Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - Interventon

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



…………….. My Phone kept lighting up as I tossed and turned, Kellan’s breathing in the other bed was slow and deep his arms thrown over his head as he slept. I sat up and picked up my phone and ignored the incoming messages.  I sat up in bed and dialed.



Me * Oh god…


I struggled to contain my emotions


Me * I’m so sorry for the…

Mir * you apologize and I’ll kick our ass… Chris I did something that I shouldn’t have done I slept with my best friends ex…

Me * yes you did, and hell I’d so much rather you slept with him after what my jack ass of a cousin than you go and find Dimitri and bang him like a screen door in a hurricane

Mir * OMG Christine

Me * Tell me I’m lying

Mir * you sound tired

Me * I can’t sleep

Mir * is Kellan still with you?

Me * He’s snoring across the room

Mir * What’s going on with Chad?

Me * Marianne… he met her

Mir * Son of a bitch… You want me to go there and beat his ass Florida style Because I will

Me * No... I don’t even know what I’m going to do

Mir * Chris…

Me * So I lit up Xander for you… and I think he’s going to worry about seeing me

Mir * we were talking about your husband

Me * I’ll rip him apart for cheating on you after the hole not…


Me * I’ll be okay


“Bullshit’ Kellan groaned “and who you talking to?”


“Miranda… Here you can talk to her I’m going to go stretch my legs” I tossed him the phone and got out of bed as the door knocked. “Mir I’ll give you a call in a short while… Okay that made me smile” The door knocked again I walked over to it and looked through the peephole and saw nothing I shot Kellan a look.


“I’ll get it” He got out of bed and moved me out of the way


“If you called Chad I will Kill you and tell Mir you only work once a night”


“She knows better” He grinned at me as I sat back on my bed as he opened the door “Hey… You’d better  come in” my heart was in my throat as I drew up my knees.


“Hey sweetheart” Angela was the first one through the door


“Long way from Vancouver” I shook my head and looked down


“Butt fuck nowhere right?” Mike chuckled “What’s going on”


“You obviously know what’s going on or you wouldn’t be here… So you bring him with you?” Kellan closed the door


“I had to bring Mike” Angela smiled warmly and sat down “You look rough” She tucked back a piece of hair behind my ear.


“I ‘m at the point of being done”


“Chris” Mike leant on the dresser and folded his arms over his chest


“I’ve been lied to he went to her and then came home and fucked me” I threw up my arms making the three of them all take a step back “He’s not happy with me…I’m not enough for him”


“Okay you need to stop” Mike put his hands on the bed and leveled his look with mine “My Brother is a fucking idiot for not using the brain in his head but don’t think he’s not happy”


“If he was happy then why Mike Why would she leave a message like that… why would he go”


“Get dressed” Kellan tossed me my jeans


“What?”  I looked at him


“He said get dressed Chris we’re taking you home you and Chad need to talk face to face” Mike stood back up.


“I can’t” I felt the tears again fill my eyes


“Guys can you let us talk for a few minutes” Angela looked at both of them, they both walked out into the hallway “Chris…” I looked at her


“I’m not going” I started to shake my head


“Sweetie you’re married it’s not as easy as dumping your boyfriend… it needs to be worked at and through… Marriage is hard as hell but you need to fight to stop people destroying it”


‘You’ve got Mike” I sighed “He’s not like Chad”


“Hell I know that but he’s an ass sometimes and I’ve packed my bags and walked out twice on him” I looked at her and frowned “His ego grew faster than Nickelback did and he treated me like shit for a while so I packed up and moved out of his place and took the dog… then he came good” I was shocked because every time I saw the two of them together he had her on a pedestal along with Dawson and Avalon “The second time was when Avalon was born and he all but cut me off and focused on his little girl… so I walked out and left him to Mommy duties and he was soon coming back after I think a record 3 hours… and one really ,really bad diaper change” She smiled at me “Chris Do not throw it away because of the dumb Ass Kroeger, he’s like a damn kid that needs teaching he’s never totally focused on anyone other than himself and he admits it… Lets go home and you talk to him and try to get something either resolved or sorted” she hugged me “We’ll give you the space you need but we’ll also be there for you regardless” I was exhausted but Angela’s calm nature and years of dealing with a Kroeger gave me the boost I needed to nod and agree to go with them…

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