Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - Humblepie

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…………….. “Keys Chris where’s the keys to the house?” Kellan lifted my chin making me look at him I shook my head at him “Don’t give me shit” he got up and pulled me with him “Hotel it is then” he all but picked me up and walked me over to a car and opened the passenger door and sat me in it before stalking over to the SUV reaching inside and grabbing my bag and the keys and the gate opener before coming back and tossing the bag in the trunk he got in the driver’s side and didn’t say anything as he reversed out of the driveway He hit the close button on the remote for the gates and spun the car on the gravel road and headed back into the town. His jaw was set and tense as he dug in his pocket for his phone.

“Who are you calling” I sobbed

“You’re husband the guy’s frantic” He didn’t look at me

“ NO” I took the phone from his hand and dropped it in to the door pocket of my door

“CHRIS… what the hells gotten into you?’ I closed my eyes as my phone started to ring with Chad’s tone “You might want to get that”

“Let it go and take me back to the house” I croaked

“Like hell I’m taking you back I just found you in the dirt crying like a bay after chewing me out and Miranda out now you won’t pick up the phone to Chad you hung up on Corey… you’re here in the middle of now where” He snapped.

He pulled up at the most luxurious hotel we had in the town I was from He turned off the engine and got out slamming the door and walking round to the passenger side and pulled the door open and took his phone back out of the door pocket. He put the card key to the hotel in his teeth as he helped me out of the car He reached in the back and grabbed out his back pack and my bag and took me into the hotel and up the stairs to his room. He kicked the door closed.

“You want to tell me what’s happening” I sat on the end of one of the beds and put my head in my hands “Chris Come on this is me… Is it the fact I hooked up with Miranda” He sat on the other bed “CHRISTINE”

“I’m sorry” I muttered “For everything I said to you” I turned my head to look at him “I lost it” I looked back at the floor

‘You can say that again” He groaned “I didn’t tell you because well it’s guy code you don’t go after a friends ex… but I told Chad to go after you so that cancels it out” the warm chuckle was in his voice “Miranda wanted to tell you and she was crying the morning I left for the shoot because she knew what it would do to you” He got off the other bed and came and sat next to me and tucked my hair behind my ear “I told her I’d tell you and take all the crap for it” I looked at him “We love you, you know that and hell the alcohol had something to do with it but she’s got to be one of the sweetest craziest girls I’ve ever met” I nodded a little.

“Before you came to the house Xander called me” I got off the bed and walked across the small room to the window “He told me he and Mir had broken up a while ago” I looked back at him “You know I thought she was pregnant and didn’t want to tell me because” I put my hand on my own stomach making Kellan close his eyes and take a deep breath “Why didn’t she tell me they’d broken up?” Kellan shrugged and shook his head “Did you now when you slept with her or were you being an ass”

“I knew… you know I carried Heidi to bed because she’d passed out” I nodded and absently walked round and put on a pot of the crappy cheap hotel coffee “Well Miranda was out in the other room of the suite and was on the phone drunkenly slurring and leaving a message to Xander that would have taught a Marine a few new cussed words. I was half way to the door when she hung up and broke down”

‘And you’re too much of a Midwest guy to leave her right?” I sniffed Looking at him through the mirror

“You’ve met my Family we’re all the same” He eased back against the pillows “I hugged her to make her feel better and asked her if she was done with your cousin and she told me he’d been screwing someone else” I poured out two coffees and walked over and handed one to him. Even after everything he calmed me just being round him the same way Chad and the guys did because I felt safe with him.

“And?’ I sat on the other bed

“He sat up What happened to you the first time you kissed Chad?”

“We ended up in the shower”

‘No the very first time you kissed him”

“I was drunk in the elevator in Spain” I swallowed hard remembering how he’d kissed me back and not taken it any further for weeks after that.

“That’s how it was for us… She pushed up on her toes and kissed me” He sighed and rubbed his hand over his jaw. “Only I didn’t want to stop kissing her and I didn’t have the control Chad had with you”

‘You don’t’ have control” I raised my eye brows at him

“Okay I don’t’ no… but” He put the cup on the side and rubbed the back of his neck “She did”

“No she didn’t if you ended up in bed together” I took a drink of the bitter tasting sludge in the cup and pulled a face

“No she had control I mean over me damn it Chris I thought you could work a guy into a frenzy…” I stopped with the cup half way to my mouth “She’s….” He looked at me “You don’t want to know this do you” I shook my head “We should have come clean and told you right out of the gate but you were so nervous about the shoot and you were finally getting some down time”

“I need to talk to her” I took a deep breath

“She’s upset and she wanted to come with me here but I told her I’d face you” He got up and tipped the coffee away “That’s just nasty stuff” he shuddered

‘I didn’t think you’d still come after the way I blasted you out” I handed him my cup for him to do the same with it.

“Hey I’m the only one that knew where you were going” He tossed the cups in the trash and faced me “you asked me to come and check it out with you and there was no way in hell I was going to let you chew me a second ass hole like you did without finding out why I hoped a flight from Vancouver a little after you called to try to catch you but you flew in here not to Green Bay” I nodded. “Then my phone lights up with messages from Mir Chad and the others had been trying to get in touch with you and you’d left to go somewhere without security”

“Yeah well sometimes you have to be alone” I looked down as Chad and the message from Marianne slammed to my frontal lobe.

“Chris” He tipped his head

‘Oh stop with the big brother looks” I groaned


“Well I’m trying to work things out and see if I can be a rock star and still live here” He frowned at me as my phone rang again I reached into my purse and turned it off.

“You want me to go grab decent coffee for us and you can talk to Chad and tell him where you are?” I looked at him

“I’d love a drink” I nodded

“I’ll get the alcohol as well” He chuckled “You talk to Chad and tell him where you are” He reached into his bag and pulled out his laptop “Here magazine ads are done” he clicked on a few tings and pulled up a page “We look damn hot girl” He kissed the top of m y head “Call Chad” he walked out of the room . I looked at the screen and had to smile at the two pages that was going to run in the magazine.



I Closed it and hit the home page and skimmed over it and stalled at the third headline on the entertainment news before clicking on it


my heart went in to my mouth and I ran to the bathroom ......................

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