Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 61 (v.1) - I answer it

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012



…………….. My Cell Phone rang again as I walked out of the bathroom and picked it up.


Chad * CHRIS what the hells’ going on?

Me * You knew I was going away tonight

Chad * Baby what’s wrong with your voice

Me * Baby you got the right girl there?

Chad * What

Me * how’s Marianne doing?

Chad * Chris…

Me * you fuck her then come home and to me and try to tell me you love me?


Me * Go look on the internet and tell me you weren’t with her last night… got to the fucking studio and check the fucking answering machine to the phone.


He fell silent


Me * my worlds falling apart Chad… I knew I wasn’t enough for you… I guessed she’d win out in the end.

Chad * I’ve not been with her… Chris where are you?


There was a beep


Me * you’d better get that it might be your girlfriend


I hung up and curled up up on the bed…………………






………….. Chad looked at his phone as he sat heavily down on the chair in the kitchen Dan looked at him, Chad hit the answer button on his phone


Kellan * Finally I’ve been trying to get you

Chad * not a good time dude

Kellan * I’ve got Chris

Chad * Where

Kellan * Wisconsin

Chad * what the fuck

Kellan * look I was supposed to met her here so I could check out your wedding present and after she blasted me out this morning…

Chad * what?

Kellan * long story but I got served by your wife and so did Miranda

Chad * she went off on you guys

Kellan * yep… but dude what the fucks going on I found her sitting in the dirt in pieces and she won’t answer her phone when you call.

Chad * Dude look after her till I get there

Kellan * Chad what have you done?

Chad * Please if you love her keep her there for me

Kellan * sure



Chad hung up the phone


“I need to get a flight… I need to go…” Dan stopped him


“You need to breathe… Who was it?”


‘Kellan he’s with Chris” Chad braced his hands on the counter “Oh God I’m screwed”


“Not making sense” Dan’s phone rang “Hey Babe… no I’m still with Chad Mike and Ryan just left to go get din… No why Chris got us that track day so we’ve been ou…” He looked at Chad “I’ll ask” He moved the phone away from his ear “Dude tell me right now you’re not back to fucking that bitch” Chad’s head shot up “Okay by the look I’m getting right no it’s bullshit… Try to call her she won’t pick up and she left without Danny or Corey” Chad pushed off from the counter and ran to the door “Babe I’ll call you back” He ended the Call “CHAD WAIT… CHAD” he ran after him out into the drive as Mike and Ryan pulled back up “TROUBLE” Dan yelled over his shoulder as he sprinted for the studio.

Chad was sitting in the chair His head in his hands As the end of Marianne’s message played.


“Oh Please tell me I didn’t hear the bitches voice” Mike said stopping in the door way


“Oh you heard it” Chad rubbed his hand over his head “FUCK”


‘You’d better not or I know a ton of people willing to beat sense into you” Mike put his hands on his hips “she fucked you over left your ass and tried to get at Chris Oh and did I mention Fucked you over”


“I went to meet her lawyer yesterday she wants more and I wasn’t giving” Chad looked at the guys “She’s doing everything she can to kill my marriage… and she’s winning” he got up and paced the floor… I need to get to Wisconsin and go get Chris”


‘Dude and have this out with Chris where” Ryan threw his hands out “Because I’m guessing that she knows Mari’s back”


“Oh she knows” Dan lumped in getting up and going to the computer and pulling up the page Brit had called him about. “Ryan’s right you can’t do it in a hotel room you have to do it where you guys can talk properly”


“She’s not coming  home is she?” Chad rounded on him “I have to go to her”


“Get Kellan to bring her home” Mike suggested


“I need to go get her… she’s my wife”


“You should of thought about that before you forgot to tell her Marianne wanted blood” Mike Pushed Chad down in the chair “I’ll go get her Ryan can you and Tre watch Dawson and Avalon for us I’ll take Angela for Back up damn I wish Miranda was here


“She’s mad at her and Kellan for some reason” Chad looked at the three guys stood round him “I can’t lose her I’m not going to let it happen


“Then you calm your ass down you stay here with Dan and Corey… Dude you’re a fucking wreck” Mike shook his head


“My wife thinks I’ve been screwing around on her how the hell am I supposed to be anything other than a wreck” Chad got up and squared up to Mike


“Dude” Dan Pulled him back “The long you fight with Mike the longer it’ll take to bring Chris home” Chad sat back down and put his head back down


“I’ll call when we get there”


“Call Kellan he’’’ tell you where they are” Chad looked up his eyes filling with tears “Please bring her home” Mike nodded and walked out with Ryan………………….


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