Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - Kellan Knows More Papers

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



………… I sat up and looked round slightly disoriented.

“Hey you” I jumped and looked at Kellan sprawled out with a pizza box lay on his stomach while watching sone game show on TV. “You know the biggest story on the local news was someone got their ride on lawn mower stolen from the front yard” He moved the box and sat up I ran my hand through my hair.

“Yeah well that’s a major crime round here” I put my feet on the floor “what time is it?”

“Just after nine you’ve been out for four hours” He tipped his head and looked at me

“I need a shower”

“Have at it the bathroom’s there”

“I don’t’ know why you’re even still talking to me after the things I said to you on the phone?” I got up and walked over to my bag and unzipped it and pulled out clean clothes “Oh wonderful I didn’t’ bring clothes to sleep in” I groaned

“Okay why you knew you were away over night?”

“Yeah but I thought I’d be staying in the house” I sat heavily on the end of the bed “I don’t’ wear anything to bed normally”

“I know” He chuckled

“Don’t push it Luzt” I threw a pillow at him “Damn” I took a deep breath “I feel like I’ve been run down by a Tractor and charged by a bull”

“Go have a hot shower I have a spare shirt you can wear… Unless you want me to take you to the house” I got off the bed and stopped at the door to the bathroom

“No” I said quickly “I don’t’ even feel like going in to see it” I looked at him “it was for…” I closed my eyes and got a pain radiate through my chest “I need get out of here… Go somewhere else”

‘NO” He got off the bed “I mean you can’t… Look what’s happened Chris?” I looked at the floor and shook my head “Christine Kroeger don’t try to hide things from me”

“I need a shower and then I need to call the airline and tell them I need to…” Kellan caught my arm and pulled me to him Bracing his hands either side of my head against the wall

“Chris What did he do?”

“He’s been… He’s” Tears filled my eyes

‘Chris” Kellan’s Phone rang making him look round giving me the chance to duck under his arm and into the bathroom and lock the door “Damn it girl” I slapped his palm against the door before grabbing his phone

Kellan * What?
Mike * Hey

Kellan * Oh sorry

Mike * You still got Chris with you?

Kellan * She just went to go in the shower she’s slept for a few hours, Mike what’s going on she won’t tell me

Mike * Chad’s been seeing Mari

Kellan * HE”S WHAT?

Angela * Not like that honey… he’s been dealing with her and her lawyers

Mike She left a suggestive message on the answer machine in the studio and Chris heard it the night after Chad had met with Marianne come home drunk and wanting to get into Chris’s P.J’s

Kellan & Angela * She doesn’t wear them

Mike * Dude and How do you know?

Kellan * I dated her

Mike * Not you dumb ass my wife

Angela * Girls talk when we get together… Hell she knows you have a mole on your…

Mike * Seriously Ang

Angela * Hey I know What Ryan Likes and How Dan Likes to role play and believe it or not I know how big your Brothers…

Kellan * EW Please guys

Mike * Sorry…

Kellan * is Chad on his way?

Mike * no Angela and I are coming to get her and we’re going to need your help

Kellan * Why is he not coming to get her

Angela * He’s a hot mess We left Dan with him or he’d do something stupid… he’s the impulsive brother that goes off without putting his brain in gear first

Kellan * She wants to leave I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get her to stay

Angela * Tie her to the bed if you have to

Mike * don’t even say been there done that

Kellan * I wasn’t going to because I never did… How long do you guys think you’ll be?

Mike * another few hours… Have you seen the story on the internet?

Kellan * No I’ve only been on my e-mail because the magazine spread was ready why?

Mike * I’ll send you the link

Angela * Links baby look

Mike * Oh this is going to kick off

Kellan * send them to me and I’ll take a look

Mike * okay I’ll call when we land

Kellan hung up as his phone beeped with two messages one containing the e-mail I’d seen earlier the other containing a new one I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel rubbing my hair with a second one Kellan looked at me.

“What?” He turned the laptop round to face me. I looked down



“Chris we know it’s not true”

“Do we… come on” I smiled “Who was I kidding someone like that wouldn’t get bored with me… I’m sorry you’ve been dragged into it” I picked up my jeans and shirt “I’m sorry Kellan” I walked back into the bathroom and closed the door leaving him sitting on the bed looking more then bewildered with all of it…………….

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