong with men… you all fucking suck

Xander * Chris…

I hung up and sat on the stones that flanked the driveway and wrapped my arms round myself and broke down, nothing made sense nothing at all made any sense at all. I’d got to wake up in a minute wake up from the insane nightmare.

Arms’ wrapped round me and pulled me close to a hard chest I gripped onto the shirt and sobbed heavens hard totally exhausting myself in the process……………

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