Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 62 (v.1) - Waiting game

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



………… Kellan walked back into the room, I was fast asleep on one of the beds tears soaking the pillow under my head my make up streaking my cheeks He put the drinks down and took the comforter from the other bed and put it over me. He sat down in the chair and picked up his phone.


Kellan * hey you

Miranda *Hi

Kellan * you’re blushing aren’t you?

Miranda * how can you tell?

Kellan * I just can… oh and I’ve seen you blush when you’re round Nickelback and when I kiss you

Miranda * okay now my head is inside my shirt

Kellan * appreciate that view I know I do

Miranda * oh god you have to stop… did you find her? Please tell me you did

Kellan * I’m with her right now she’s sleeping…

Miranda * is she okay?

Kellan * no something’s going on with her and Chad she won’t answer his calls… but I know she has spoken to Xander

Miranda * Oh god…

Kellan * She’s apologized to me and she’s going to call you but I think she needs you right now

Miranda * I still slept with her ex and that’s a huge NO-NO

Kellan * Mir screw that she’s breaking down

Miranda * I can’t get to you

Kellan * I know call her in a while

Miranda * okay, check her temp

Kellan * what?

Miranda * she got really sick the last time she was stressed out because of Arron


Kellan got up and walked over to me and put his hand on my head


Kellan * she’s fine no fever

Miranda * okay… text me when she wakes up

Kellan * I will


He hung up the phone and sat back on the other bed and flicked through the TV channels…….





……………… Dan poured Chad a shot and handed it to him


“I’m going to call her” Chad looked at him


“You called Chris and she handed you your ass” Dan sat down


“Marianne” Dan stopped with his beer in mid air “This is getting…” He got up and paced the floor. “Dan I’m fucked” he looked at him


“How can you be fucked if you haven’t… AW Dude you haven’t have you?”


“No… hell no… She was at the meeting last night which I didn’t expect”


“I want to know why you didn’t tell Chris where you were going”


“Because you think she’d want to hear I was blowing off dinner with her alone and naked for a meeting with my ex fiancée”


“How often has she been lied to, how often has she been screwed over, How often has she bounced back because you’re there by her damn side, How did she chew you out for not telling her stuff” Chad dropped his head “Dude you have to realize she’s your wife not your kid you have to protect to a point and the rest you work on together, you get through the Marianne shit TOGETHER like you got through the Arron bull”


“Chris shouldn’t have to put up with this…”


“Stop and listen to yourself… You’re making that decision for her and the last time I checked Chris was a big girl and could make her own choices” Dan took a drink of his beer


“She’s been through too much without me adding to it”


“You need to ask her if she’s willing to take your shit on… Have you forgot the day you left for Bali to marry her she laid out Marianne” Dan sank the rest of his beer “Google your wife… see what you find, she’s got more balls than most guys we know, I know Stage Chris is something different to the Chris we all hang out with but it’s still a huge part of her… Dude look at the dress she wore on the red carpet, look at the commercial she shot all that takes guts and a backbone stiffer than … Well I’m not going to use that analogy” he smiled at Chad. “You want to tell me what Mari wants this time?” Chad shook his head


“I need to talk to Chris first” Chad rubbed the back of his neck and fingered his phone in his other hand


“Let Mike and Angela do their thing… over the phone isn’t going to work for this one… Lets go to Joey’s and get a drink stop you working it over and over in your head”……………………..

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