Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 66 (v.1) - Chaperoned

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Submitted: February 13, 2012



…………… Angela waited while I got dressed, She looked at my phone as it rang.


“Who’s the cute guy?” She narrowed her eyes a little as Jackson’s picture came on to the screen


“Miranda’s twin brother” I sat on the bed and hit the answer and speaker button


Me * hey

Jackson * Oh Wisconsin what have you done

Me * what

Jackson * my roommate is a wreck after you chewed his ass

Me * did you know what he was doing….

Jackson * so how’s the tour

Me * DUDE are you kidding me you’re as bad as he is… he’s just screwed over your own sister… I know you guys aren’t close but seriously

Jackson * oh I chewed his ass as well but girl you scared him

Me * chewed his ass… Jackson right now Xander’s ego stroking back stabbing cheating is killing me but I have problems of my own, I’ll deal with his ass and you’re for not backing your sister more another time



I closed my eyes and braced my elbows on my knees


Jackson * I’m sorry I’ve seen the news stories, you need your friends


I looked up at Angela who was meaning on the wall


Me * I’ll always need my friends but right now I have my family round me

Jackson * you’re talking to you MOM and DAD?

Mike * She’d better not be

Jackson * Chris there’s a man with you

Mike * I’m her brother-in-law

Jackson * Chris seriously that’s icky

Me * you’ve taken too many knocks on the head without your football helmet I swear to god

Angela * we’re here to take her back to talk to her husband

Me * and that’s my sister-in-law

Jackson * Wisconsin, I’m sorry but I’m with Chad I’d get pissy if my girl was naked and looking like you’re starting a porno with that guy you hooked up with…


Jackson Have you seen the pictures Chris you were almost naked and his hands were… If I were Chad I’d of kicked his ass

Kellan * hey jack ass her husband was there and we asked him if it was okay

Jackson * Oh Damn it Chris you there with him?

Angela * yes she is and we’re all having a dandy time


I looked at her and smiled a little


“Me * Jackson you’re being a total fucktard right now and if you for a minute thing I’d cheat then I guess…
Jackson * wait I never said you cheated

Me * Look go call your sister and find out who she’s been doing recently… I have to go before I tell you where to stick our friendship and I don’t want to do that because I love my Cow slippers and that you are the only person that is allowed to call me Wisconsin


The others all looked at me


Jackson * I’m sorry I’m worried about you andXandr and Miranda you guys mean the world to me

Me * Call your sister she needs some support


Kellan went to say something I put my hand over his mouth


Me * I’ll see you guys in Miami

Jackson * okay I’ll try to make sure Xander doesn’t do anything else that’s dumb

Me * He’s already done it by blowing any chance left he had with your sister



I hung up and dropped my head


“okay that sounded so cryptic” Mike Sighed


“Oh it’s complicated believe me” Kellan groaned


“He’s her big brother” I smiled at him “He’s an ass a lot of the time”


“Can we get going” Angela Yawned “This day has gone on forever and I can’t see it ending anytime soon” Mike picked up my bag.


“Are you coming as well?” I looked at Kellan


“I’ve got a flight out back to Vancouver in the morning” He smiled “I have to go see someone”


“See I knew it was bullshit she’d gone to… you’ve been in the hotel since the shoot?” He pushed his hands in to the pockets of his jeans and flashed me the innocent little boy grin “No wonder you look tired”


“And again cryptic?” Mike shook his head


“I’ll drive you guys to the airport if you want?” Kellan offered


“Perfect” Mike nodded We went out of the hotel a few photographs had managed to track down where I was as Kellan opened the car door for Angela. Mike put my bag in the back I slid into the seat next to Angela letting Mike take Shotgun Angela took her phone from her purse I glanced over as she typed out a text



*We’ve got her heading to the airport and coming home… How’s C doing?*


She scrolled hr addresses and hit Dan’s number and then send I rested my head against the window he phone started to ring


“Hey… tired, exhausted rough… it was hard to… Mike left our Car there and the Corvette was also there” she glanced at me “So where is he… Sleeps good… you’re kidding right… please tell me it was just to Joey’s… Mike turned round and looked at her “DANIEL into the city seriously… were you dropped as a child…? Save it Dan… I know don’t’ worry… I will” she hung up


“And you said our conversation was cryptic” I sighed not looking at her


“That wasn’t supposed to be cryptic’ Angela turned in the seat to look at me “I was letting Dan know you’re coming home”


Why Dan?”


“He’s babysitting Chad” Mike chewed his lip


“Babysitting in a damn Bar’ she sighed “How Britt puts up with him sometimes…”


“They just work and understand each other” I shrugged “Hell the guy that can play away from home has a better marriage than I do” Kellan pulled into the parking lot of the airport and I got out before the engine was turned off. Kellan got out.


‘You need a hug” He lent on the door of the Car


“Hell yeah” I nodded “I feel like I’m about to be fed to the wolves” He wrapped his arms round me and hugged me pressing his lips to my Cheek


“I’ll be in Vancouver by lunchtime if you need me and don’t forget Mir is already there” I nodded and pulled back from him


“You two playing for them” Mike inclined his head to where two cars were with guys snapping pictures from them.


“Something like that” I nodded “I’ll see you later” Kellan nodded and got back in the car and peeled out of the lot as I walked inside the tiny airport and through to the Jet waiting on the runway

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