Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 64 (v.1) - Text message

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



………… I walked out of the bathroom dressed and pushed my other clothes into my overnight bag


“Where are you going?” Kellan leant against the door


“I have to get the hell out of here” I looked at him “I need to get away Kellan… I don’t’ want to deal with this right now… I thought you had to go back to Canada for a movie shoot” I picked up the bag and looked at him.


“Next week” He folded his arms over his chest “You need to take the night Chris, did you even eat breakfast this morning” I sighed and mimicked his pose “When do you do your next show?”


“I don’t’ know”


“Oh you so do… you have every date in here” He unfurled his arms and tapped my head “You live and breathe your work”


“How the hell can I go on stage and travel with him now?” Kellan frowned at me and grabbed my arms


‘So help me I’ll do to you what I used to do to my sister when she was being a damn stubborn jack ass” He kicked his leg round behind my knees making them Buckle dropping me to the floor he sat on my and pinned my arms over my head


“Get the hell off you idiot” I snapped


“Like hell will I” He shook his head “Look at this” He yanked my left hand in front of my face “What’s this for”


‘Pawning” I struggled under him


‘Bullshit is it… He didn’t do it… Why the hell would he hurt you like this after everything”


‘Because he wants what I can’t give him Kellan… He wants a baby” Kellan rocked back a little taken aback by my words “Everyone knows what I can’t give any man and she’ll fucking play on it” I felt the tears leak from the corners of my eyes “He wants her I’ll walk away but why would he go to her behind my back”


“Oh Damn” Kellan got off me and pulled me into him “Chris I’m sorry…” he rocked me “But I think this is her doing stuff not him… Damn I want what he has with you” I looked at him “Okay not literally with you but I want to have what he has with a girl… I want to look at a girl and get that giddy I want to throw up on my shoes because I’m in love with her feeling… Chris that man is so in love with you it’s really nauseating sometimes… He wants to be the knight in shining armor for you… he wants to be the one to stop anyone and anything hurting you”


“He’s the one hurting me” I put my head against his shoulder “Kellan this is a mess…”


“You want to go to bed?” He sighed


‘SERIOUSLY” I pulled away from him and got to my feet “Are you a total…”


“WHOA NOOOOOO CHRIS” He got up and held up his hands his eyes wide “I meant you need to sleep and think on things” I sat on the edge of the bed and groaned putting my throbbing head in my hands


“I need fresh air” I walked round him and pulled open the door to the room


“I’m coming with you” I stopped and looked at him “No if ands or buts do you have security with you?”




“Right then you do now” He held out my phone to me I shook my head “What if he calls you?”


“I don’t know” I shrugged I looked down at my ring and inhaled


“Don’t… Chris don’t take it off” he begged I turned it round so that the stone was on the inside and pushed my hand into my pocket Kellan grabbed his phone and followed me down the stairs and put into the warm clammy night air. The silence that fell between us was comfortable as we walked round the streets I had grown up round.  It was almost midnight when Kellan steered me back toward the hotel. I flopped back on one of the beds and kicked off my shoes My phone was lay on the comforter. “I’m going to shower” Kellan threw me a t-shirt “Here something for you to sleep in” He walked into the bathroom and closed the door.


 I got changed and got under the covers and laid my head down reaching out and lifting up my phone. I rolled on to my side and hit the message button


*isn’t it funny how the people that said they’d never hurt you end up nearly destroying you*12.58am


I hit Chad’s number and send and pulled the covers over my head……………

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