Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Long Flight but good talk

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



..............  I drew my knees up and looked out of the window as the flight blew through the lower clouds bringing us out in the clear blue the book rested on my lap my fingers drumming absently on its cover.


“Mind if I sit down?” I looked up at Page “Kerion is trying to beat Alfie with Angry birds” I smiled at her as she sat down


“You wait till you see the rock band battles” I sighed “It’s chaos”


“You look sad?”


“I’m not… not really” I waved the book “even being a Marine you must have heard I’m supposed to be the Character in here” she nodded “Well thanks to my darling mother everyone has this impression of me that’s unfair and to an extent untrue”


“Will you be mad if I said I’ve read them?”


“No… hell my own sister-in-law has them” I shook my head “This is the new one” I handed it to her as her eyes took in the title


“Ouch” she pulled a face “I take it your Momma has something against you?”


“My Mom is a woman that’s in her own world and took my diary to make my life and Stephanie’s intertwine”  I took the book back, “she tried to have a movie made of Rock Baby and wanted Kellan to play Abel”


“He was the guy that beat Stephanie right”


“Yep, modeled on the guy that used to beat me” I sighed before smiling at the Steward as he handed me a beer and offered one to Page She took it “Can I ask you something?”




“Did you and Kellan really… I mean we’re you both… you don’t have to tell me” She chewed her lip


“Yes we hooked up” I nodded


‘And you dumped him!?” I started laughing “I mean no offence”


“None taken and no I didn’t dump him and he didn’t dump me we… well we we’re better off as friends he wanted his girl to be with him and wake up with her and I was 3 weeks into a world tour with Nickelback… and we’ve been best friends ever since”


‘Wow… I know I read stories about you and him and then seen those ads but then the next thing there was stories about you and Chad Kroeger, I just thought it was strange”


“I guess looking at it from the outside it is a little strange but Chad’s” I chewed my lip “I told him more things about my life in the space of a month than I’d told friends I’d had for years, he’s pretty amazing”


“Will I get to meet him?”


“Meet him, you’ll be eating, living and touring with all of us for the next three weeks” I laughed and took a drink “Kerions a good guy you know” she looked over to where he and Alfie were head to head planning on their phones “He’s sweet and he’s a goof ball but I love him like a brother” she looked at me


“He told me you’d probably have a don’t hurt him talk” she smiled


“He was right, I have to live with him when you’re not around and I swear to you Marine or not I won’t let my friends be hurt” I looked at her.


“I understand and to tell you the truth I was head over heels in love with him before I saw him yesterday, he’s written and e-mailed five, six times a week. I was shocked as all hell when I found out he was a Rock Star, but even at dinner last night he was still the same sexy sweet guy that got in touch with me on the computer” I nodded “When I’m not around will you watch over him for me?”


“What you mean like tip his ass into bed when he gets drunk” I laughed “Because we have Danny and Corey for that”


“You have us for what?” Danny walked down the aisle


“Tipping our drunk ass into bed” I looked at him


“Yep” he laughed “and fighting off the groupies that good stuff, Keeping her from hitting people she shouldn’t” he pointed at me


‘Hey that was Kerion that stopped me beating her ass” I pouted “as long as you won’t step in if I come face to face with my Mother”


“You might be stopping me Honey” he got up “Chad know yet” he looked at the book I shook my head “He’s going to be pissed”


“I know” He walked away


“Protective bunch aren’t they” Page chewed her lip


‘If they like you hell yes if not run and don’t look back” I dropped the book into my bag “My Mother is on the top of their Shit list right now”


“Not yours?”


“Oh I have others topping that list” I leant back in the seat  “Oh and if you’re worried, Kerion’s not a take the groupie back to the hotel kinda guy I promise you that” she blushed “You’ll see stuff that’ll make your blood boil but don’t let it get to you okay”


‘Like what?’ She frowned


“Girls asking to get their boobs signed” Suzanne lent on the seat in front


‘He out cold?” I asked peering over at Pete


‘Yup” she nodded


‘Girls actually do that?” Page screwed up her nose


“Oh that and a whole lot more” I nodded  “You’ll find numbers in his pockets don’t worry about it they push all sorts of numbers and pictures at you”


“Do you get it as well?”


“Yep” I nodded “not to the degree of guys wanting certain things signed but oh yeah I get it”


“Wow I know what I’m like if someone comes on to him I’ll want my sidearm and shoot them” Page pushed her hand through her hair


“Well join our Marines as his body guard” I laughed


“I’m a nurse” she grinned


“A tough assed one” Danny laughed as he walked back down the cabin “Hell I wouldn’t mess with a Marine Corps Nurse they can hurt your ass in more ways than we were ever taught”


“You’ve dealt with a few of us then?’ Page laughed


“Oh Yeah I broke my arm falling out of a Humvee in Kuwait and damn I thought that hurt till it was re-set”


“Pain is weakness leaving the body” Page lifted her beer to him


“OOH RAH” he nodded


“Are you too having a moment?” Kerion looked up from his phone


“A Marine Moment” Page grinned


“You know the guys are going to want to know if you’ve got the nurses outfit?” Alfie leant forward “Well we all want to know that actually”


“Hey that’s my girlfriend” Kerion looked at him


“Sorry But you grew up with mine you’re seriously not going to want to see her in a nurse outfit when we all saw her underwear when she was six on the monkey bars in school”


“Do I have to call Heidi?” I groaned


“No” Alfie got wide eyed


“She fell off and got concussion” Kerion laughed “Oh hell I’m so giving her crap about that”


“What are they talking about?” Page whispered to me


“Pete, Kerion and Alfie have grown up together since kindergarten” I explained “Alfie’s girlfriend Heidi did as well”


“It’s crazy when you see them all start arguing like these guys aren’t rock stars” Suzanne grinned “I just sat there open mouthed when Miranda Gibbs slapped Pete for something… I mean you think rock star no one would dare”


“We’re still the same people that we were especially with our friends that new us before this insanity all started” I shrugged, the conversation flowed easily as the flight seemed to drag on all of us relaxing and kicking back before craziness began to rain again…………..

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